Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Jackie Greene & More Rock Out At 4 Peaks Music Festival [Review/Gallery]

first_imgIt’s hard to imagine a festival more friendly and intimate than the 4 Peaks Music Festival. Located a few miles outside of Bend, Oregon, 4 Peaks has been in business for nine years and, while growing very modestly, hasn’t lost its relaxed and welcoming vibe.The kid friendly nature of this event has obviously been embraced by parents around the region, as witnessed by the large number of kids enjoying and adding to the weekend’s events. A large area was designated the kid’s zone, where youngsters were encouraged to play instruments, juggle, make bubbles, and otherwise entertain themselves and others. Indeed, games for kids and adults, along with the small size of the festival, where a large percentage of faces in the crowd became familiar over the course of the weekend, gives 4 Peaks the feel of a nice backyard party when compared to a lot of other, bigger festivals.You could be camped in the far corner of the festival grounds, and it was still only a five-minute walk to get back to your spot. Musical acts switched back and forth between the main stage and the tented side stage, making for a natural flow back and forth and no musical downtime. Honey Don’t and the Student Loan String Band provided entertainment on Thursday for those arriving early for the weekend.Rain arrived on Friday, coming down hard enough to put an end to the Jeff Austin Band set. The music for the rest of the day would be playing inside the tent. It can always be a letdown when bands don’t get to play their allotted slot, but such is life at an outdoor festival. And the more intimate side stage ensured that everyone was up close and personal to experience a scorching Jackie Greene Band performance. He confidently led his band through a set of originals and offered some well-received covers. The Grateful Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie” was especially ripping, and the “Shakedown Street” > “Another Brick In The Wall” > Shakedown Street” extended more than a few jaws to the floor.After an encore of “Jack Straw” and the Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” the stage was quickly reformatted to allow Poor Man’s Whiskey to jam into the night. This set was dominated by cover songs and special guests. Poor Man’s Whiskey is well-known for applying their high octane bluegrass style to popular albums, including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and, more recently, Paul Simon’s Graceland. They pulled from those two albums, and played numerous other rock, pop, and Americana songs with a seemingly endless stream of guests, which helped attendees forget all about the rain.On Saturday, as the skies slowly cleared, fans shed layers of clothes and soaked up stretches of sunshine. Early on, the main stage remained empty and sets were played on the side stage in the tent.Saturday featured an eclectic array of music that melded together nicely and included something for everyone. From Jellybread’s funky opening set that got bodies warmed up early in the day, to the all-female Della Mae offering soothing yet springy acoustic music that featured strong original compositions along with a choice Dolly Parton cover. Rabbit Wilde stared off on the mellow side but built in energy until dancers of all ages were getting down and stompin’ it out. Blues guitar legend Robben Ford, who has collaborated with Miles Davis, George Harrison and Joni Mitchell, offered up a strong set of driving blues numbers with his power trio.World’s Finest plays infections reggae-infused string music, and they had fans in the tent feeling the groove. Poor Man’s Whiskey has been a staple at 4 Peaks since the beginning, and fans showed their appreciation during their main stage set. Grant Farm, led by National Flatpicking Guitar Champion Tyler Grant, delivered a well-received set of their “Cosmic Americana.”Folks were excited all weekend for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood headlining set on Saturday, and they were not disappointed. There was a bit of a chill in the air but no sign of rain as the band took the stage. Although it’s getting rarer as this band continues to tour and make albums, there are still fans who assume they will get a show heavy with Black Crowes tunes, or even a nostalgia act. What they get instead is a set of highly original psychedelic rock n’ roll from a band that is clearly having fun and connecting with their audience. CRB staples like “Narcissus Soaking Wet” and “Beggar’s Moon” were accompanied by new songs such as “California Hymn.” A closing “Hard To Handle” had the entire crowd singing along.Portland darlings Crow and the Canyon had the honors of closing out Saturday’s side stage, and it was a solid celebration of American roots music. Much like the night before, special guests flowed to and from the stage. As glowing headphones started filtering into the crowd at the back of the tent (a silent disco and late-night movie were new additions to 4 Peaks this year), the band played on. It was apparent, whether you were listening to music from the stage or through the airwaves, that dancing and smiling had won the day.Sunday, after the last notes were played, festival organizer Stacy came out to thank everyone, and let people know that next year the festival would be held at a different location. Although the new location has yet to be determined, the family-friendly, neighborly vibe that organizers and fans have manifested going into their 10th year, is sure to remain intact.A full gallery of images from Greg Homolka Photography can be viewed below. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Jack White Successfully Plays First Record In Outer Space [Video]

