Martial Arts/Self-Defense Adjunct Assistant Professor

first_imgConsidering this specific position that you are applying to –where/how did you learn about this position?College DepartmentCareerBuilderChronicle of Higher Ed ( College Registry Job Fair: OaklandCommunity College Registry Job Fair: Los AngelesCommunity College Registry Online Job BoardCommunity Outreach (ex. Festivals, etc.)CommunityCollegeJobsComunidadCraigslistDiverse: Issues in Higher EducationD’Primeramano MagazineEdJoinFacebook (Campaign)Facebook (Los Rios Page)GlassdoorGreater Sacramento Urban LeagueHandshake (CSU, UC Job Boards)HigheredJobsIndeedInstagramJob SitesJob JournalLatina Leadership Network of the California CommunityCollegesLinkedInLos Rios Community College District EmployeeLos Rios Community College District Human Resources EmailLos Rios Community College District WebsiteLRCCD Resource Group – API (Asian Pacific Islander Legacy)LRCCD Resource Group – Black Faculty & Staff Association(BFSA)LRCCD Resource Group Native American Collaborative (NAC)LRCCD Resource Group – Spectrum (LGBTQIA+)Professional NetworksSacramento Black Chamber of CommerceSacramento Asian Chamber of CommerceSacramento Builders ExchangeSacramento Hispanic Chamber of CommerceSacramento Rainbow Chamber of CommerceSacramentoWorksThe HUBTwitterYouTubeZipRecruiter Assignment Responsibilities The Los Rios Community College District is seeking a pool ofqualified applicants for possible temporary part-time facultyteaching assignments. These positions are filled on an as neededbasis and are on-going recruitment efforts.Adjunct pools are open continuously and applicants arecontacted/hired year round for assignments based on collegeneeds.Teaching assignments may include day, evening, on-line, hybrid,weekend, and/or off campus classes. Application Instructions Posting NumberF00127P Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 1Optional DocumentsUnofficial Transcript 2Unofficial Transcript 3Resume/Curriculum VitaeLetter of InterestLetter of Recommendation 1Letter of Recommendation 2Equivalency Determination Letter (P-38 or Equivalency RequestStatement)P-881 Report of Arrests Which Led To Convictions For CrimeDocument Criminal History Verification and Release: I acknowledge andagree that I understand that by answering the question below, Icertify that the information provided by me is true, correct andcomplete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I authorizeinvestigation of all statements contained herein, and on the P-881(if applicable and submitted), and I release from liability allpersons and organizations furnishing such information. I understandthat any misstatements, omissions or misrepresentation of facts onthis form, my application, and, if applicable, the P-881 orattachment(s) may be cause for disqualification or dismissal. Ifyou have ever been convicted of an offense other than a minortraffic violation you are required to complete the form ‘ArrestsWhich Led to Convictions for Crime’, P-881 (you must discloseconvictions that have been dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section1203.4; Ed. Code 87008). Please copy and paste the provided URL forthe form - – andattach the completed form to your application.Yes, I acknowledge and agreeNo, I do not acknowledge or agree Special Requirements Quicklink Work YearN/A Work Schedule Conditions General Responsibilities:The adjunct faculty member shall be responsible for the following:teaching assigned classes under the supervision of the area dean;helping students fulfill their maximum potential in masteringcourse content; assessing student learning outcomes; maintaining athorough and up-to-date knowledge in his/her regular teachingfield; continuing professional development; utilizing currenttechnology in the performance of job duties; maintaining standardsof professional conduct and ethics appropriate to the professionalposition; assisting with articulation and curriculum developmentand review; serving on college committees and participating infaculty governance including accreditation and studentco-curricular activities; assuming other responsibilities asassigned by the area dean; fulfilling other duties andresponsibilities of an adjunct faculty member as outlined in thecollege faculty handbook. Posting Details Position Summary The Institution LocationLos Rios Community College District (District Office) AboutThe Los Rios Community College District ( LRCCD ) is the secondlargest, two-year public college district in California, servingapproximately 75,000 students in the greater Sacramento region. Thedistrict’s 2,400 square mile service area includes Sacramento andEl Dorado counties and parts of Yolo, Placer, and Solano countiesand is comprised of four uniquely diverse colleges – AmericanRiver, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges. Inaddition to each college’s main campus, the district offerseducational centers in Placerville, Davis, West Sacramento, ElkGrove, Natomas and Rancho Cordova.The Los Rios district office is centrally located in the heart ofthe Sacramento valley. The growing Capital Region has strongcommunities and emergent arts and dining scenes, and is nearby someof the most celebrated tourist destinations in the country – LakeTahoe, Napa Valley, and San Francisco. The Sacramento area is agreat place to live and work!StrengthsThe district has approximately 4,000 employees throughout our fourcolleges and district office in dozens of different departmentsthat provide welcoming, inclusive, and equitable environments forLos Rios students, employees and community partners. Each and everydistrict and