Radiohead Announces 2018 S. America Tour, Will Not Attend Rock Hall Of Fame Induction

first_imgRadiohead just announced a rare tour in Latin America, marking their first return since 2009. The English rock band will perform six dates, kicking off in Santiago, Chile on April 11, with stops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, Brazil, and Bogotá, Colombia through the end of the month. All of the shows beyond the opener will be part of a traveling festival, called Soundhearts. The opening Chile show is part of the SUE Festival, where Radiohead will play alongside Flying Lotus and Junun, guitarist Jonny Greenwood‘s side-project.Of these new dates, on April 14th, the band will be performing in Buenos Aires, which also happens to be the same day as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio. Earlier this fall, Radiohead was nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame, marking the band’s first year of eligibility. A band representative confirmed that “they’re not attending” the ceremony to Consequence of Sound.However, this move is not all that unexpected. Both Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien have gone on the record that they’re uninterested in the award. In an interview with Rolling Stone this year, when asked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jonny Greenwood noted, “I don’t care,” causing Ed O’Brien to add, “I don’t want to be rude about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because for a lot of people it means something, but culturally I don’t understand it. I think it might be a quintessential American thing.”For the most part, members of Radiohead will use 2018 to focus on their individual projects and only play a number of select shows together. Beyond the six dates in South America, there are currently no other Radiohead shows on the band’s calendar. Check out all pre-sale and on-sale information on W.A.S.T.E.’s website.Radiohead 2018 Tour Dates:04/11 – Santiago, CL @ Estadio Nacional (SUE Festival)04/14 – Buenos Aires, AR @ Tecnopolis (Soundhearts Festival)04/17 – Lima, PR @ Estadio Nacional (Soundhearts Festival)04/20 – Rio de Janerio, BR @ Parque Olimpico (Soundhearts Festival)04/22 – São Paulo, BR @ Allianz Parque (Soundhearts Festival)04/25 – Bogota, CO @ Parque 222 (Soundhearts Festival)last_img read more

Understanding key metrics vital to healthy credit card portfolio

first_imgAlthough a credit card portfolio can be a financial institution’s (FI’s) most lucrative asset, generating up to 25 percent of an FI’s net income, it is often overlooked. Community FIs can easily slip into a status quo position when it comes to running what could otherwise be a huge earning asset.In my recently released white paper, “Getting the Most Out of Your Credit Card Program,” I explain how even small tweaks to a credit card portfolio can produce big results.Below is an excerpt from the white paper.“An important first step to producing big results is to gain an understanding of goal metrics for a profitable portfolio. This serves as a basis for monitoring the success of your own accounts as compared to industry averages and best practices. What follows are a few guidelines for helping you gauge how your portfolio is performing today. continue reading » 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Gold Coast remains solid and one of the nation’s leading markets

first_imgMore from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North8 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoTugun is tipped for strong growth.“The trends confirm the Gold Coast is winding down — a year ago we identified 25 growth suburbs but now only 10,” the report states.“There are now 30 plateau suburbs — evidence the Gold Coast remains solid and one of the nation’s leading markets, but it’s no longer the No. 1 rising market that it was. “It may surge again as we get closer to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.”REIQ Gold Coast zone chairman John Newlands expected the Coast to continue to have “solid growth” with an increasing population.“We’re still going to see an enormous amount of people come to the Gold Coast and buy here,” he said.He said Tugun, Arundel and Reedy Creek would see price growth as people were pushed out of neighbouring suburbs.“It’s a bit of a ripple effect,” he said. “As some of the inner suburbs have risen in price buyers start to seek alternatives.” Tugun is among the nation’s top 50 supercharged markets, according to property analyst Terry Ryder in his latest Price Predictor Index.TUGUN, Arundel and Reedy Creek are tipped to flourish in coming months, according to property market analyst Terry Ryder.His latest Price Predictor Index refers to the three Gold Coast suburbs as “supercharged” in the latest national top 50.The 50 suburbs show strong growth patterns and are likely to deliver strong price growth.While three suburbs made the national top 50, the report also revealed performance of the Gold Coast property market was overtaken by the Sunshine Coast last year. last_img read more