first_img[H/T CoS] Jack White dropped the news about a week ago that he was planning to play the first vinyl record in space, and today he reveals that the mission was successfully completed (on July 2nd). The musically-inspired businessman, who also created the quickest performing-to-vinyl pressing booth ever, sent a gold-plated 12-inch master of Carl Sagan‘s “A Glorious Dawn” into outer space using a “space-proof” turntable that was attached to a high-altitude balloon. Yes, a turntable-carrying balloon.“The Icarus Craft” was a collaborative design between former NASA member Kevin Carrico and SATINS (Students and Teachers in Near Space), and uses a “sturdy phono cartridge and stylus as well as an onboard flight computer programmed with a few different actions to keep the record playing while it was safe to do so.” According to White’s Third Man Records, the craft rose 94,413 feet above earth in less than 90 minutes, and the record was still spinning after its landing back on Earth.White released a statement, saying: “Our main goal from inception to completion of this project was to inject imagination and inspiration into the daily discourse of music and vinyl lovers. Combining our creative impulses with those of discovery and science is our passion, and even on the scale that we are working with here, it was exhilarating to decide to do something that hasn’t been done before and to work towards its completion. And, it brings us great fulfillment to pay tribute to the incredible scientist and dreamer that Carl Sagan was. We hope that in meeting our goal we inspire others to dream big and start their own missions, whatever they may be.“Carl Sagan’s A Glorious Dawn was released on vinyl through Third Man Records in 2009, and includes an engraving of the diagram found on the Voyager Golden Record that Sagan worked on. White chose to spin this piece in honor of the scientists 75th birthday.TMR has shared a documentary on the mission, as well as a full replay of its voyage. Check it out!last_img read more

Checking In With Tweed From The Great North Festival [An Interview]

