Martial Arts/Self-Defense Adjunct Assistant Professor

first_imgConsidering this specific position that you are applying to –where/how did you learn about this position?College DepartmentCareerBuilderChronicle of Higher Ed ( College Registry Job Fair: OaklandCommunity College Registry Job Fair: Los AngelesCommunity College Registry Online Job BoardCommunity Outreach (ex. Festivals, etc.)CommunityCollegeJobsComunidadCraigslistDiverse: Issues in Higher EducationD’Primeramano MagazineEdJoinFacebook (Campaign)Facebook (Los Rios Page)GlassdoorGreater Sacramento Urban LeagueHandshake (CSU, UC Job Boards)HigheredJobsIndeedInstagramJob SitesJob JournalLatina Leadership Network of the California CommunityCollegesLinkedInLos Rios Community College District EmployeeLos Rios Community College District Human Resources EmailLos Rios Community College District WebsiteLRCCD Resource Group – API (Asian Pacific Islander Legacy)LRCCD Resource Group – Black Faculty & Staff Association(BFSA)LRCCD Resource Group Native American Collaborative (NAC)LRCCD Resource Group – Spectrum (LGBTQIA+)Professional NetworksSacramento Black Chamber of CommerceSacramento Asian Chamber of CommerceSacramento Builders ExchangeSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceSacramento Rainbow Chamber of CommerceSacramentoWorksThe HUBTwitterYouTubeZipRecruiter Assignment Responsibilities The Los Rios Community College District is seeking a pool ofqualified applicants for possible temporary part-time facultyteaching assignments. These positions are filled on an as neededbasis and are on-going recruitment efforts.Adjunct pools are open continuously and applicants arecontacted/hired year round for assignments based on collegeneeds.Teaching assignments may include day, evening, on-line, hybrid,weekend, and/or off campus classes. Application Instructions Posting NumberF00127P Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 1Optional DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 2Unofficial Transcript 3Resume/Curriculum VitaeLetter of InterestLetter of Recommendation 1Letter of Recommendation 2Equivalency Determination Letter (P-38 or Equivalency RequestStatement)P-881 Report of Arrests Which Led To Convictions For CrimeDocument Criminal History Verification and Release: I acknowledge andagree that I understand that by answering the question below, Icertify that the information provided by me is true, correct andcomplete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorizeinvestigation of all statements contained herein, and on the P-881(if applicable and submitted), and I release from liability allpersons and organizations furnishing such information. I understandthat any misstatements, omissions or misrepresentation of facts onthis form, my application, and, if applicable, the P-881 orattachment(s) may be cause for disqualification or dismissal. Ifyou have ever been convicted of an offense other than a minortraffic violation you are required to complete the form ‘ArrestsWhich Led to Convictions for Crime’, P-881 (you must discloseconvictions that have been dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section1203.4; Ed. Code 87008). Please copy and paste the provided URL forthe form - – andattach the completed form to your application.Yes, I acknowledge and agreeNo, I do not acknowledge or agree Special Requirements Quicklink Work YearN/A Work Schedule Conditions General Responsibilities:The adjunct faculty member shall be responsible for the following:teaching assigned classes under the supervision of the area dean;helping students fulfill their maximum potential in masteringcourse content; assessing student learning outcomes; maintaining athorough and up-to-date knowledge in his/her regular teachingfield; continuing professional development; utilizing currenttechnology in the performance of job duties; maintaining standardsof professional conduct and ethics appropriate to the professionalposition; assisting with articulation and curriculum developmentand review; serving on college committees and participating infaculty governance including accreditation and studentco-curricular activities; assuming other responsibilities asassigned by the area dean; fulfilling other duties andresponsibilities of an adjunct faculty member as outlined in thecollege faculty handbook. Posting Details Position Summary The Institution LocationLos Rios Community College District (District Office) AboutThe Los Rios Community College District ( LRCCD ) is the secondlargest, two-year public college district in California, servingapproximately 75,000 students in the greater Sacramento region. Thedistrict’s 2,400 square mile service area includes Sacramento andEl Dorado counties and parts of Yolo, Placer, and Solano countiesand is comprised of four uniquely diverse colleges – AmericanRiver, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges. Inaddition to each college’s main campus, the district offerseducational centers in Placerville, Davis, West Sacramento, ElkGrove, Natomas and Rancho Cordova.The Los Rios district office is centrally located in the heart ofthe Sacramento valley. The growing Capital Region has strongcommunities and emergent arts and dining scenes, and is nearby someof the most celebrated tourist destinations in the country – LakeTahoe, Napa Valley, and San Francisco. The Sacramento area is agreat place to live and work!StrengthsThe district has approximately 4,000 employees throughout our fourcolleges and district office in dozens of different departmentsthat provide welcoming, inclusive, and equitable environments forLos Rios students, employees and community partners. Each and everydistrict