Tuition fees to be temporarily frozen prior to review

first_imgThe review outlines the government’s plan to make technical education more attractive to school leavers. Only 10% of British adults hold a level 4-5 technical qualification as their highest level of education, compared to 20% in Germany. The government says their expansion of apprenticeships and increasing investment in technical education will help them achieve this. President of Universities UK, Julia Buckingham, criticised the plan: “Enforcing minimum entry requirements for prospective university students would be a regressive move, preventing students from disadvantaged backgrounds whose prior educational experiences have adversely affected their grades from attending university and ignoring the evidence that many of these students excel at university.” The Augar Review recommends that minimum entry requirements would be subject to a contextual evaluation of a student’s circumstances. By the review’s calculations, if minimum entry requirements were set at 88 tariff points, 38,000 students from England would not be accepted to university. After applying “a specific version” of the UCAS Multiple Equality Measure to contextualise their applications, the number of ineligible students would fall to 6,000. The review shows that the government is considering implementing the Augar Review’s recommendation that students would have to meet a minimum entry threshold to attend university and be eligible for student finance. This is intended to reduce university drop-out rates. Tuition fees for UK residents have been capped at £9,250 since 2017. Fees have not risen in line with inflation, leading some universities to complain that they lacked the money to fund some degrees as a result. The Department for Education said: “We intend to freeze the maximum tuition fee cap to deliver better value for students and to keep the cost of higher education under control. This will initially be for one year and further changes to the student finance system will be considered ahead of the next comprehensive spending review.” University tuition fees for UK residents will be temporarily frozen before the government comes to a decision about whether to cut them, according to the government’s interim response to the Augar Review of post-18 education. Commenting on the report, the National Union of Students expressed concern that “setting a minimum entry requirement to higher education will be a significant barrier to students’ choices and their potential. We must ensure that our funding and admissions system makes higher education accessible to all.”last_img read more

