Nintendos MiiVerse now web accessible can share screenshots

first_imgNintendo’s latest console hasn’t experienced the most successful launch ever, but those that use the Wii U continue to enjoy it. As a result, Nintendo has expanded the MiiVerse social network to the web, and they did a great job.MiiVerse was designed to be a place where Wii U users could come together and talk about all things related to the new console. Each game and product has its own community where you can go and chat with other people doing the same thing you are doing. If you’re watching something on Nintendo TVii, or playing the latest game, you have instant access to a group of people doing the same thing you are doing on the same console you are using. It’s a great idea, and has worked pretty well for Nintendo so far. To increase adoption and make for better conversations, Nintendo has expanded the service to include posting from the web, and in doing so created a MiiVerse website that runs well on computers and mobile browsers alike.Point any browser to and you’ll be able to login and participate in nearly the same way you would from the console itself. There are a few things that you lose by posting this way, like the ability to hand draw notes that you can draw on the GamePad. What you do gain is the ability to pull screenshots that you have posted to MiiVerse and share them with other social networks. Granted, it means sharing to MiiVerse and then downloading from the website only to upload it again somewhere else, but the ability exists all the same.This isn’t a feature that is going to change the fate of the Wii U by any stretch, but it’s a great addition for those who made the leap to the new console and a great way to make sure the conversation keeps going on MiiVerse. Nintendo’s continued feature rollout demonstrates their claims that they think the Wii U will eventually become more popular and eventually compete in the same way their original Wii did in the gaming market.last_img

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