and college department strives for the highest quality inall programs, services, and activities, and is focused on improvingeducational outcomes for the students we serve.Our VisionOur colleges offer equity-minded, academically rigorous, studentsuccess centered education. Our objective is to help our studentssuccessfully achieve their academic goals, whether they want totransfer to a four-year college or university, earn an associatedegree, or obtain one of more than 100 certificates in high demandcareer fields.The Los Rios Community College District’s Human ResourcesDepartment is committed to diversity, equity, and to ensuring aninclusive, thriving environment for all of its employees, students,and surrounding communities. To that end, the Human ResourcesDepartment is intentional in recruiting, hiring, and retainingdiverse employees, to reflect the diversity of our colleges’student populations. Applicants applying to this Los Rios Community College Districtadjunct faculty posting are required to complete fully andsubmit:1. Los Rios Community College District Faculty Application(required)2. Unofficial transcripts of college/university work * (graduateadvising documents and grade reports will not be accepted asunofficial transcripts). NOTE : Los Rios employees are alsorequired to submit unofficial copies of transcripts.(required)3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (recommended)4. Two letters of recommendation (recommended)5. Letter of Interest (recommended)*Note: Applications submitted without transcripts will bedisqualified. Also individuals who have completed college oruniversity course work at an institution in a country other thanthe United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreigntranscripts, degrees and other relevant documents. A foreigntranscript evaluation is required any time foreign course work isused to meet minimum qualifications and/or salary placement even ifthe foreign transcript has been accepted by a college or universityin the United States.Foreign transcript evaluations ONLY accepted from AICE (Associationof International Credential Evaluations, Inc.) or NACES (TheNational Association of Credential Evaluation Services) agencies orevaluators.Foreign Degree Transcript Evaluations click hereDo not submit additional materials that are not requested. Physical Demandscenter_img All Positions: Offers of employment are contingent upon thesuccessful clearance from a criminal background check, freedom fromtuberculosis, and proof of identity and eligibility to work in theUnited States prior to the first day of work. The District mayselect additional qualified candidates should unexpected vacanciesor needs occur during this recruitment/selection process. Wheneducation is a requirement for the position, official academictranscripts from the accredited college/university must besubmitted within 60 days of hire. How and where to apply Minimum Qualifications Closing Date 1. Have a bachelor’s degree AND two years of occupational and/orprofessional experience directly related to the assignment beingtaught OR have an associate’s degree AND six years of occupationaland/or professional experience directly related to the assignmentbeing taught; OR, hold a California Community College Instructor’sCredential in the discipline area; OR, the equivalent.*2. Have sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academicsocioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexualorientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students,including those with physical or learning disabilities as itrelates to differences in learning styles.*Note: Applicants applying under the “equivalent” provision mustattach details and explain how their academic preparation is theequivalent of the degrees listed above. Job Posting TitleMartial Arts/Self-Defense Adjunct Assistant Professor Department Location Open ContinuouslyYes Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for completeinformation on how to apply online with our District. Applicationservices are available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mondaythrough Friday, at the Los Rios Community College District HumanResources Office located at 1919 Spanos Court, Sacramento, CA95825-3981. If you need assistance with any phase of theapplication process, please call (916) 568-3112 or come in duringour business hours. Submission of applications are by midnight ofthe posting closing date. Posting Date SalaryPlease see LRCCD Salary Schedules Additional Salary InformationNo additional salary information to note Beginning and/or Ending Dates Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Total Hrs per Week/Day Please indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications forthis position. Select the appropriate answer.I possess the minimum qualifications for this discipline aslisted on the job announcement. (Attach unofficial transcripts froman accredited college/university and/or evidence of jobexperience.)I possess a valid California Community College Credential forthis discipline. (Attach a copy of appropriate credential withapplication.)I possess qualifications equivalent to those listed and haveattached evidence. (To review Equivalency Process.)I have previously been granted equivalency to teach thisdiscipline by the Los Rios Community College District. (Attach theEquivalency Determination Form P-38 and transcripts.) Can you perform the essential functions of this position?YesNo Part-time, Assistant Professor Position. Adjunct pools are opencontinuously and applicants are contacted/hired year round forassignments based on college needs.last_img read more