Big Crowds Expected for Fall Block Party

first_imgBy MADDY VITALEOcean City’s Fall Block Party gives thousands of visitors an abundance of shopping, festivities and food to enjoy during the Columbus Day weekend.The colossal event runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12. It features over 400 crafters, food vendors, musicians and entertainers who take over Asbury Avenue from Fifth Street to 14th Street. Each year it attracts 50,000 visitors. “The Fall Block Party serves as a grand celebration for all the second-season events that are going on in Ocean City,” explained Justin Juliano, of the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce. Juliano is in charge of the event. “The block party is when many people start their holiday shopping and it highlights all of the boutiques, shops and eateries in the downtown,” he added.He also said it is a special event shared by families year after year who either live in or vacation in Ocean City, voted by Coastal Living magazine as the country’s “Happiest Seaside Town.”Crowds fill the streets stopping at some of the 400 vendors along Asbury Avenue.“The block party has become a tradition for groups of friends and extended family to get together for quality time in the Happiest Seaside Town,” Juliano said. “It also gives merchants the opportunity to offer unbeatable deals and sales to help jumpstart the holiday shopping season.”Year after year visitors say they come to the block party to do some early holiday shopping. Others say they just want a family outing to browse the crafts and stop at vendor tables to try an array of foods.To cap off the block party, there will be fireworks at 9 p.m., which will be viewable from the downtown section of the beach and Boardwalk.Juliano said it is one day in a long holiday weekend, when Ocean City hotels give guests discounts on accommodations, and restaurants feature specials on entrees as a way to “entice guests to stay for a long weekend.”Patty Talese and her husband, Jon, co-own Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar & Bistro, at 637 Asbury Ave. She is also the president of the Downtown Merchants Association. Altogether, there are more than 110 shops downtown.Talese is expecting a fantastic Fall Block Party.“Hopefully, with the good weather we have been having, it will be a blockbuster weekend,” she said. “We always do well. We are going to be crazy busy and the downtown is gearing up.”She noted that like the entire summer, September was fantastic for merchants.“I feel like we are on a roll, so we will be successful,” Talese said. “We also get so many vendors and we sell out each year.”Entertainment is a highlight of the Fall Block Party.Restaurants along the avenue, and also throughout the city, should receive a major economic boost from the bustling weekend, said Bill McGinnity, president of the Ocean City Restaurant Association.He owns Cousin’s Restaurant at 104 Asbury Ave. McGinnity said his establishment, and the other restaurants throughout town, always do well over the holiday weekend. “It is the last big weekend of the season and if the weather is good, it is a win for the whole city,” he said. “It is a great event for the city and obviously the good weather really helps. The block party really gives the city one big last pop before the fall settles in.”While the block party is a huge success each year in bringing people into town, it is not the city’s only tourist-friendly fall event. In recent years there has been a big push to bolster the fall and winter months in tourism with activities to keep visitors and second homeowners coming year-round.Some officials called the Fall Block Party an event to start up the next season of a host of activities.Ocean City Public Information Officer Doug Bergen noted that the city’s calendar of fall events will help keep the momentum going. “There’s none more important than the Fall Block Party,” Bergen said. “It’s a great opportunity for residents and visitors to get out and enjoy all that Ocean City has to offer.” The Ross family enjoys the Fall Block Party in 2018.Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michele Gillian said the Fall Block Party is one of the city’s biggest and most spectacular events and really showcases what the town has to offer.“The block party gives visitors, second homeowners and locals a chance to welcome fall in America’s Greatest Family Resort,” Gillian said. “After having a fantastic summer season, it is nice to welcome everyone back to Ocean City and let them know that we have so much to offer in the shoulder season.”Gillian also pointed out that the Fall Block Party is one of many activities on the calendar in the coming months in Ocean City.“The Fall Block Party serves as a kickoff to many magical holiday events in Ocean City, from Earlier Than The Bird, Christmas in the Downtown and our annual First Night New Year’s Eve Celebration,” she said. “This event is a major economic stimulus for small businesses. Events like the block party are vital to the bottom line of the success of our tourism season. We are so lucky that the Fall Block Party is always on this wonderful three-day holiday.” For more information about Ocean City and its events visit or The Fall Block Party features gourmet foods and merchandise for the throngs of visitors who attend each year.last_img read more

Tyler “Tycoon” Coomes, Hip-Hop Producer & Brother Of Lettuce’s Jesus Coomes, Drops New Track [Listen]

first_imgDrummer/Producer/DJ Tyler Coomes, aka Tycoon, is known in LA hip-hop circles for his work with the likes of DJ Quik and Dr. Dre; most recently, Tycoon produced The Game‘s “92 Bars.” The brother of Lettuce bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes, Tycoon has been known to rock percussion with his brother’s future-funk band, where he’s graced the stage from NOLA to Red Rocks and New York City taboot.The Coomes Brothers blessed Brooklyn Comes Alive two years ago with a very exclusive set of live hip-hop, trap and dub; this year, they are back in BK with Lil Baby Jesus Peasant Party, a psychedelic journey like none other, with members of Break Science, Lettuce and NOLA assassin Khris Royal of Dark Matter.Tycoon, an erstwhile veteran behind the boards, just dropped a flaming hot solo track titled “Majesty”, instrumental trap-hop with big and brassy horns, bass and crunked-up 808s. This is the type of jam that is built to rock a stadium, or be blasted out of a high-end nightclub speaker stack.Jesus debuted “Majesty” on a special guest appearance on Sirius JamON earlier this week, and it’s the perfect get-hype soundtrack for a big weekend, be it Brooklyn Comes Alive, or wherever you are on this planet earth. Dig it:Tycoon – “Majesty”The fourth-annual Brooklyn Comes Alive is set to host the Baby Jesus Peasant Party—hosted by Lettuce’s Erick “Jesus” Coomes and his brother Tycoon—this Saturday. The festival will return to Brooklyn’s beloved Williamsburg neighborhood on September 29th for an all-day music marathon at Brooklyn Bowl, Music Hall of Williamsburg, and Rough Trade. Inspired by the vibrant musical communities of Brooklyn and New Orleans, Brooklyn Comes Alive brings together more than 50 artists, allowing them to carry out passion projects, play with their musical heroes, and collaborate in never-before-seen formations. For more information, ticketing, and to see the full schedule for Brooklyn Comes Alive 2018, head to the festival’s website here.Brooklyn Comes Alive is sponsored by Denver-based company, Pure CBD Exchange, which creates and sells a number of CBD/cannabidiol products (What is CBD?) from concentrates, tinctures, extracts, lotions, creams, and more. The use of CBD has gained much notoriety as of late, for use as both a health and wellness supplement and to treat conditions such as epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, and a number of mental disorders and is also used for anti-inflammation, nausea reduction, sleep aid, and more. Pure CBD Exchange was co-founded by Gregg Allman Band organist/keyboardist and Brooklyn Comes Alive musician Peter Levin back in 2017.Pure CBD Exchange focuses on low-THC cannabis products with high CBD content. They work within the Colorado Industrial Hemp pilot program to distribute non-psychoactive tinctures, extracts, lotions, and more all over the world. The company has featured by companies like VICE, High Times, Leafly, and more.last_img read more