college department strives for the highest quality inall programs, services, and activities, and is focused on improvingeducational outcomes for the students we serve.Our VisionOur colleges offer equity-minded, academically rigorous, studentsuccess centered education. Our objective is to help our studentssuccessfully achieve their academic goals, whether they want totransfer to a four-year college or university, earn an associatedegree, or obtain one of more than 100 certificates in high demandcareer fields.The Los Rios Community College District’s Human ResourcesDepartment is committed to diversity, equity, and to ensuring aninclusive, thriving environment for all of its employees, students,and surrounding communities. To that end, the Human ResourcesDepartment is intentional in recruiting, hiring, and retainingdiverse employees, to reflect the diversity of our colleges’student populations. Applicants applying to this Los Rios Community College Districtadjunct faculty posting are required to complete fully andsubmit:1. Los Rios Community College District Faculty Application(required)2. Unofficial transcripts of college/university work * (graduateadvising documents and grade reports will not be accepted asunofficial transcripts). NOTE : Los Rios employees are alsorequired to submit unofficial copies of transcripts.(required)3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (recommended)4. Two letters of recommendation (recommended)5. Letter of Interest (recommended)*Note: Applications submitted without transcripts will bedisqualified. Also individuals who have completed college oruniversity course work at an institution in a country other thanthe United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreigntranscripts, degrees and other relevant documents. A foreigntranscript evaluation is required any time foreign course work isused to meet minimum qualifications and/or salary placement even ifthe foreign transcript has been accepted by a college or universityin the United States.Foreign transcript evaluations ONLY accepted from AICE (Associationof International Credential Evaluations, Inc.) or NACES (TheNational Association of Credential Evaluation Services) agencies orevaluators.Foreign Degree Transcript Evaluations click hereDo not submit additional materials that are not requested. Physical Demandscenter_img All Positions: Offers of employment are contingent upon thesuccessful clearance from a criminal background check, freedom fromtuberculosis, and proof of identity and eligibility to work in theUnited States prior to the first day of work. The District mayselect additional qualified candidates should unexpected vacanciesor needs occur during this recruitment/selection process. Wheneducation is a requirement for the position, official academictranscripts from the accredited college/university must besubmitted within 60 days of hire. How and where to apply Minimum Qualifications Closing Date 1. Have a bachelor’s degree AND two years of occupational and/orprofessional experience directly related to the assignment beingtaught OR have an associate’s degree AND six years of occupationaland/or professional experience directly related to the assignmentbeing taught; OR, hold a California Community College Instructor’sCredential in the discipline area; OR, the equivalent.*2. Have sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academicsocioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexualorientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students,including those with physical or learning disabilities as itrelates to differences in learning styles.*Note: Applicants applying under the “equivalent” provision mustattach details and explain how their academic preparation is theequivalent of the degrees listed above. Job Posting TitleMartial Arts/Self-Defense Adjunct Assistant Professor Department Location Open ContinuouslyYes Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for completeinformation on how to apply online with our District. Applicationservices are available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mondaythrough Friday, at the Los Rios Community College District HumanResources Office located at 1919 Spanos Court, Sacramento, CA95825-3981. If you need assistance with any phase of theapplication process, please call (916) 568-3112 or come in duringour business hours. Submission of applications are by midnight ofthe posting closing date. Posting Date SalaryPlease see LRCCD Salary Schedules Additional Salary InformationNo additional salary information to note Beginning and/or Ending Dates Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Total Hrs per Week/Day Please indicate how you meet the minimum qualifications forthis position. Select the appropriate answer.I possess the minimum qualifications for this discipline aslisted on the job announcement. (Attach unofficial transcripts froman accredited college/university and/or evidence of jobexperience.)I possess a valid California Community College Credential forthis discipline. (Attach a copy of appropriate credential withapplication.)I possess qualifications equivalent to those listed and haveattached evidence. (To review Equivalency Process.)I have previously been granted equivalency to teach thisdiscipline by the Los Rios Community College District. (Attach theEquivalency Determination Form P-38 and transcripts.) Can you perform the essential functions of this position?YesNo Part-time, Assistant Professor Position. Adjunct pools are opencontinuously and applicants are contacted/hired year round forassignments based on college needs.last_img read more