What would Milton Friedman say about collateral protection insurance?

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mike Gallagher Mr. Gallagher spent 17 years promoting CPI as the marketing director for State National. He is currently consulting with credit unions:  [email protected] Details As I mentioned at the end of my last article, I’m going to discuss the unique economics of a collateral protection insurance (CPI) program, including who pays and who benefits. It’s really unparalleled in the insurance business. Simply, CPI is one of the oddest insurance products you’ll encounter, because unlike most other insurance arrangements there are three parties involved: your borrowers, you and your CPI vendor.Years ago, renowned economist Milton Friedman explained the four ways money can be spent. In his own words:You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, you’re very careful what you spend it on and you try to get the most for your money.Then you can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy a birthday present for someone. Well, then I’m not so careful about the content of the present, but I’m very careful about the cost.Then, I can spend somebody else’s money on myself. And if I spend somebody else’s money on myself, then I’m sure going to have a good lunch!Finally, I can spend somebody else’s money on somebody else. And if I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is and I’m not concerned about what I get.Let’s look at how these four ways of spending apply to your CPI program.You can spend your money on yourself, and you’ll be attentive, is Friedman’s first example. This would apply if you were purchasing, and writing a check from the credit union for a blanket policy to cover your auto portfolio.  But it’s not the credit union’s money being ‘spent’ within a CPI program. It’s your members who are spending their money; it’s the non-compliant ones who are paying for an in-force CPI policy.Friedman’s second way to spend money is to spend your own money on somebody else.  With a CPI program in place you are not really spending the credit union’s money on somebody else. Now you might be writing a check to your CPI vendor for some coverages that can only benefit you, which would mean, according to Friedman, you try to get the most for your money, or at the least, you’re as careful as you can be about the cost. Even so, it’s hard to unscramble the costs of these coverages vs. their benefits because of archaic insurance filings and the various ways CPI vendors package their programs.Going to have a good lunch!Let’s keep going. Spending option three is, as Friedman says, spending somebody else’s money on myself. The premiums for the force-placed insurance are paid by your uninsured borrowers. They don’t maintain proper insurance, they get force-placed upon and have to pay. So these non-compliant borrowers of yours are clearly the “somebody else”.Which means the ‘myself’ in this option is not only you and your credit union, but also your CPI vendor. The earned premium from the CPI program, money that’s paid by somebody else – your members – is money that pretty much should be split 50/50 between you and your vendor. Both of you are spending somebody else’s money on yourselves, both of you are enjoying a good lunch.Food for thought: Next time your CPI vendor hosts a reception awash with fine wine and fancy hors d’oeuvres, perhaps at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, DC, look around the room for “a somebody else” – one of your members who is currently paying for a CPI policy. Don’t bother, he won’t be there. Ok, that was kind of a low blow.You are undoubtedly living with a CPI program that includes a loss ratio cap and all kinds of program caveats and limitations. Your CPI vendor, on the other hand, is a for-profit entity that structures programs to earn enough premium from your somebody else’s to cover all insurance tracking, customer service, keeping-you-happy-costs, and to make their margin.  Although both of you benefit, both of you are enjoying a good lunch, it’s not a stretch to say your vendor is holding the only menu and he’s ordering lunch for both of you.To grow revenue, CPI vendors can go out and sell new programs to new credit unions. As far as you and your program are concerned, though, they can’t ‘sell’ more CPI policies to your members. They only follow your instructions to force-place policies on your uninsured. Their revenue comes from earned premium and they can only earn premium from your non-compliant borrowers. Thus they continue to become more efficient, lowering their cost per loan tracked and looking to earn the most premium permissible, and hopefully for them, as fast as possible.Spending like the governmentWhich brings us to Friedman’s final point in his spending money exercise. Well, if you are spending somebody else’s money on somebody else, as he says: ‘I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get’. This is how the government spends, but it’s also applicable to a CPI program. Somebody else’s money is your members’ money, and if you are not paying close attention to your program, who you are spending it on could mostly be your vendor. You don’t want to spend somebody else’s money like the government spends it.Your CPI program might be working very well for you. The cost of continuously monitoring every auto portfolio risk on a per-loan basis, unlike any other insurance coverage you buy for your credit union, might be justified. Just keep in mind what Milton Friedman would say about all of this. With a CPI program in place, you must watch how you spend other people’s money, especially because, as I’ve said for the umpteenth time, every one of these other people is a member of your credit union. Be vigilant in your responsibilities toward managing ‘the spending’ in your CPI program. And, that entails who’s ordering what for lunch.last_img read more

