Mozillas Everythingme tieup will give Firefox OS a boost

first_imgMozilla has just announced that it’s investing in, and the move has everything to do with the Foundation’s desire to push the Web as the platform of the future. launched last year, offering up a slick iOS app that helps users discover web apps that can meet their mobile computing needs. In their own words, “allows you to keep your phone clean while giving you better choice of cool apps.” So where does Firefox OS fit in?Very soon now, folks in Brazil will be able to purchase the first smartphones on the market to run Firefox OS. No longer will we be limited to seeing how Mozilla’s mobile OS runs when flashed onto an Android phone or launched inside the Firefox browser. And as those low-cost smartphones make their way into the wild, the incessant sound of users and critics asking “where are all the apps?” will need to be addressed.Mozilla has already opened the doors of the Firefox Store — where users will be able to find an assortment of apps and games that will run offline. The big picture, of course, is that the apps are everywhere. Firefox OS is all about the web, and anywhere you find an app on the internet that’s been built with standards-based code you’ll find an app that runs on Firefox OS. Even though there are thousands of apps like Google Places, UrbanSpoon, and Yelp on the web, discovering them isn’t always an easy task.Integration with will ensure that Firefox OS users can find apps that let them purchase tickets to concerts, make dinner reservations, and do all the other wonderful things we’ve grown accustomed to doing with the native apps on our smartphones. To quote Mozilla, “ will play an important role in creating a compelling content experience on Firefox OS.”And you can’t rule out the possibility of a future tie-in with Firefox on other platforms. would make an excellent addition to the Firefox new tab page, and it’s already clear that the Foundation wants to make Firefox more social and integrate new content discovery features. Once Firefox OS has gotten off the ground, look for Mozilla to extend Everything’s reach to the rest of its millions of users.More at Mozillalast_img

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