Ouya quickly pulls violent Sixty bucks vomiting video ad

first_imgOne of the main selling points of the Ouya is its price compared to other gaming platforms. The Ouya itself is pretty cheap at $100, but the games are priced on a par with mobile platforms rather than other TV-bound games consoles.Ouya is using this fact to help market the machine, but their latest video advertisement entitled “Sixty bucks for a game?” looks to have gone a bit too far, and apparently Ouya’s official YouTube channel Ouyas pulled it soon after making it live. Of course, a few people grabbed the advert before it disappeared and posted it back up on YouTube.This is cartoon violence, but depending on where you are it may still class as NSFW material. If you’re not sure before watching, read below the video before hitting the play button for a brief description of what happens.As you can see, it isn’t subtle. The guy complains about being ripped off by a game called Medal of Duty that costs $60, then proceeds to vomit a lot. But that’s not enough to ease his pain, so he pulls out his own spinal cord and hits himself over the head until his brain is exposed and he’s just a pile of skin and guts on the floor floating in a pool of vomit. His final word? “Ouya.”The advert was meant to get across how many crappy games cost $60 and the fact Ouya lets you try all games for free before you decide to buy. It’s a nice way of offering games for a console, but I think the ad leaves viewers more focused on what the guy has done to himself rather than the console it is trying to get you to buy. Even so, it is memorable.last_img

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