‘One for the ages’

first_imgIt was the moment when gay marriage nationally went from being a cause to a fact.“This is one for the ages,” wrote Noah Feldman, Harvard’s Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law.After a generation of legal wrangling, and just two days shy of the 46h anniversary of the Stonewall riots that accelerated the gay rights movement, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that states cannot ban same-sex marriages and must recognize such rites performed in other states. Denying the validity of same-sex unions, the majority opinion said, “works a grave and continuing harm, serving to disrespect and subordinate gays and lesbians.”At Harvard, where some University affiliates have been involved in arguing the legal issues since 1983, officials were quick to confirm the deep import of the 5-4 ruling that made the United States the 21st nation to recognize same-sex marriages.“Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion for the court announcing a right to gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges will take its place alongside Brown v. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia in the pantheon of great liberal opinions,” said Feldman.Brown was the 1954 decision banning racial segregation in American public schools. Loving was the 1967 decision overturning laws banning interracial marriage.“The Supreme Court today affirmed what many in the Harvard community already understood,” said Harvard President Drew Faust in a statement. “Marriage equality is a civil right to which everyone is entitled. While there is still much to do, the decision represents a historic moment in our nation’s generations-long struggle to secure equal treatment and opportunity under the law for all Americans.”Michael Klarman, Harvard’s Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law and author of “From the Closet to the Altar: Courts, Backlash, and the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage” (2012), called the ruling “the Brown v. Board of the gays rights movement. It’s obviously a great day for gay rights and for those who favor a more equal, inclusive America.”“Under the Constitution, same-sex couples seek in marriage the same legal treatment as opposite-sex couples, and it would disparage their choices and diminish their personhood to deny them this right,” Kennedy wrote in his majority opinion.That opinion included acknowledgement of the role that historians played in establishing the legal argument for gay marriage. Nancy F. Cott, Harvard’s Jonathan Trumbull Professor of American History, was cited repeatedly, based on her book “Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation” (2000). Cott also took the lead in an amici curiae brief on behalf of the petitioners by the American Historical Association and leading historians.Four justices wrote dissents from the majority, based largely on their contention that tectonic cultural shifts should be left to the ballot box and not to a court. Some of the dissenting language was blistering.Chief Justice John G. Roberts accused the majority of “stealing this issue from the people.” Associate Justice Antonin Scalia said the “pretentious” majority opinion exceeded the bounds of the 14th Amendment, and he called the ruling a “judicial Putsch.”Both Feldman and Klarman saw a dark side to the tone of the dissents, and to the close vote. Brown and Loving were decided by 9-0 majority rulings, said Feldman, a fact that he said stands in “tragic contrast” to the split decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. “Today’s gay rights opinion went 5-4, with each of the court’s conservative judges writing a dissent of his own,” he said. “Eventually, legal equality for gay people will seem just as automatic and natural as legal equality for blacks. But history will recall that when decided, Obergefell didn’t reflect national consensus, much less the consensus of the court itself.”Polls show that about two-thirds of Americans favor marriage equality. On the eve of the decision, 37 states already recognized gay marriage. Massachusetts led the way with a 2003 ruling. Writing the majority opinion was Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, who is now a senior research fellow and lecturer at Harvard Law School.As for Friday’s ruling, “I doubt American democracy is greatly threatened by a decision allowing people who love each other to get married,” said Klarman, “and especially