Talant Dushebaev is coming to Skopje as a father I have one

RK VardarTalant Dushebaev ← Previous Story SC MAGDEBURG SAVE DKB BUNDESLIGA: First season defeat for THW Kiel! Next Story → COME BACK OF GOLDEN BOY: Bertrand Gille plays again for France! Talant Dushebaev is coming to Skopje! Unfortunately for RK Vardar’s fans, legendary coach said in an interview for Marca that he is coming as a tourist to visit his son – Alex who play in Macedonian champion.– My trip to Skopje was already planned. I planned to watch match against Barcelona, but Alex still didn’t find a flat, so I had to delay my visit. I will watch match against PSG and stay in Skopje until next Wednesday to watch one more match in SEHA League. Once again I wil say that I didn’t spoke with Vardar president. I made the decision that I won’t take any team this season – said Talant and added:– I will rest for a year, to get more energy and back to handball in full strentgh whereever that will be. I am not on the handball market as a coach.Dushebaev is the main object of many speculation these days…– I don’t think that it’s possible to change my mind. There is only one team which I wish to coach, but that isnt Vardar. My priority is Bundesliga, maybe French League, but I send the message to all the people who calling me – until end of October I don’t want to talk about my coaching future – concluded Talant for Marca.FOTO: ZORAN FLIS read more