first_imgTweed’s Electric Donuts Tour landed in Great North: Music & Arts Festival, held from September 9 -11 in Minot, Maine this past weekend. The electrifying Philadelphia based jamtronica band has been showing the whole country the sort of transformative funk they bring to turn any venue into a psychedelic paradise. Playing alongside bands like The Disco Biscuits, G-Nome Project, and The Indobox at this year’s Great North Festival, it’s arduous to not be impressed by one of the hottest up-and-coming bands on the scene.The jamtronica powerhouse has been altering minds one high-strung, rhythmic show at a time, while inviting the masses along for the mind-winding ride as the band has already surpassed well over 100 shows in 2016. Tweed seems to be on a cohesive mission that inspires rage induced dance parties and searches through the expansive ocean of your psychedelic mind.Since the beginning of this tour, the band has gained recognition for their tremendous amount work and welcomed sit-ins on their sets from musicians like Jason Hann of String Cheese Incident and EOTO at Astral Observatory Festival in Astral Valley, Missouri.Whether it’s waiting for exhilirating emphatic licks out of AJ DiBiase’s guitar, witnessing their psyche become a shifting paradigm with knob-turning exploration on the keys from Jon Tomczak, dancing in the deep heart bass grinds of Dan McDonald, or following the high-energy rhythm train of Joe Vela’s drum kit, the crowds keep grooving and they keep coming back for more, spreading the word around town that Tweed is here and it’s time to party.Filling the 4:30 P.M. slot on Saturday at Great North Festival, the band was met with an ominous sky that began to bring down an aquatic drizzle of rain that was quickly crushed in intensity by Tweed.  Fittingly, the band transitioned from “RL WRLD” into “Big Sky”, which appeared to rein in the falling sky back to the clouds just after opening up the set.It’s an amazing thing to see what a band of self-described “best friends” can do when armed with instruments that are as dangerous as burning fire in skillful hands. Just after their set, I was able to sit down with Tweed and admiring fans at the rear end of their touring van, “The Valiant Stallion,” and got to know a little bit more about these electric funk-masters in what came to be an enlightening interview. Enjoy!Live For Live Music: Hey guys, thanks for sitting down for an interview. So, how’d you all feel all about your set?AJ DiBiase: It was really awesome to be able to play here again at Great North and we found ourselves really get into some deep jams.L4LM: That’s awesome to hear. What’s it like being able to come back and play Great North for the second straight year in a row?Joe Vela: This is actually a different location and we have a really beautiful 360-view of the skyline. We’re here with a lot of bands we’re friends with like G-Nome Project, The Mushroom Cloud, Teddy Midnight, Manifested, and Chachuba, who I got to sit in with for their entire set…so yes, it’s a lot of fun.L4LM: How has the band responded to such an intensive tour full of shows spreading across the U.S night after night?Joe: It’s the never-ending Tweed tour 2016!Dan McDonald: This run has definitely built up to this (Great North Festival). We were at Astral Observatory Festival last weekend in St. Louis, and we had a really great time over there. We pretty much did a slingshot across the country from Missouri to Maine in a week.Joe: It’s tough, but you can’t take yourself too seriously as a musician. You’ve got to know when to kick back and go with the flow, and this tour can be demanding of the ability to do so.AJ: This has been a very demanding schedule and we’ve made long treks between almost every show. I’d say every show on the tour leading up to this music festival has been a success.Joe: We’re hitting a lot of cities that we’re going through for the second and third time this year and we’re starting to build up each of those: Chicago, St. Louis, Kalamazoo, Rochester, Buffalo… So we’re getting a lot of repeat customers in different places across the country.Jon Tomczak: It’s been super exhausting, but I think I speak for everybody when I say there’s nothing else we’d rather be doing. We’re on a MISSION and quite honestly it’s totally worth it to push our limits. We may be tired if we’re pushing it every single day, but that doesn’t mean we’re tired of it.L4LM: You mentioned a mission. What is that MISSION for Tweed?AJ: We’re HUNGRY. We want to play music for as many people as we can everyday. Music in general is just such a great thing to spread and is a positive energy. I think it’s a good thing to spread to more and more people. We have a lot of fun doing it and it seems like people have a lot of fun hanging out with us.Dan: It’s also a personal mission of being a musician and wanting to get better playing with people. That’s what we were all doing in the first place when music developed into a love and a passion and now we’re pursuing it as a career.L4LM: What’s it like having friends and fellow musicians like Jason Hann of String Cheese Incident sit in with you at your shows?Jon: That was pretty surreal and reaffirming to sit down and play with guys who are amazing musicians and becoming peers to us now.Joe: Of all the musicians that we meet, I often find that the ones who are most successful are ones who are extremely humble and down to Earth. That really resonates with me–stay humble, those are the type of people that everyone wants to work with.L4LM: In the jam music scene particularly, bands pride themselves in offering a unique and different show each and every night they’re performing for their fans. What sort of preparation goes into putting a Tweed set list together?AJ: I spend a good amount of time crafting our set lists, I’ll look at what we played the last time we were in the area and I think that being able to play a different set every night makes for a formula to keep things interesting.Joe: And importantly, it keeps it interesting for us.L4LM: What kind of improvisation techniques do you guys use while playing a show?Dan: Our personalities come through on stage in how we move. When I’m watching these guys, I’m always listening to their musical cues. When you play with someone for so long, you can pick up on the most subtle body language. It’s like we’re having a conversation, it’s just that fluid now.Joe: One specific cue we have is when you want to extend the jam, you just rub your nipple. Milk it! Whoever is feeling it, stretch it out.AJ: The improv spectrum is just about getting comfortable in the pocket together and we’ve worked up a pretty good chemistry over the years. I think we’re playing a lot more consistently now.L4LM: When did you all realize that Tweed was able to do this for real, full-time, and when did you jump into the circuit and do such intense tours?AJ: We’ve been going full steam since January and had to kind of take a leap of faith. Music is our life now and it’s a beautiful thing.Jon: I feel like we really found ourselves once Dan showed up and we all put a little bit more time into it, sat down, and made it a point to really dive into the music.Joe: It’s also not just playing, we spend a lot of time forming our sound. It’s ever constantly changing, but like, ‘what is the vibe we want to have?’ Us four can jam up there, but I don’t think it would be the same as playing with intention.L4LM: According to Wikipedia, Tweed is a rough, woven fabric, or a soft, open, flexible texture that’s closely woven together… How would you then describe the band, Tweed?Jon: We don’t have a great true story for why we chose the name Tweed, it just rolls off your tongue, but we have several stories that we’ve concocted over the years. We embrace the idea of being interwoven in all different fabrics and textures in one cohesive piece.AJ: There’s a couple choice words from that description, the fact of Tweed being interwoven, you think of the composition and fabric of Tweed, that we basically have come together as one throughout a course of our time playing together.L4LM: We all have goals in life and each band has their own goal every time they step on a stage. What’s that goal for Tweed?Joe: For me, it’s simple: make people dance. I also want to sell out MSG.Jon: I always tell people who see us that I hope that’s the best show you’ve ever seen from us and the worst show you’ll ever see again. We’re trying raise the bar and get better as a group every show and have fun doing it.L4LM: Your first studio album drops at the end of this month on September 30, what should we expect from The Chunky Life?AJ: We’re excited for The Chunky Life EP. We’ve been living the chunky life a while and this album has been a long time coming. We’ve got some nice ear candy that we’re very happy with and excited to finally get out there.Joe: We recorded at Brooksound Studios with our good friend, Jeff Mahajan. I think people who have seen us live will be really pleased with this album and these songs have been live tested this whole year. We’re already working on some new music for another album because it’s necessary to keep putting out music and to keep it up.L4LM: What should we expect from Tweed as we get closer to the end of the year and start transitioning into 2017?Joe: I would like to go on tour out West like California, Portland, and/or Seattle. It’s hard doing those because you got to be on the road for four or five weeks to make it worth touring all the way out there and back. There are a lot of festivals on our hit list for 2017 that we didn’t get to do this year so we’re going to start hollering at them soon. Email us now if you want to book us.Jon: There’s always room to expand, a new scene to check out, a new group of people to share our art with, all types of artists to meet, all while perpetuating something real and keeping it original.Dan: We’ve been hitting the road, but when we’re at home we’re practicing for performances so as soon as January hits we’re going to fine tune some new songs that we want to integrate into our shows and new album.L4LM: We wanted to end this interview with keeping it an open forum, is there anything last to add that you think we should know about Tweed before we wrap it up?Joe: We’re all very easily reachable and if you want to say ‘hi, come to my city,’ just let us know and we’ll make it happen. We also love fans who can cook!On September 30, Tweed releases their first ever studio album that includes some of my favorite tracks “RL WRLD” and “Big Sky” and will bring it home to Philadelphia for their album release party at Underground Arts on October 1 and another album release party in New York on October 13 at American Beauty.Watch out for upcoming tour dates near you, as the ever growing schedule, announcements and more can be found on the band’s website.Upcoming Electric Donuts Tour DatesSep 14  The Metropolitan – Annapolis, MDSep 15  Pink Moon Festival – Rock Camp, WV w/ The Mantras, McLovins, EarphorikSep 16  Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA w/ Native MazeSep 17  BRYAC – Bridgeport, CTSep 18  The Vigil for Ecology & Peace (Central Park Bandshell) –  New York, NYSep 24  Autumn Equinox Gathering – Rockin Ranch, NJOct 7  The One Stop at AMH – Asheville, NCOct 1  Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PAOct 13  American Beauty – New York, NYOct 14  Carpe Noctum 3 – Lehighton, PAOct 15  Luna Light Festival – Darlington, MD w/ Tipper, Electron, The New Deal, Dopapod, moreNov 23  The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD w/ Bunk Buddha[All photos courtesy of Caitlin Eddolls]last_img read more