not when 60 percent of Americans support that decision.”The high court dissents reflected an argument that was mildly and logically outlined in “Modern Liberty and the Limits of Government” (2007) by Charles Fried, Harvard’s Beneficial Professor of Law and a former solicitor general of the United States (1985-1989). There is a difference, he wrote, “between courts in the name of liberty protecting gays from prosecution and persecution no matter what the population feels about them, and requiring this extension of the institution of marriage.”The spirited dissents roused Klarman, who once clerked for Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, before she moved to the Supreme Court. Ginsburg voted with the majority. “These are extraordinary statements from justices who refuse to allow democratic decision-making to triumph on a huge range of issues,” Klarman wrote in the email, “from campaign finance reform, to gun control, to race-based affirmative action, to actions by local school boards to foster racial integration in schools, to federal statutes protecting the voting rights of racial minorities.”Though the Obergefell decision institutionalizes gay marriage in the legal arena, there are plenty of cultural hurdles ahead.Mark D. Jordan, the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Christian Thought at Harvard Divinity School, called the decision “momentous” and emotional, particularly for same-sex couples because the decision provides a broader sense of social acceptance. “It is a historic day,” he said. “This is a big decision.” But the rapid spread of same-sex marriage’s legal acceptance has not been mirrored in most religious communities, added Jordan, who has written on the subject’s religious aspects.Churches cannot be forced to accept same-sex marriages, of course, he said, but pressure will grow for them to review their practices. That’s because of same sex-marriage’s increasing civil acceptance, said Jordan, and because younger church members will be less likely to share their institutions’ objections.There is a widespread sense “that the pace of change has been swift,” particularly regarding marriage equality, said Timothy P. McCarthy, director of the Sexuality, Gender, and Human Rights program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). But the speed of change has to be tempered by the fact that such struggles go back “more than half a century,” he said, with Stonewall a cultural marker.Marriage equality is only part of the picture, said McCarthy. “Even with today’s ruling,” he said, “there are still 30 some-odd states … where, despite one’s marital status, if you’re an LGBT, you can be fired or you can be denied housing or accommodations. We still have big struggles ahead of us [to get] full rights of citizenship — not just in the realm of marriage.”“There are still a lot of cultural battles,” said Jordan Weiers ’16, past political co-chair of Harvard College Queer Students & Allies. The decision is a major step forward in legal acceptance, he said, and will allow the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer community to focus on other issues. Weiers said those issues include workplace discrimination, fostering religious acceptance, and dispelling misunderstandings among the public.Still, the decision surprised him because of how firmly the majority came down on the side of same-sex marriage. “I was expecting a positive ruling,” said Weiers, “but I didn’t think the court would go so far so fast.”It’s clear that the Obergefell decision will have cultural fallout, but the ruling also has political implications that could affect the 2016 presidential race, said Steve Jarding, a political strategy expert and lecturer in public policy at the Shorenstein Center at HKS.Not long ago, opposition to gay rights and same-sex marriage was one of the social issues that some Republican political candidates could rely on to help rally conservative voter turnout, he said, but the court’s ruling wipes this wedge issue “off the table.”“It puts them all in a box,” said Jarding of conservative presidential candidates, whose constituents are likely to press them to say the Supreme Court made the wrong decision.“They do not want this presidency to hinge on issues like gay marriage,” he said. “They can’t win” that way.Explore a timeline of Harvard Law School affiliates’ participation in anticipating, shaping, critiquing, and analyzing the path to marriage equality.last_img read more