Total of 84,800 customer power outages since storm began Tuesday

first_imgAs utility crews whittled tens of thousands of outages down to a several thousand late Thursday, the second hit from a two-punch storm knocked out service to thousands more customers. As of 8 a.m., about 23,600 CVPS customers were without power.Widespread outages were scattered across the state, with Addison Bennington, Orange, Rutland, Windham and Windsor counties hardest hit.“We took a long, hard hit from the first punch of this storm, and this wind certainly adds insult to injury, but we anticipated the damage and secured outside crews to assist us in hitting back,” CVPS spokeswoman Christine Rivers said.  “Thus far, this storm has caused the highest number of customer outages in our history, outstripping the 2007 Nor’icane. Unlike 2007, this hit a much broader cross-section of our service territory.”The Nor’icane, a wind event similar to last night’s, caused 68,000 customer outages, and recovery efforts totaled more than $5 million. So far, 84,800 customer outages have occurred in this week’s two-part storm.  Crews have restored more than 61,000 customer outages since the storm began.Many customers are without power for a second time with this two-part storm, as Windham and Windsor counties were hard hit again, and Rutland County saw some of the highest winds, with a gust of 62 mph reported at the Rutland Airport.“We brought in dozens of outside crews to help, but we face a tremendous challenge in restoring service,” Rivers said.  “Some of the damage is extensive, and will require intensive efforts to repair, but our crews are committed to doing whatever it takes to restore customers’ service.  We have a lot of downed trees, tree limbs, and downed lines. We hope to make a lot of progress today, but complete recovery will likely last through the weekend. Restoration efforts may be slowed by over two feet of snow and rough travel conditions.”As part of the restoration effort, CVPS:Brought in 83 outside two-person line crews and support staff from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Ontario, along with 15 tree crews, and other Vermont contract crews.Is delivering midday meals to workers in the field to maximize their work time.Returning numerous CVPS retirees to work to assist in the recovery effort.Coordinating efforts with Vermont Emergency Management and other utilities.Moving dozens of CVPS employees from areas like HR and information systems into storm support roles.CVPS offered several safety tips for coping with the outages:· Treat any downed line as if it is live, even if appears to have been down for a long period of time. REPORT the line to your local utility and fire department, stay at least 30 feet away from the line, and keep children and pets away as well.· If using a generator, read and follow the owner’s manual before starting the generator.  Never operate a generator inside any structure or near a structure.  Use a transfer switch to ensure electricity is not accidentally fed onto a line where line crews must work.· Keep freezers and refrigerators closed as much as possible to prevent food spoilage.· If power goes out, turn off all electrical appliances except one light so you’ll know when service returns.  Then, turn equipment back on slowly.Source: Central Vermont Public Service. 2.26.2020last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Monday, April 29

