Nintendo admits Wii U footage was from PS3360 games

first_imgYesterday Nintendo unveiled the Wii U, a rather unexpected tablet/peripheral/gaming device that not even they have managed to explain properly yet. Behind it sat what we believe is the Wii 2 console that hasn’t been talked about much, but forms the core of the gaming horsepower the Wii U controller interfaces with.All eyes were focused on the display behind whoever was speaking during the Nintendo presentation, though, and it did show off some impressive graphics on a par with the Xbox 360 and PS3 as part of a sizzle reel. There was a good reason for that, however, as Reggie admitted in an interview following the show.Nintendo actually used footage from PS3 and Xbox 360 games. And to be perfectly honest, what choice did they have? They are showing off a new machine that isn’t ready for public viewing, but will compete with the best that Sony and Microsoft has to offer. The footage from those other consoles was all they could present without spending time paying someone to create what a Wii U game would look like.Today Nintendo is expected to go into detail about connectivity and online, so all talk of hardware and games may have to wait now until closer to the launch. We are sure to see a few more 3rd party teasers before the week is over, though.Read more at GamesIndustry.bizMatthew’s OpinionI have to admit the Wii U has me a bit concerned and caught me by surprise yesterday. I was expecting a return to a more traditional system with the Wii 2. Instead we get another “innovative” controller that is unproven but could sell millions of units again.My one concern is that this system doesn’t come close to the 360 and PS3 in terms of horsepower. All Reggie would admit when asked how it did perform compared to those systems is that Wii U was a 1080p device and it’s up to developers to get the best out of it. We covered some of the specs of the machine yesterday, and it is certainly a much more powerful device than the Wii, but how much more?For me, the jury is still out on whether Wii U is a misstep for Nintendo. I hope it isn’t, and I’m glad we are losing the motion-controller as a primary means of input.last_img

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