Barajas link to open in 1999

first_imgAIRLINE passengers will be able to reach Madrid’s Barajas airport by rail from the end of 1999. Funding has been agreed for construction of a 4·5 km metro extension to the airport from Mar de Cristal on Line 4, giving a 25min journey time from the airport to Plaza de Colon in the city centre. Stations will be built at the airport terminals and at Barajas Pueblo.The line will be built in two stages: Mar de Cristal to Recintos Feriales, and from there to the airport. The Spanish government will contribute Pts3bn and the Madrid Autonomous Community Pts1·8bn towards the cost, but the main tranche will be Pts19·2bn from the EU Cohesion Fund. Pts7·2bn will be spent on stage 1 and Pts12bn on stage 2.H Tenders worth Pts2bn will be let in September for construction of an underground bus station and improved interchange at Avenida de América station on metro Lines 4, 6, 7 and 9 in northeast Madrid. olast_img read more

Sam Cooke: ESI Digital Summit – “esports value is more than a pandemic anomaly”

first_imgShare Next week, Esports Insider (ESI) will host its ‘ESI Digital Summit’ (26-27 May), where it will discuss all critical components related to the esports value chain amid a disrupted global marketplace.Sam Cooke, Managing Director of ESI, tells SBC that although esports may have navigated COVID-19 disruptions better than its traditional counterparts, stakeholders should not take comfort in the easy narratives ignoring esports’ future challenges._____________________SBC: Taking place during unprecedented times, Sam can you detail to SBC audiences why the ESI Digital Summit is a must-attend event for all esports and betting stakeholders?Sam Cooke (MD – Esports Insider): Whilst the return of the Bundesliga is just the beginning of something of a return to normalcy in terms of sport, esports has now been in the limelight for more than two months. General awareness and viewership, most notably by those who aren’t or haven’t watched CS:GO, League of Legends, or F1 Esports amongst many other titles, has been on the increase with records broken by tournament operators, Steam for certain titles, and streaming platforms alike. The absence of football, with the Belarussian Premier League not evidently satisfying enough for most, has seen betting volume on FIFA shoot up. Indeed that’s somewhat due to a significant surge in the amount of FIFA tournaments, and in turn markets, but the growth is noteworthy. One bookmaker told me FIFA is now in its top five esports betting markets which is unheard of. Will the EA title continue to see such numbers when football returns in full force? No. But can bookmakers expect for other titles & markets, such as CS:GO, League, Dota, Call of Duty and more to see a more consistently high level of interest and bets placed? I expect so. There will be winners and losers in this new frontline war on esports betting as bookies look to carve out a segment of this strong and growing audience for themselves. How to create a product which CS:GO fans enjoy for instance, or how can we turn more typical sports bettors into esports bettors too, and indeed understanding the diversity of the ‘esports audience’, all these topics will be addressed at ESI Digital. In terms of content and speaking to the more passionate fans, it’s worth remembering that targeting ‘esports fans’ generically is about as effective and vague as targeting ‘sports fans’. Core fanbases change across age, gender, region and are arguably more ever-evolving than in the sports world too, which is exactly why attending events such as the ESI Digital Summit is vital. Hear from the latest and greatest leaders industry-wide, ask them questions, and hopefully come away with some good ideas and excellent new knowledge, and connections. SBC: Media narrative suggests that esports has been unaffected by pandemic circumstances – is this somewhat a false assumption?   SC: In a word, yes. With esports, it’s true to say that it has been less impacted by sports as tournament operators have been able to continue to host their events for the most part, albeit it online only, or in cases behind closed doors. More eyes and attention on esports than ever before means the capacity for a longer-term benefit too, but are most stakeholders reaping these benefits now? Absolutely not. ESL, Blast, WePlay, FACEIT, Allied, StarLadder and more I assure you would all be much happier if they were able to host and put on physical events; they have commercial partners to satisfy, and fans spend money at these events, just as they do in the sporting world. For teams it’s somewhat the same too. Yes, developers and IP owners of games, and streaming platforms, are benefitting from people being more at home and more bored, with less to no sport to watch, but the fact more people are playing CS:GO than ever before, and more people are watching Rocket League does not directly and commercially positively benefit the majority of stakeholders in this space. A major case in point here too, is the cancellation until next year of the largest Dota 2 event and by many metrics the biggest esports tournament of the calendar year, The International, which was set to take place in Stockholm in August. As far as anyone outside of Valve knows, it will not take place online in 2020, for reference this is a tournament with a prizepool around the £25m mark.   SBC: Developing ESI Digital’s agenda, what key topics and discussions have you placed at the forefront of proceedings, knowing that all business narratives have been disrupted by lockdown?  SC: We have five digital tracks across Investment, Brands & Sponsorship, Betting, Sports Meets Esports and THINK.The first four I think are self-explanatory, but the latest one is focused on debate inducing sessions to get people thinking (hence our clever name), talking and arguing. They will include two thought leadership sessions such as PlayBrain’s CEO Mike Sheetal who will discuss the ecosystem and current state of play when it comes to esports in Japan.  