Race Report: Bury Me at Lake Logan (but not anytime soon)

first_imgIt has become my favorite weekend of the year. Hands down. I love Lake Logan weekend. When Melissa and I were getting into triathlon, circa 2008-09, we started looking for races in interesting places around the State of North Carolina. Long enamored with the foothills of Asheville and points west, I stumbled upon Lake Logan International Triathlon, just outside of Canton, N.C. We first did the race in August of 2009, spending Friday night in nearby Waynesville, then Saturday night after the race in Asheville. I fell immediately and irretrievably in love with that weekend and in particular, Lake Logan.We’ve done it five years running now and it has never failed to leave me deeply satisfied. Annually held on the first Saturday of August, Logan comes at a time of year that finds my soul in need of nourishment – deeply diminished by the grinding heat and humidity of a long summer and the bleak morass that is the sports world between the end of the Tour de France and the start of College Football season. Logan is a welcome retreat from steamy Raleigh into the high hills west of Asheville, and as we make that annual drive up the mountain on I-40, my blood pressure drops in corresponding degrees with each west bound mile marker. Logan is medicinal – I daresay even spiritual. It is my late summer North Star and I am reminded each year of the simple, luxuriant pleasure of needing a long sleeve t-shirt against the cool morning air.*****According to the site, Lake Logan sprang up in 1932 when the powers that be at Champion Mill, located in nearby Canton, decided to dam the West Fork of the Pigeon River, resulting in an 87 acre lake that flooded the former logging community of Sunburst. Named for Logan Thompson, the son of Peter J. Thompson who founded Champion, Lake Logan soon became home to various meeting, sleeping and dining facilities constructed from logs of deconstructed cabins in nearby counties and served as a retreat for Champion Mill executives well into the 1990s. Many of the buildings survive today and were purchased by the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina in 2000 after Champion sold its holdings. The Diocese operates a retreat at Logan and in 2006 sponsored the first Lake Logan Multi-Sports Festival, which has grown to include international and sprint triathlons, an aqua-thon (swim/run) and aqua-bike (swim/bike).*****The swim portion of the triathlon is one of the very few wetsuit-legal swims (possibly the only one) in the summertime triathlon circuit throughout the Carolinas, which indicates that the water temperature is below the acceptable wetsuit cutoff temperature of 78 degrees. Usually it is considerably cooler and this year it was a bone-chilling 67 degrees. The last hundred yards or so of the swim goes under the Lake Logan Road bridge and directly into the chilly mountain stream which feeds the lake, resulting in a lung-seizing five to ten degree drop in temperature. It is cold, people, but in August, you appreciate that kind of thing.The swim itself is enchantingly beautiful, setting off just after dawn, the narrow lake bookended by hills covered in hemlock and fir and topped by a cloud cover almost low enough to touch, hanging grey and cottony like soiled gauze over the water. The .9 mile course runs in a long rectangle and as you advance in that strange watery silence unique to lake swims, the hills to your right and left rise up in your periphery and you – I at least – feel totally at ease, peaceful and warm in the thought that there is no place on Earth I would rather be on the first Saturday in August than in this very place.The bike course is 24 miles of mostly rolling hills through Southern Haywood County, bookended by steep climbs out of T1 and coming back, just before T2. It is Southern Appalachian farm country, generously dotted with picturesque and diminutive farms, ancient barns and the occasional work mule, brooding and contemplative in its pen. Mostly flat to downhill on the first nine miles, you don’t so much ride the bike course as you float through it, enjoying the novelty of the cool air and the rustic countryside. You can almost hear banjo music in the air, although not in the moronic, clichéd sense of snickering Deliverance references, but deep in your veins – in the very fiber of your being, as if the hills are calling to you in bent, five string notes. And for me at least, it sounds a lot like home.The last 15 miles of the bike are mostly up hill – the heady reverie a little less pronounced, the determined exertion a little more. Your average speed steadily declines as the hills exert dominion over any unspoken plans you may have harbored for a 22 mph average. The last climb is truly taxing, but Lake Logan is visible to the right, through the chlorophyll-choked cover of summer trees. You know you are closing in on the run and this carries you upward.The run is a 10k – three miles mostly uphill from the base of T2 along Lake Logan Road to Sunburst campsite just within the borders of Pisgah National Forest (the campsite takes its name from that long-forgotten logging community). This is followed at the turn by the much-anticipated pleasure of three miles mostly down hill back to the finish. The run is always an especially happy time as you pass friends either going or coming and contemplate the completed swim and bike in between high fives and shouts of encouragement.The finish is always sun-splashed, the low cloud cover of early morning burned away as friends gather to cheer each other and chat about the race – what went right, what went wrong, how cold the water was, etc. The temperature is late summer perfection – warm but not hot – and we make our way to the food tent where we eat sandwiches and chat some more. We are pleasantly tired after 31 miles of swimming, biking and running and as we sit there amongst friends in the perfect post-race warmth, it is, how can I put this… exceedingly nice.Later, Melissa and I always check in at the Indigo Hotel in downtown Asheville – an easy walk to all that downtown has to offer, which is much. After lunch and a nap, we’ll meet friends again for well-earned margaritas and dinner at our favorite Asheville establishment, Salsa’s. We’ll dine in the narrow ally way outside and soak in the perfect mountain air. Saturday night after dinner can go late and on occasion ends early, but is always fun.Sunday, we’ll sleep in and have breakfast at Early Girl Eatery or Over Easy. Afterwards we’ll walk over to Mast General Store and my favorite bookstore, Malaprops, where I take almost as much pleasure eavesdropping on the aging hippies gathered earnestly to discuss new age mumbo jumbo as I do in the truly wonderful selection of books.We linger, not wanting to leave. We order coffee, we stroll, we take in Asheville and all of its charms. And then, reluctantly, we get in the car and we head home. And on the drive home, we talk about our weekend and Logan weekends of years past, and the four-hour drive breezes by. Its Monday after Logan as I write this, and we’ve already planned next year’s trip.I told Melissa that when I kick the bucket, I want my ashes spread over Lake Logan. And though nothing is guaranteed, I’m hoping we’ll have a lot more Logan weekends between now and then.Alan Piercy is a freelance writer and veteran endurance athlete from Raleigh, NC. He has completed two Ironman triathlons and the JFK 50 Mile ultra run among other events. He writes frequently about the challenges and rewards of competing in endurance sports and his blog can be found at  Want to submit a race report, story, or essay for the website? Shoot an email to submit[at] read more

