A black Friday for BlackBerry

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 There was brutal news out of BlackBerry Friday. Despite denying a big round of job cuts earlier this week as announced by the Wall Street Journal, the axe fell on 4,500 employees worldwide Friday. Making things worse, the company expects to lose almost $1 billion in the second quarter alone. As the Waterloo based smart phone maker rose to become a global leader the city became synonymous with its success. But what about now?Kelda Yuen has this report.Chris Plunkett is the Director of Media Relations: “There had certainly been rumours and everybody had read about them, but at the same time it was still difficult to hear.”Yannish Jutton is an Apps Designer for Communitech: “It wasn’t very surprising for many people. I’m one of those.”It’s a black Friday for BlackBerry. The once undisputed leader of the smartphone market announcing it will be slashing about 35% of it’s workforce.Yannish: “I have many friends that have worked for Blackberry, and that still work for Blackberry So in that sense it’s a little bit of a surprise and a little bit of disappointment as well.”The Mayor of Waterloo released a statement Friday evening saying she still believes in BlackBerry. She states: “We continue to have confidence in the strength and potential of the numerous Waterloo-based technology companies, including BlackBerry. Waterloo has a strong and growing start-up culture. Organizations such as Communitech’s Tech Jobs Connex, will assist them as they transition within our community.”Communitech is a non profit business organization in that houses many of the regions start-ups.Plunkett: “I think there is a community here that can help them find jobs. In fact, Communitech has a tech jobs Connex program that has helped other Blackberry employees find jobs in the region in the tech sector.”But while those who lost jobs in Waterloo might not need to worry, it’s still disappointing. After hope that the new BlackBerry z10 would help revive the company.Yannish: “There was a glimmer of hope there but overall I think it just was not enough.”And perhaps too little too late.Yannish: “There are now so many other options out there that offer much cheaper phones that are just as powerful or have more functionality.”But despite blackberry’s toubles, there is still optmism that waterloo will retain its reputation as a tech giant.Plunkett: “Blackberry may have been the biggest tree but there are many more trees, there are a thousand tech companies employing 30,000 people or more starting everyday.”There was massive growth in start ups over past few years, 500 last year, same this year with 120 start ups. They’re helping Waterloo grow and succeed. Companies like BlackBerry and Google is working out of Connex, along with Canadian Tire.

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