STS9 Covers “What Is Love”, Weaves In “Modular” Jams In Austin Opener [Setlist/Video]

first_imgLast night, STS9 made their way to ACL Live at The Moody Theater for their first of two shows this weekend in Austin, TX with their new head lighting designer Tiberius Benson. While fans were disappointed at last week’s news that former lighting designer Saxton Waller was leaving the band, Benson stepped up big in Austin, as both the musicians and the production crew fired on all cylinders for a fantastic Friday night show.Beginning and ending with a “Modular” intro/outro, set one featured skilled playing and several seamless segues including a fantastic “The Paint” -> “Monkey Music” -> “ReEmergence” -> “Monkey Music” segment and an excellent “Shock Doctrine” that flowed into the set’s “Modular” outro.The second set say the band continue to bring their A-game, as they executed a fiery “Get Loud” -> “Light Years” -> “Wika Chikana” segment, a “2012” with yet another “Modular” jam, and a set-closing cover of dance club favorite “What Is Love” by Deee Lite.You can watch footage of Tiberius’s lighting work and the “Modular” jam in “2012” courtesy of Heady Flair:STS9 returns to ACL Live at The Moody Theater tonight for the second half of their Austin run.Setlist: STS9 | ACL Live at The Moody Theater | Austin, TX | 1/27/17 (courtesy of Seth Jacobs)Set 1: Modular intro>> Oil & Water, Orbital, Sun Moon and Stars, The Paint>> Monkey Music>> ReEmergence>> Monkey Music, Shock Doctrine>> Modular outroSet 2: You Don’t Say, Get Loud*>> Light Years>> Wika Chikana, 2012^, When the Dust Settles Reprise%>> Ramone & Emiglio, What is LoveEncore: Squares & Cubes* Inspire Strikes Back tease^ Modular jam% Moonsocket teaselast_img read more