PSBB flattens COVID-19 curve in West Java: Ridwan Kamil

first_imgThe rate of COVID-19 transmission in West Java has flattened since large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) were implemented in the province.“The number of new cases has stayed at around 40 each day,” West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said in a written statement received by The Jakarta Post on Thursday.As of Thursday, West Java has recorded a total of 1,012 COVID-19 cases — the second-highest after Jakarta, the epicenter of the outbreak which recorded 4,175 cases — and 83 deaths. Read also: West Java plans to operate 24-hour checkpoints to enforce ‘mudik’ banThe Bogor, Depok and Bekasi have been under the PSBB since April 15. The policy was extended for another two weeks on April 29. Meanwhile, Greater Bandung (Bandung, West Bandung, Cimahi and Sumedang) is implementing the PSBB from April 22 to May 6. “I can conclude that the PSBB has been able to reduce the rate of infection because the strict policy has resulted in people refraining from going outside and gathering in public,” Ridwan said. The Jakarta Post still saw people walking the streets around Margahayu in Rancasari district, Bandung, although the number of cars and motorcycles has decreased significantly around the area.Topics :last_img read more

Solar start-up Xurya becomes first recipient of Southeast Asian green fund

first_imgFor Xurya, which recently expanded to Sumatra and Sulawesi islands, the investment also represents a lifeline, as energy investments have collapsed globally following a decline in energy demand amid the ongoing health crisis.Globally, new solar PV installations are expected to dip by 17.5 percent from last year, led by falling demand among homeowners and small-medium businesses “as they look to save money or reduce capital spending”, wrote the International Energy Agency (IEA) in May.“Amid the economic crisis, SEACEF’s early investment into Xurya will create new jobs, provide efficiencies and most importantly, provide the development funds to show that a green recovery can be achieved,” Clime Capital managing director Mason Wallick said in the statement.Clime Capital, a Singapore-based investment firm, manages the SEACEF that raised an initial US$10 million from several philanthropic organizations such as the United States’ Wellspring Climate Initiative and the United Kingdom’s High Tide Foundation.The fund specializes in providing high-risk capital for renewable energy projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines to help the projects get off the ground. Editor’s note: This article has been revised to state that Xurya will use the investment to continue developing 80 megawatt peak (MWp) rooftop photovoltaic (PV) projects for businesses and industries in IndonesiaTopics : Jakarta-based solar start-up Xurya has received an undisclosed investment sum from the multimillion-dollar South East Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF), becoming the fund’s first recipient since its launch in June.Xurya said on Monday that the funds would be used to continue developing 80 megawatt peak (MWp) rooftop photovoltaic (PV) projects for businesses and industries in Indonesia.“Against the slowdown of utility-scale solar investments, we believe that commercial and industrial customers are a bright spot for electrification investors in Indonesia,” said Xurya managing director Eka Himawan.last_img read more