first_imgBe consistent when correcting the pastIt wasn’t long ago when statues commemorating former Confederate soldiers were torn down because of the of their past actions and who they offended. Now they’re tearing down Kate Smith’s statue because she sang two songs that spoke of slaves and “darkies.”Yes, those terms are offensive to many. Now explain to me why Mount Rushmore is still standing.  Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionTrump fans should rethink their supportI want to thank Dave Edwards for bringing a bit of mirth into my life with his April 22 letter:  “Trump stands up for American people.”I agree that Hillary Clinton was an imperfect candidate in 2016. A better candidate would have won the election in spite of the documented interference by the Russians.However, to claim that Mrs. Clinton is corrupt and greedy, especially when compared to Donald Trump, is quite bizarre.  Donald Trump is the most dishonest and corrupt president in my lifetime. He makes policy decisions based on what is good for him, instead of what is in the best interest of the country.He has encouraged violence against members of the news media. He has encouraged local and federal law enforcement personnel to violate the law. It honors both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both were slave owners. Are you saying it’s OK to own slaves as long as you don’t sing about them? Anything with their picture on it should be abolished.I’m sure a new Mount Rushmore could be created easier than the original.It could have the busts of Frederick Douglas, Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King. I’m sure others would want Barack Obama included.As long as you’re correcting past injustices, please be consistent. A clean sweep of everyone and everything.Pete PidgeonScotia He has encouraged people who work for him to not cooperate with law enforcement. He lies about things big and small on a daily basis. He has tarnished the presidency.I would suggest that people stop watching the propaganda spewed by Fox News. Use the time to actually read the Constitution of the United States, the Mueller report and the Federalist Papers.After that, ask yourself if you still believe that Donald Trump has fulfilled his oath to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”Victor RobertsBurnt Hills Agree with writer on faith, sex abusesI would like to say one word in regard to Jerry Bubniak’s April 22 letter, in which he maintains his faith while condemning the Catholic Church for enabling child sex abuse: Amen.Sandra SarnowskiScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Cuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more

Spurs’ Son to begin military service during league suspension

first_imgTottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min will begin mandatory military service in his native South Korea while the Premier League remains suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the London club announced on Monday.Son, who returned to South Korea at the end of March, is currently in quarantine and will begin service later this month.The 27-year-old, who has been sidelined since he fractured his hand in February, was originally meant to serve 21 months but earned an exemption when he led South Korea to gold at the 2018 Asian Games. “The club can confirm that Son Heung-Min will commence his mandatory military service in South Korea this month,” Spurs said in a statement”Our medical staff are in regular contact as he concludes his recovery after fracturing his arm in our 3-2 win against Aston Villa on Feb. 16 and continues to train.”Tottenham, who were eighth in the league table when the season was suspended, said Son would return to London following the conclusion of his military service in May. Topics :last_img read more

