British Tourist Denounces Harmful Black Henna Tattoo in Morocco

Rabat – A British tourist and her children have suffered the harmful effects of black henna tattoos they got in Agadir.When Toni Feeney and her two boys got black henna tattoos, things did not go as planned. The ephemeral tattoos gave the boys severe arm burns. To warn others about the dangers of these tattoos, Toni shared several pictures of the burns on her Facebook page.“This is what black henna can do to your skin! We let our children have them on holiday not thinking for a second it would be dangerous,” wrote the mother. She went on, “The hospital have said that the chemicals/dyes in black henna are too strong.” Feen said her children now have chemical burns and are on antibiotics and antihistamines “in the hope that they don’t get infection or get poorly. If you are offered it say NO”Speaking after the incident with British outlet The Sun, the mom of two said: “I’m gutted! Wouldn’t have gone near it if I’d have known. I just presumed it was harmless. Feel so bad, didn’t even know black henna was dangerous. There were loads of people offering it too. It makes me so mad how many people are doing it over there. The docs have said not to put anything on them, once it’s started to heal I’ll try something, maybe bio oil.”Many cases of serious allergic reactions have been reported following black henna tattoos. The allergy usually results in eczema-type reactions occurring within 48 to 72 hours, or even as late as 7 to 15 days after tattooing. Henna can cause inflammatory reactions and leave permanent scars. The reaction can permanently mark the skin with scars or pigmentation disorders.The reactions are mainly due to paraphenylenediamine or phenylenediamine (PPD), an illicit substance added to natural brown henna to obtain a black tattoo.

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