Tipp intermediates looking forward to Cork challenge

first_imgWe will have extended live updates from the Intermediate clash with Tipp Fm’s Stephen Gleeson. William Maher’s side face Cork as well.The team is set to feature a mixture of U21 and senior qualified players.The Tipp boss is hoping that those who get to play make the most of the opportunity.last_img

Barrett was warned about life in the NBA and Knicks deliver

first_img WATCH US LIVE Written By COMMENT Last Updated: 10th December, 2019 15:43 IST Barrett Was Warned About Life In The NBA And Knicks Deliver RJ Barrett was asked to explain something that would have been unusual to a 10-year veteran, let alone someone who had played 21 NBA games. FOLLOW US WE RECOMMEND LIVE TVcenter_img Associated Press Television News RJ Barrett was asked to explain something that would have been unusual to a 10-year veteran, let alone someone who had played 21 NBA games. Was it strange to have a coach run practice, only to fire him after it ended? “I mean, I have no idea. I just got here,” Barrett said. “I don’t know how these things work.”Welcome to life with the New York Knicks, rookie.It’s nothing new when they change coaches, but the firing of David Fizdale was a head-scratcher even for the Knicks. When they finally got around to announcing his dismissal last Friday, hours after the practice he led, the Knicks did it with a two-sentence statement void of any quotes or any other explanation. They played at home the next night and then departed the following day for a road trip, all without president Steve Mills or general manager Scott Perry commenting on Fizdale’s removal. That left it up to the players to do all the talking.The front office did speak earlier in the season, a strange press conference immediately after a Nov. 10 home loss to Cleveland in which they expressed their disappointment with the team’s start. That put even more pressure on Fizdale beyond what he already faced trying to improve the NBA’s worst team in its most unforgiving media market.The front office had given Fizdale a new roster and not much time to mould it, which numerous coaches around the league thought was unfair.“As coaches, sometimes you get caught in a storm,” Indiana’s Nate McMillan said.The skies are always stormy over the Knicks, which can be a difficult adjustment for anyone once they arrive and see it up close. Barrett just spent one season around the picture of college basketball stability at Duke, where Mike Krzyzewski has led one of the nation’s most prestigious programs for 40 seasons.But the No. 3 pick in the draft knew to expect turbulence in the pros — even if it arrived earlier than maybe he could have anticipated.“I don’t want to say surprised, just because I had a lot of good people in my ear telling me about different things in the league,” Barrett said. “So not a surprise, but more so just try to be prepared for whatever comes my way.”With the Knicks, it will keep on coming.The 1,500 CLUBVince Carter is set to reach another milestone by playing in his 1,500th game.The 42-year-old swingman will become the fifth player to reach the mark, with his next game scheduled for Tuesday when the Atlanta Hawks visit Miami.Robert Parish is the career leader with 1,611 games played, followed by fellow centre Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 1,560. Dirk Nowitzki retired this year after playing in 1,522 games and Carter will soon pass John Stockton, who finished at 1,504.Carter is coming off his highest-scoring game of the season, finishing with 17 points off the bench Sunday against Charlotte. He is averaging 5.6 points for the season.He is the first player in NBA history to play 22 seasons and in January — a few weeks before he turns 43 — Carter will become the first player to play in four decades.ROLLING ON THE ROADThe Los Angeles Lakers are about to put the NBA’s best road record to the test.They begin a five-game trip Wednesday in Orlando and two days later visit the Miami Heat, where LeBron James’ old team is 10-0 at home.Games in Atlanta and Indiana follow before it wraps up Dec. 19 with the highlight of the trip — and likely of the NBA season to this point. The Lakers visit Milwaukee for a nationally televised matchup between teams who share the league’s best record at 21-3.The Lakers have won 11 in a row on the road, their longest streak since the 1972-73 season. They haven’t lost outside their own arena, with their opening defeat at Staples Center being designated a home game for the Clippers.OTHER GAMES TO WATCH THIS WEEKDenver at Philadelphia, Tuesday: The 76ers put their 12-0 record at home up against one of the best from the West.New York at Golden State, Wednesday: The two teams at the bottom of the NBA standings. It only seems strange seeing one of them there.Utah at Minnesota, Wednesday. The teams split a home-and-home series last month, with each winning on the road.Portland at Denver, Thursday. Trail Blazers won a Game 7 on Denver’s home floor in last season’s Western Conference semifinals.Dallas vs. Detroit, Thursday. First of two games in Mexico City on the week. Phoenix plays San Antonio on Saturday.HAPPY HOMECOMING?Pelicans fans let Anthony Davis have it in New Orleans. Kristaps Porzingis was treated as a traitor in New York.Celtics fans jeered Kyrie Irving — and he didn’t even play.Home crowds love to boo players who they loved but then left, and it’s happened in a few comeback games already this season. But things figure to sound different north of the border on Wednesday.That’s when Kawhi Leonard makes his lone trip to Toronto this season. He stuck around only one season after being acquired by the Raptors, but it was the most memorable one in franchise history. Leonard led the Raptors to their first NBA title, winning NBA Finals MVP honours, but the California native wanted to return home and signed with the Los Angeles Clippers.Teammate Paul George wanted to get back to his home area, too, and Indiana Pacers fans still haven’t forgiven him. George was booed throughout the Clippers’ 110-99 victory in Indianapolis on Monday.So how does George think things will sound Wednesday in Toronto?“The exact opposite of what it was like tonight,” he said. SUBSCRIBE TO US First Published: 10th December, 2019 15:43 IST 8 months ago Japanese regulators recommend $22 million fine on Nissanlast_img read more