BADBADNOTGOOD Bring Their Jazz-Hip-Hop Fusion To NPR’s Tiny Desk [Full Video]

first_imgThis week, as part of their ongoing Tiny Desk concert series, NPR shared the footage from their Tiny Desk Session with BADBADNOTGOOD. The Canadian four-piece made a name for itself by reworking songs from the likes of Nas and ODB, eventually catching the attention of Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator. The masses took notice in 2015 when the group produced an entire LP for Ghostface Killah, Sour Soul. BADBADNOTGOOD has been called a hip-hop ensemble, but its roots are undoubtedly in jazz, providing them a gateway to countless different genres and styles. On their 2016 album IV, the group allowed that gateway to widen, adding soul and funk to the repertoire to incredible effect.Still only in their 20s, the band’s members never seemed intimidated by the intimate nature of the Tiny Desk set–If anything, it accentuated their enthusiasm. They played three selections from IV — including “Cashmere,” which more or less stayed inside the lines of the studio version, and “In Your Eyes,” which featured Charlotte Day Wilson‘s vocals. The tight arrangement allowed Wilson to hover gently above the instrumentation, showing off the band’s most promising work to date. You can watch the full set below:[h/t – npr]last_img read more

STS9, TAUK, and SunSquabi Lift Off At Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas [Photos]

first_imgSTS9 came to Sin City this past weekend for a highly anticipated two-night run at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV. With TAUK and SunSquabi on as support, it was all brights lights, big city on the Vegas strip for an incredible weekend of music. Check out a full picture gallery of both nights courtesy of Erik Kabik Photography & Paul Citone Photography and video below via Heady Flair:STS9 | Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV | 3/31/17 SetlistSet I: Mobsters, F Word, Light Years>>, Wika Chikana, 20-12, Ad Explorata> Shock Doctrine, TotemSet II: Get Loud, Instantly>>Nautilus>>Instantly, Sun, Moon and Stars, Gobnugget>>Surreality>>Eb, The RabbleE: Music, UsSTS9 | Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV | 4/1/17Set I: To The World, Frequencies 2 >*Out Of This World >>Frequencies 3, Really Wut, Looking Back On Earth, Hubble **, MarchSet II: Bigs, Worry No More, Moonsocket *** >4 Year Puma >Moonsocket >> 4 Year Puma >>Moonsocket*^, Hi-Key, Oil & Water > Zach****, Grow >>Call Jam >>Grow *^*, SchemeE: SatoriShow Notes:*Rent tease** We’re Sharing audio sample*** Insane intro and an incredible standout version*^ Inspire teases**** Are you guys having as much fun as we are?*^* Incredible Grow Call mashup with a really incredible drum jam by Jeffree and Zach.[setlist courtesy of The Church of STS9] Photo: Paul Citone Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Phish And Their Crew Rented Out An Arena In Wisconsin For The Week For Tour Rehearsals