Fair remains borderline NBA Draft selection after staying for senior season

first_imgC.J. Fair was mulling over one of the biggest decisions of his life this time a year ago.Now, as he travels across the country auditioning for half of the NBA, he’s out to prove that he benefited from returning to Syracuse for his senior season. “There’s no regrets,” said Carl Fair, his father. “We knew last year that this draft was going to be tougher but the thing is in the NBA, you go out there and play against top-line guys. “You worry about yourself, when you’re ready and the things you can improve on.”While former Syracuse teammates Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant are expected to be selected in the first round of the NBA Draft, Fair remains the biggest question mark of the three. Draft projections suggest he may have been better off going pro last year, when he was a borderline first-round prospect. This time, though, a stronger class gives Fair less of a chance to go in the first 30 picks. AdvertisementThis is placeholder textBut the predictions and mock drafts become irrelevant once the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock Thursday night, and Fair’s camp is confident he will hear his name called at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.“I had a chance last year, but I didn’t want to come to the NBA the third or fourth option on my team,” Fair said to reporters at the NBA Combine in May. “This year I was the first option. Knowing how to be consistent, bring my game each day, I think that’ll translate to the NBA.”And if Fair isn’t taken, it’s likely he’ll still get a shot at cracking an NBA roster as an undrafted free agent.“C.J. Fair is probably a second-round pick,” ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas said in a teleconference Tuesday. “Not a great player, but a good one, and a guy that can certainly play in the NBA.”Although Fair led the Orange in scoring his junior year, James Southerland, Brandon Triche and Michael Carter-Williams overshadowed him at times.But this past season, the SU offense ran mostly through Fair. He again topped SU in scoring while earning first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference and second-team All-American honors.Returning for his senior year was worth it, his father said.“I think (his game) improved,” Carl Fair said. “The NBA floor is a lot bigger. It’s spread out, and C.J. excels when he has room.”There is some doubt that Fair doesn’t have the ball-handling skills, 3-point shooting consistency or the ability to create off the dribble to make it as an NBA small forward — the position his father expects the 6-foot, 8-inch, 215-pound Fair to play.Some projections say he’ll be chosen in the second round this year; others think he’ll go undrafted. “I don’t think he was a big-time draft prospect a year ago and I don’t really think his status changed much,”’s Jonathan Givony said.Locked into the wings of Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 zone the past four years, Fair’s man-to-man defense is unknown.Still, the NBA teams he’s worked out for have liked what they’ve seen, Carl Fair said.“He can shoot better than they thought he could shoot,” he said. “Some teams said they think he can be a defensive stopper. He’s been playing great defense and they see him being able to come off picks and knock down open shots.“Nobody has said anything they don’t like about him. He’s been doing everything pretty solid.”By the time the draft starts, 15 teams will have given Fair an extensive look.His length served him well at Syracuse. His highlight-reel dunks proved his athleticism, and he was dangerous from mid-range. But whether or not Fair improved enough in other areas will be revealed Thursday night.“I think competition-wise, I’m really prepared,” Fair told reporters after his workout with the Utah Jazz this month. “I had teammates that are in the NBA now so I know what it takes to get to the NBA. Now it’s about me getting my opportunity and showing teams that I’m that guy.”Asst. copy editors Sam Blum and Matt Schneidman contributed reporting to this story. Comments Published on June 24, 2014 at 5:15 pm Contact Phil: [email protected] | @PhilDAbb Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

BetConstruct boosts front-end experience through Vegas Kings

first_img Share New Polish poker table in BetGames section for STS July 15, 2020 Related Articles StumbleUpon Share Submit SBC Awards: The key to an effective submission August 28, 2020 VBET agrees Armenian Premier League and Armenian Cup sponsorship August 13, 2020 BetConstruct has struck a deal with creative agency Vegas Kings to customise the front-end experience for its partner operators.Vegas Kings, who will help online partners of the software developer to improve websites with bespoke design using BetConstruct API’s, has also launched two exciting games using BetConstruct’s SlotBuilder.Configuring the playlines, symbols and reels through this SlotBuilder, Vegas Kings was able to put forward two authentic HTML5 games, Bling Spins and Soccer Shootout, both of which have already made it into BetConstruct’s vast catalogue of casino games.Ashley Adir, CEO of Vegas Kings, said: “Thanks to BetConstruct for giving Vegas Kings the amazing opportunity to work on the SlotBuilder platform. We were surprised at how easy, user-friendly and intuitive it was to build two games for the African market and working with BetConstruct as a partner made the process extremely smooth and efficient.”Edgar Mkrtchyan, Gaming Group Product Manager of BetConstruct, added: “SlotBuilder was created to provide freedom and artistry for anyone who wants to design their dream slots. We are very happy that so many companies have had an outstanding experience with it. And now we gladly welcome creative minds of Vegas Kings with their games that are going to hit the top charts.”It was notable that BetConstruct, winners of the White Label Supplier of the Year at last week’s SBC Awards, chose to partner with an igaming specialist, who this summer secured a 12-month retainer to handle all creative and web development requests for Resorts Digital.last_img read more

