Get Your Dorm Rockin With These Back To School Dating Apps

first_imgStay on target Heading back to college after a long, hot summer is a great opportunity to kindle a new romance, and modern technology has made hooking up easier than it’s ever been. Your cellular phone can connect you with potential dating partners across a number of different vectors, and before you check in to the dorm, you should load them up and start swiping. Here’s Geek’s rundown on the essential back to school dating apps.TinderThere’s no way to talk about dating apps without starting with Tinder. The iconic “swipe left or right” interaction has reshaped the way we meet people, reducing every potential pairing to a yes or no choice. The app draws from your extended Facebook network to present people you at least have a tenuous link to. If you swipe right on someone and they swipe right on you, you’re allowed to chat each other up and potentially deepen the relationship. Everybody you know is on this, so you probably should be too.HappnThe surveillance state created by our phones constantly pinging GPS location back can be a little scary, but the creators of Happn wanted to make something good out of it. Unlike other dating apps that use virtual social networks to populate your matches, Happn shows you people you were actually in physical proximity to over the course of the last day. Once you both mutual match, things proceed according to the standard formula.BumbleCreated by former Tinder staff, Bumble takes a gender-progressive approach to dating. Only women can initiate conversations on the app, meaning that dudes have to make a very good first impression. If you don’t respond to a message in 24 hours, it’s automatically deleted. The company also was the first to require photo verification – you have to snap a shot in a specific pose to prove that you’re the same person on your profile, cutting down on scammers and creeps.SpreeAll of these apps are designed for today’s short attention span world, but sometimes you can’t get a sense for somebody’s dateability without talking to them. Spree handles that – when you connect with someone, you have a 90-second video chat window to close the deal before it deletes your connection. If both parties are into it after a minute and a half of conversation, dating can proceed. It’s stressful, sure, but also tests your macking might in a new and different way.DownIf you’re just looking for a straight hook-up without all of the emotional commitment, Down might be the app for you. One of a long line of casual canoodling networks, Down was originally known as “Bang With Friends” until somebody realized that might not be so great for attracting VC investment. The app uses the same general approach as Tinder with your extended Facebook network, but lets you choose either “Get Date” or “Get Down” with potential matches to differentiate between soulmates and late night rendezvous.HingeWhile so many of these apps are essentially designed like games, encouraging a constant stream of swiping through profiles, Hinge is a little different. The company wants to encourage existing matches and connections, allowing you to learn more about the people you’re interested in. It also penalizes obsessive swipers, making their profiles get shown less. If you’re tired of the superficiality, Hinge is a great alternative.FriendsyA dating app that’s specifically designed for college students, Friendsy requires users to have an .edu email address to register for the service. It works primarily along the Tinder model, with swiping in either direction to match up, but it adds a bunch of features to let you filter potential partners by class year and even major. In addition, you can offer hints to prospective matches and even give anonymous compliments to hotties.Coffee Meets BagelOne of the most troubling elements of these dating apps is the amount of time they can suck out of your life – Tinder reports that the average user spends over an hour each and every day swiping left or right. Coffee Meets Bagel is a low-stress variant on the concept that sends you a single match every day at noon, drawn from your extended Facebook network. Just one potential date a day is a lot less to worry about.DateMySchoolAnother app that screens out any applicants without a .edu email address, Date My School is designed to hook up current students as well as alumni. It offers some pretty clever features, such as the ability to make your profile invisible to certain departments and individuals in case you’re worried about your faculty advisor accidentally matching with you.PureCollege is a great place to get your sexual ya-yas out, and if you’re just looking for a hook-up, the hot new app is called Pure. It’s one of the most minimalist apps on this list, letting users upload only a single selfie to their profile. If you’re worried about data security, Pure is the app for you – all matches and conversations are deleted from your phone after an hour of inactivity, leaving no trace in case your hookups start to overlap. You’ve got 60 minutes to find a booty call near you, and users report having pretty significant success.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The Most Addictive Mobile Clicker GamesSimple Geek’s Guide to…Streaming Services last_img

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