first_imgWhile Phish has made a habit out of playing incredible shows in Wisconsin over the years, the band’s unusually truncated 2017 summer tour will not hit the midwest state this year. However, ahead of their tour-opening three-night run at Chicago’s Northerly Island this weekend, the band is using Milwaukee’s BMO Harris Bradley Center for a week of production and musical rehearsals.As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today, “Lighting, sound and stage crews arrived Saturday at the BMO Harris Bradley Center for a week of rehearsals in advance of a short summer tour. The band’s unusual visit to Milwaukee came to light in a Reddit thread over the weekend, and was eventually confirmed by a truck driver taking a break among a half dozen semis parked outside the Bradley Center…The musicians, including singer and guitarist Trey Anastasio, are expected later this week. However, no public performances are scheduled.”Bradley Center president and CEO Steve Costello had said in an interview that a major touring act had rented out the arena for the week, but he wasn’t authorized to identify the band. “This is about us being a good partner in the business that we’re in,” he said. “It was the right time and it was the right place for them,” as it gives them the space for their pre-run tune-up relatively close to their first scheduled dates in Chicago.Costello also explains that it is quite unusual for a band to come to town for rehearsals but not actually schedule a performance there. “You can be sure that it was the first thing that we asked when they approached us,” Costello said of a potential Milwaukee performance. That request, as we know, did not come to fruition. With Phish’s usual Wisconsin stop at Alpine Valley Music Theatre, where they’ve played 17 times over the years, closed this year for renovations, most fans expected that the band would not return to the state this year. However, while Wisconsin fans may be frustrated by their “Phish tease,” they surely also agree with fans everywhere that large-scale official rehearsals like this bode very well for the upcoming shows. Of course, rehearsals before a tour are nothing all that surprising, but with the uncharted and uncertain terrain of Phish’s upcoming summer “tour” (comprised predominantly of 13 straight shows in a single room), it’s exciting to hear that the band is hard at work making sure these shows live up to their considerable hype. We couldn’t be more excited. Bring on summer tour!You can watch fan-shot video of Phish’s last performance in Wisconsin (8/9/15 at Alpine Valley) below, courtesy of Bill Walton’s Right Hand Man:Set One:Set Two:[via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel][Cover photo (Trey) via Chad Anderson and (Trucks) via James B. Nelson/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]If you’re heading to New York for Phish’s 13-night Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden, don’t miss all the incredible late night shows going on in the City during the run! Check out Our Official Guide To Baker’s Dozen Late-Nights  for all the info.Live For Live Music Phish Baker’s Dozen Run Late-Night ShowsJuly 21 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 21 – The Motet @ BB King Blues Club (tix)July 20, 21, & 22 – Twiddle @ Irving Plaza (tix) *July 22 – The Werks @ American Beauty (tix)July 22 – Circles Around The Sun @ Gramercy Theatre (SOLD OUT)July 23 – Circles Around The Sun (early brunch show) @ Brooklyn Bowl (tix)July 25 – Turkuaz at Irving Plaza (tix) *July 28 – Dopapod @ Gramercy Theater (tix) *July 28 – James Brown Dance Party  – 2 Shows @ Highline Ballroom (early tix/late tix) *July 29 – Dopapod @ Highline Ballroom (tix) *July 29 – Perpetual Groove @ BB King Blues Club (tix)Aug 2 – Matisyahu @ The Cutting Room (tix) *Aug 3 – Greensky Bluegrass w/ Marco Benevento @ Ford Amphitheatre At Coney Island Boardwalk (tix) **Aug 4 –  “Kraz & Taz” – Eric Krasno Band w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band @ The Cutting Room (tix)Aug 5 –  Spafford @ BB King Blues Club (tix)* (L4LM & CEG Presents)**(L4LM & Live Nation Presents)last_img read more

Radiohead Announces 2018 S. America Tour, Will Not Attend Rock Hall Of Fame Induction

first_imgRadiohead just announced a rare tour in Latin America, marking their first return since 2009. The English rock band will perform six dates, kicking off in Santiago, Chile on April 11, with stops in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, Brazil, and Bogotá, Colombia through the end of the month. All of the shows beyond the opener will be part of a traveling festival, called Soundhearts. The opening Chile show is part of the SUE Festival, where Radiohead will play alongside Flying Lotus and Junun, guitarist Jonny Greenwood‘s side-project.Of these new dates, on April 14th, the band will be performing in Buenos Aires, which also happens to be the same day as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland, Ohio. Earlier this fall, Radiohead was nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame, marking the band’s first year of eligibility. A band representative confirmed that “they’re not attending” the ceremony to Consequence of Sound.However, this move is not all that unexpected. Both Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brien have gone on the record that they’re uninterested in the award. In an interview with Rolling Stone this year, when asked about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jonny Greenwood noted, “I don’t care,” causing Ed O’Brien to add, “I don’t want to be rude about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because for a lot of people it means something, but culturally I don’t understand it. I think it might be a quintessential American thing.”For the most part, members of Radiohead will use 2018 to focus on their individual projects and only play a number of select shows together. Beyond the six dates in South America, there are currently no other Radiohead shows on the band’s calendar. Check out all pre-sale and on-sale information on W.A.S.T.E.’s website.Radiohead 2018 Tour Dates:04/11 – Santiago, CL @ Estadio Nacional (SUE Festival)04/14 – Buenos Aires, AR @ Tecnopolis (Soundhearts Festival)04/17 – Lima, PR @ Estadio Nacional (Soundhearts Festival)04/20 – Rio de Janerio, BR @ Parque Olimpico (Soundhearts Festival)04/22 – São Paulo, BR @ Allianz Parque (Soundhearts Festival)04/25 – Bogota, CO @ Parque 222 (Soundhearts Festival)last_img read more

