Starbucks introduces 1 reusable cup that pays for itself

first_imgStarbucks’ cups are easy to recycle, but you have to choose to dispose of them in such a way as they don’t just become trash. When you consider there’s over 20,000 Starbucks locations around the world, you can see how those used cups soon add up to a lot of waste.To combat this production of waste and the growing concerns over it, Starbucks has decided to introduce a cheap reusable cup in the US and Canada. The plastic cup looks very similar to the disposable ones we’re all used to, except it costs $1 to purchase. That would put a lot of coffee drinkers off buying it, but Starbucks has added an incentive that may see them fly off the shelves.While the reusable cup may cost a dollar, every time you use it Starbucks knocks a dime off the price of your coffee. So after 10 uses the cup has paid for itself and you can continue to save money on the cost of your coffees after that. As the cup is made of plastic, it’s unlikely to fall apart anytime soon.Starbucks says testing the new cups in 600 stores last year saw reuse increase by 26 percent. And if the money saving aspect of the cup isn’t enough to win you over, Starbucks also promises to rinse each cup with boiling water when you get a refill–so you don’t even need to worry about keeping it clean.If you like your coffees big (any Trenta drinkers out there?) then the reusable cup probably isn’t for you–it holds either a tall or grande measure. But if you do decide to purchase one, the biggest problem you’ll probably face is remembering to take it with you.via Pressconnectslast_img

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