New faces join County Golf Partnerships

first_img There are two new faces behind the drive to get more people playing and staying in golf.Elaine Barrow has just become the Dorset Golf Partnership’s County Development Officer, while Tom Freeland has taken on the same role for the newly-formed Yorkshire Golf Partnership.They will both be working with golf clubs and facilities across their counties to help more people take up the sport and move on into golf club membership.Among the initiatives they will promote is the Get into golf campaign, which is run through the national network of County Golf Partnerships. It aims to inspire more people to play the sport by offering great value coaching with PGA professionals.Both Tom and Elaine share a passion for the sport. “I just love golf,” said Elaine (image © Leaderboard Photography). “I think it’s a great way of socialising, exercising and enjoying fantastic scenery – you’ve got everything in one package.”Elaine plays her golf in Hampshire, where she is a five-handicap member at Brokenhurst Manor. She has been ladies’ captain and a member of both the ladies’ committee and the board of directors at her club. She’s also been the junior organiser for the Hampshire ladies and been much involved with the development of girl golfers in the county.Her daughters, Laura, 19, and Charlotte, 17, are both single-figure players – and Charlotte has just helped Hampshire to win the English women’s county championship.Elaine takes over from Dee Wood, who is retiring after three years to spend more time with her six grandchildren. However, Dee will continue to run the Dorset Tour which encourages novice golfers to get out and play.Tom brings an extensive background in sports coaching and business development to his new role, having coached six national swimmers and worked to encourage more people to take up swimming.He says: “I am delighted to be in a position where I can inspire people to play the game of golf.“It is a great way of meeting new people and getting regular exercise in beautiful surroundings, as well as giving families the opportunity to spend time with each other in a fun and enjoyable way.“I learnt to play golf when I was seven when my dad let me have a go of a golf club at the driving range and I become hooked and pleaded for lessons! I believe golf is a sport that helps develop excellent life skills. It can also be played and enjoyed for life.”Click here to find out more about the Get into golf campaign 23 Oct 2014 New faces join County Golf Partnerships last_img read more