U-23 Team Arrive without Fanfare

first_imgFemi SolajaNigeria’s bronze-winning U-23 football team, tagged Dream Team VI, arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Monday night without any official from the Sports Ministry or the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) welcoming them from Brazil.However, there were some handful of passionate fans and family members of the footballers who were at the airport to welcome the athletes. The Nigeria U-23 team were without key players like John Obi Mikel and William Troost-Ekong who flew directly back to their base in Europe.The footballers won the nation’s only medal following their 3-2 victory over Honduras in the third-placed match as Rio 2016 came to a close on Sunday.Twelve players and seven officials, including coach Samson Siasia, returned to the country while others had returned to their various clubs.Team captain John Obi Mikel had returned to Chelsea, while Haugesund defender Troost-Ekong, AS Trencin midfielder Kingsley Madu, Osmanlıspor’s Aminu Umar and AS Roma’s Sadiq Umar had also returned to their various clubs.Most of the fans at the airport were eager to see the footballers but were disappointed when they learnt that most of the foreign-based stars did not arrive with the team.Members of the Dream Team VI that arrived at the airport on Monday included, Olufemi Ajayi Junior, Saliu Popoola, Okechukwu Azubuike, Stanley Amuzie, Ndifreke Udo, Muenfuh Sincere and Ezekiel Imoh.The footballers and coach Siasia were lodged at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja and were expected to depart for their various destinations from Lagos yesterday as no official hosting plan has been announced for them by the NFF or the Ministry of Youth and Sports.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

This Chelsea player has been described as ‘a donkey who can’t hack it’

first_img Eden Hazard has been linked with a PSG transfer 1 PSG v Chelsea is live on talkSPORT at 7.45pm on Tuesday 16 FebruaryAhead of Chelsea’s trip to PSG, Eden Hazard has revealed it would be hard to turn down a move to the French club. “[It is] difficult to say no to PSG, or to any of the teams capable of winning the Champions League,” he said.His manager Guus Hiddink has told the player to focus on showing his quality in a Chelsea shirt first and added France’s Ligue 1 is not as attractive as other European divisions, given that PSG are 24 points ahead of second place Monaco. “For me, I think big, big, big players always like to be in the biggest league, which is the Premier League, La Liga and also the Bundesliga,” the boss explained.Here, talkSPORT looks at how Chelsea fans reacted to the player’s comments.last_img read more