Apple admits leaving EPEAT was a mistake

first_imgA few days ago it came to light that Apple had withdrawn all its products from the EPEAT environmental ratings. Displaying the EPEAT rating on an electronics product guarantees it has passed a number of criteria that makes it recycle-friendly.By no longer using EPEAT, Apple was sending out a signal that design came above environmentally friendliness, and upset a lot of its customer base in the process. The reaction to that decision must have been pretty strong as Apple has now changed its mind and put all its eligible products back on EPEAT.A letter written by Bob Mansfield, senior vice president of hardware engineering, has gone up on the Apple website. In the letter he admits leaving EPEAT was a mistake and reaffirms the company’s commitment to the environment.Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Mansfield also points out Apple already makes the most energy-efficient computers on the market, have minimized their use of harmful chemicals, and exceed the Energy Star 5.2 rating.What this really shows is how much Apple values customer feedback even if it is one of the richest companies in the world now. If there’s something about Apple products you don’t like, be sure to let them know as they might just do something about it.What this decision doesn’t explain is how products like the MacBook Pro Retina Display will perform in future EPEAT testing. The amount of adhesive used to hold components in place, and the way the display is constructed, don’t exactly make it an easy product for recyclers to handle.Read more at Applelast_img

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