SBC: Observing betting developments, bookmakers have rushed to amplify their esports offering. What has been esports reaction to this ‘pandemic trend’?SC: Hard to say, as it’s not like betting is new to esports, we’ve had Betway and Pinnacle involved and sponsoring events and teams for years. Just this week we’ve had the announcement of Betway sponsoring DreamHack, a huge esports and gaming festival company which has been around since 1994. The influx of newer bookies and more esports focused ones too such as Luckbox, Midnite, Rivalry, Puntt and more, with the likes of Midnite securing both a UKGC license and capital in recent times, we’re all intrigued to see how this plays out. Moreover Better Collective’s acquisition of HLTV, the leading CS:GO focused site, and a top affiliate site in the space was major news too. The partnership between GRID and Pinnacle is one that is well worth hearing about hence why it has its own session on the 27th. What I hope more broadly is that game developers, especially those who are a tad apprehensive about allowing betting partners in the competitions they run, become more open to the conversation. The highly regulated side of the industry should, in my opinion, be welcomed as it can help teams and tournament operators alike with much-needed revenue and help to strengthen and develop the wider industry. After all, these developers can’t stop bookies offering markets on their IP anyway, and so it’s my view that we better embrace the more highly regulated side of it to ensure customers and fans are better protected and can better gauge the Good from the Bad. SBC: Under lockdown, esports has increased its investor appeal. However, which segments and components need funding and resources to improve esports capacity?  SC: Plenty. Rights Holders need to get better at explaining the ROI to brand partners, which will enable them in turn to agree more significant fees and commitment of marketing budgets, and longer-term deals. There are plenty of opportunities for focused tools to be better developed for this purpose, esports is full to the brim of data points, and fans are incredibly active across socials, but showcasing and proving this is the challenge. Indeed there are many doing so currently, such as Gum Gum.Teams need to better understand, or rather simply know more about their own fans too. That’s a huge opportunity which ties into the above. When it comes to the viewership experience, you can put CS:GO on mainstream TV that’s great but how do you cater to 1) hardened CS fans who know the terminology, the lingo and the stories and everything else, and 2) potential new fans just getting into it. It’s difficult but in essence tools to accommodate and make that happen, enter Skybox; a company with well renowned CS:GO caster Anders Blume at its helm, is a major opportunity for investors, broadcasters and fans alike. The hope and expectation is that this kind of thing will, in turn, help the media rights conversation which is absolutely pivotal for the wider industry to continue and sustain the level of growth over the past two to three years.     SBC: Esports has mitigated lockdown circumstance better than its counterparts. However is there a fear that esports will lose vital engagement factors (audiences, youth appeal, stadia) should it maintain a long-term digital structure?SC: No. In fact I’d argue that football and sports generally need to create more effective and modernised longer-term digital structures. I love Charlton Athletic, and I go whenever I can, but that isn’t always easy or doable. Would I pay to watch all games, or get regular great content and such from them? Hell yes, the former isn’t available at all, and the latter…barely. Me paying for that wouldn’t stop me going to a game whenever I can, it doesn’t detract from the experience, my commitment, or indeed my capacity to spend if anything it adds to it. Esports needs to get better at creating amazing and fuller experiences for fans attending events, and more could be done to ‘engage’ them sure, but they aren’t losing out by strengthening nor further developing this digital structure. SBC: Finally as leadership minds now focus on reopening complexities, what key concerns should be at the forefront of businesses engaging with esports?   SC: Understand it fully before diving in head first. As mentioned different games = different audiences. Know what you want, and who you’re targeting, speak to as many of the right people as possible before committing to anything. There are plenty of data points and there’s plenty of information out there, it’s just sometimes tricky to find and sort the wheat from the chaff.  Also, Ninja isn’t esports per se, the viewership figures for some streamers you may have seen do not always echo the reality of esports broadcasts. Have a look at Esports Charts for some viewership figures across tournaments and titles, and keep up to date with new titles as they emerge, e.g. right now Riot Games’ forthcoming Valorant is making quite a splash.  As for the key concern of leading minds and businesses when engaging with esports, it’s easy; do I buy 10 or 100 tickets to the ESI Digital Summit? Clue… it ain’t ten! ____________________Sam Cooke – MD – Esports Insider Betway and Dafabet grow La Liga sponsorship portfolios August 14, 2020 Share David Lampitt, Sportradar: F1 presents betting’s most sizeable opportunity August 14, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Submit ESI Digital – No Drama Please… Esports growth should be treated as business as usual  August 20, 2020last_img read more