Five star KCCA a point away from retaining Uganda league title

first_imgKCCA striker Sserunkuma. PHOTO KCCA MEDIAKampala,Uganda | KCCA|  KCCA moved to within a point of retaining their Azam Uganda Premier League title following a commanding victory over Kirinya Jinja at Lugogo on Saturday.Derrick Nsibambi scored a brace in addition to further strikes from Sulaimon Akinyemi, Geoffrey Sserunkuma and Noel Nasassira in the 5-1 victory.Coach Mike Mutebi named youngsters Mustapha Kizza and Peter Magambo in a lineup that had Douglas Kisembo in goal while league leading striker Geoffrey Sserunkuma was partnered with in-form Derrick Nsibambi upfront.Victory consequently moved KCCA to 57 points, five ahead of nearest challengers. Villa who also won against Soana. With three games left, KCCA now require to only avoid defeat against Lweza in the next encounter on Tuesday to retain their crown.READ FULL STORY HEREShare on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Boys and Girls Clubs of Thurston County Hires Former Corporate Executive,…

first_imgFacebook53Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Washington Business BankAfter a nationwide search for a Chief Executive Officer, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Thurston County is proud to announce the hiring of Craig McElfresh as their new CEO.Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County announces the hiring of Craig McElfresh as their new CEOThe 8- member board and community leader search committee conducted an extensive, nationwide search with the help of a professional search firm. “We are extremely grateful for the committee’s dedication and expertise to select Craig as our new CEO from a field of very competitive candidates”, says Search Committee Chair, Christie Agtarap.“We wanted to leverage our growth and impact, to serve more kids and recognized that we needed a transformational leader to take the organization to another performance level and we found that leader in Craig,” says Sam Bovard, Board Chair.McElfresh cultivated his drive for excellence in organizational leadership and management during his 36 years at The Boeing Company.  There he held various technical and senior management roles in process engineering, product development, project management, quality assurance, business operations, program management, and technology planning for commercial, space, and defense sectors. He led regional, national, and international teams and projects, including support for the advanced technology 787 commercial airplane.In 2015, McElfresh joined the non-profit, Pioneer Human Services, a company focused on treatment, employment, and housing for youth and adults with criminal histories or justice involved. There he held increasing roles of executive level responsibility.His passion and leadership in youth development in his community is evident in the leadership and volunteer roles he has assumed during his career.  He has coached youth of all ages, boys and girls, in baseball and basketball. He originated a 501c3 community-centered baseball program for youth, and co-developed a community-centered youth basketball program. He was on the Auburn Youth Career Advisory Council, the Auburn YMCA Board of Managers, and mentored youth in a leadership program supporting the regional youth career fair.Craig earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Project Management emphasis, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, and holds an active Certification in Project Management from Project Management Institute.Craig is excited about his new role in a vibrant community saying, “Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County are located in towns and cities, in the heartbeat of the community, where precious kids are supported and served by compassionate adults who commit their resources to provide quality facilities and life-enriching programs. This is an exciting, pinnacle opportunity for me to work with diverse people and organizations, build upon the club-level success of the past 17 years, and grow our ability to positively impact the lives of more kids. Converging almost 40 years of career and professional experience with parallel community service for kids is a dream come true. My wife and I are absolutely thrilled to live in this community and join this amazing organization!”Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County’s mission is to inspire and enable youth to realize their greatness.  They provide safe places to learn and grow; ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals; life enhancing programs; character development experiences; hope and opportunity.  The Clubs promote academic success, good character & citizenship, and healthy lifestyles so they are better prepared to graduate from high school and thrive as adults.  Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County has grown to five Clubs in Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey, Tenino and Rochester in 17 years serving on average 700 youth per day and over 3,000 youth annually.last_img read more