Surface Pro 2 ups battery life 75 percent adds Haswell performance

first_imgMicrosoft has unveiled the Surface Pro 2 today, and it’s a very worthy successor to what was already a pretty solid device. It’s miles ahead in one key area where the original Surface Pro fell short: battery life.The Surface Pro 2 reportedly lasts 75% longer on a single charge than its predecessor. So while the first-gen Pro could squeeze out somewhere around 5 hours from its battery, the Surface Pro 2 should be closer to 8 (Microsoft says more than 10).It’s also cooler and quieter than the original. If you’re thinking this has something to do with a Haswell upgrade, then you’re exactly right. Just as it has done for other company’s ultrabooks and convertibles, Haswell has done wonders for the Surface Pro 2.Microsoft says that the new chip makes the Surface Pro 2 lightning fast — and up to 95% faster than other PCs on the market. That’s a bold claim, but who knows which machines Microsoft is actually referring to. Still, the on-stage demo of the Surface Pro 2 handling raw 6K video was impressive. You may never need to do that, but it’s good way to demonstrate how powerful the Surface Pro 2 really is.While battery life and processing power are obviously incredibly welcome upgrades, Microsoft has made a number of other tweaks, too. The Surface Pro 2 has a two-stage kickstand now. That means you’re not limited to the 20° angle of the Surface Pro, and that should be welcome news for anyone of above-average height. There have been changes on the other side of the tablet, too.The display is still a 10.6-inch 1080p panel, but Microsoft has improved color accuracy by 50%. If you do plan on working with raw high-def video, color reproduction shouldn’t be an issue.As for when you can purchase one, Microsoft has set launch day as October 22.last_img

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