USA Leadership and Development Programme (LEAD) needed now more than ever

first_imgDear Editor,The much talked about Local Government is a point blank facade. It is a fraudulent scheme that has been foisted on the people with a seemingly pleasant outward appearance whereas in its workings there is a horrible reality.The reasons for my statement is that you just have to look at what transpired in the intervening two years since the last elections and you will be jolted to the stark reality that absolutely nothing was achieved by this Administration in the troubled area of governance.There are vivid signs of retrogression wherever Local Government has entered a community. There are still clogged drains, with the intendant mosquito infestation; there are still large piles of solid waste build-up, leading to cockroaches and rat invasion.Added to these evils, we have to deal with corrupt deals from equally arrogant and corrupt officials who are always buzzing around the Treasury. Is this the Local Government they were talking about? Is this the good life?The fact is the inept Central Government has simply passed the buck on to the local communities so that they would not be held accountable for the wrongdoings there.And you don’t have to look very far, because most, if not all the areas, held by the People’s National Congress or its affiliate partner, the Alliance For Change, the problems are multitudinous that are always in the news.So, I call on The ABC’s in our midst especially, the USA here in Guyana, you foisted a programme to “educate” the People’s Progressive Party/Civic on how good and clean governance should be administered, why not put forward such a programme now? We are in dire need of it!The leadership and development project (LEAD) meant to teach us natives down here as to how good and proper civilised beings ought to conduct themselves, well; I must say we need it now more than ever. Could someone in the USA Embassy apprise us on this one? Just asking?Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more