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first_imgclick to see more pictures By FFWPU TaiwanTrue mothers sets up Jeongsong conditions for the 13 special strategy nations every day, and hopes that the 13 nations should make the plan and budget for the first four months from October 1 to Foundation Day in 2017. This will make Taiwan church more actively invest in many activities of Heavenly Tribal Messiah, creation of the environment and the cultivation of talents, towards the Vision 2020.Through True Parent’s Heavenly Fortune and the united heart of leaders and members, we can successfully hold blessing ceremony in the Pearl community of Yilan Dongshan township on October 8, 2016. Three Japanese Youth Missionaries gave very great performance to make the participants happy. We would like to share some reflections and testimonies as following:The emergence of John the Baptist-type central figure – Mr. Lin Kunhuang chairman of Pearl Community Development Association. He initiates this blessing ceremony. At the beginning of this year, he was deeply touched by joining the first Blessing Ceremony, “Happy Taiwan, Love in Yilan Blessing Ceremony”. In May, after he took part in the inauguration of the new President, he thought he should pay more attention to the country and society. He also was concerned about the high divorce rate in Taiwan. So he thought that we should promote the healthy marriage through the loving couples who have been married for many years. So the Chairman Mr. Lin would like to hold the golden wedding and silver wedding award for more than 50 years married couples. Then, he thought of FFWPU, and immediately went to the Yilan church to discuss with the local church leader how to combine with our blessing ceremony.Pearl community is the sponsor to contribute not only money but also invitation and event planning. FFWPU is cosponsor, responsible for the blessing ceremony and venue layout. Participating couples are invited by the Pearl community, but with the help of God, because of their heavy work, they give us the information of contact list to help to confirm the presence or absence of those registered couples. On October 6, 2016, there was a press conference, it’s heavy downpour until the press conference start and then it becomes sunny, we really feel the blessing from Heaven. After that, the newspapers and the Internet media have reported substantially for this event as well as a good publicity. In addition, Chairman Mr. Lin arranged us to interview some couples to make the filming of the story of their life course. So we can enter the couples’ families, and it helps us to establish the relationship and promote follow-up invitation.Look forward to the follow – up education be able to settle down and multiply. Although only 24 couples who married for more than 40, 50, 60 years attend the wedding ceremony, but local main leaders attend the event such as Chen Oupo legislator’s wife (20 years ago participated in the Samsung township blessing ceremony), LuoDong township mayor’s daughter, Chairperson of Gimshin temple (Now as the accountant director of the former Vice-President Siew Sau Wan-chang) and local County council members. They were impressed. We believe it would continue to expand and settle down next year.In Yilan area, it had held 3 blessing ceremonies on Jan. 3, June 25 and Oct. 8, nearly 400 couples attend. Even though the local church is not sufficient circumstances in manpower and finance. The church leader’s couple and local blessed families still go all out to complete the mission in unity. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for it. I except we can bring greater achievements to Heavenly Parent and True Parent in 2017.last_img

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