SummerStage NYC Announces Initial 2018 Lineup

first_imgToday, New York City’s City Parks Foundation has announced the initial performers for the 2018 season of SummerStage—an outdoor performing arts festival that brings over 100 live shows to Central Park and more than a dozen other neighborhood parks across the five boroughs. This year, SummerStage has curated a lineup featuring over 200 artists, spanning genres as diverse as rock, indie, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, R&B, salsa, opera, contemporary dance, spoken word, and more.While the five-month festival has announced its performers with confirmed dates, in a press release, SummerStage festival noted that it will host a number of ticketed benefit shows in Central Park in support of the City Parks Foundation’s free programs. Thus far, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, Mac DeMarco, Trombone Shorty, Dispatch, Jason Mraz and Brett Dennen, O.A.R., have been confirmed with many other artists to be announced in coming weeks.The free SummerStage in Central Park series will kick off on Saturday, June 2nd, with jazz legend Gregory Porter and rising star Victory Boyd. The park will also host performances by 2017 MacArthur Genius, Carolina Chocolate Drops co-founder Rhiannon Giddens, iconic hip-hop group Jungle Brothers, famed dancehall artist Sister Nancy, Canadian indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene, electronic standout ToKiMONSTA and MC Kero One, and many others.However, outside of Central Park, City Parks Foundation will continue to spread the joys of music, with a veritable eclectic and exciting lineup at parks around the city. Brooklyn rappers Talib Kweli, Big Daddy Kane, and Young M.A. will perform a hometown shows in Brownsville’s Betsy Head Park on June 30th and the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island on June 20th and July 29th, respectively. These performances come in addition to a number of concerts falling across a full range of genres.Additionally, the City Parks Foundation has paired the SummerStage announcement with the confirmation of the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, which is entering its 26th year. As a tribute to the late and legendary saxophonist, the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival will offer three days of live jazz in the Manhattan parks nearby Parker’s home—including Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park as well as Tompkins Square Park. Across August 24th through 26th, the festival will host Monty Alexander, Buster Williams, Jack DeJohnette, Catherine Russell, and many more.Head over to the SummerStage website for more information and a look at the extensive and full upcoming event calendar.last_img read more

PHOTOS: 420 On The Block In Denver

first_imgLoad remaining images Over the weekend of April 20, celebrated as “4/20” in the marijuana culture, Denver’s Fox Street Compound hosted 420 On The Block, “The Mile High Block Party”. The three-day 4/20 music festival saw headlining performances from Break Science Live Band (featuring Borahm Lee, Adam Deitch, and Lettuce’s Adam Smirnoff, Jesus Coomes, and the Shady Horns), Action Bronson, and Matisyahu, as well as art galleries, live muralists, and a 420 Bazaar featuring over 75+ vendors.The complete lineup featured sets from the Pretty Lights Movement presents Michal Menert, Supervision, Chris Karns, Karl Denson’s Tiny Univers Presents: Eat A Bunch Of Peaches, and Mikey Thunder on Friday.Saturday saw sets from Washed Out, Evidence, Kitchen Dwellers, Tnertle, The Sweet Lillies, and Orka Odyssey, while Sunday was completed with sets from Protoje, RDGLGRN, Nattalie Rize, The Reminders, Wake Up And Live, and Jyemo Club.Photographer Andrew Rios was on the scene to capture the glory of Saturday (and some of Friday)’s shenanigans, as you can see in the photo gallery below.420 On The Block | Denver, CO | 2018last_img read more