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On Tuesday,then you are probably one of those people who are living in a perfect little world of their own and who think that if something doesn?in a public place?which means that the public must actually view the person being insulted Since Kuttapan was not present at the meetingit ruled that it does not amount to an offence On appealthe SC ruled that the acts procedures had not been properly complied with by the sessions judgeand that that was sufficient ground to quash the prosecution Ithoweverdid not rule on the merits of the case Though the Kerala HC decision would not be binding outside of Keralathe facts of the present case are similar to the Nayanar scenariosince Mayawati was not present at the meeting This argument could be made by Joshi in her defence The other important issue in this case is whether Joshi intentionally insulted Mayawati with the intent to humiliate her because she belongs to the Scheduled Castes One argument could be that she was aware that Mayawati belongs to the Scheduled Castesand that together with the context in which she was speaking is sufficient After allthe statement was as regards compensation required to be paid if a woman of a Scheduled Caste or Tribe is raped Her statement spoke of compensating Mayawati which can be understood as compensation under the POA Actby virtue of her belonging to a SC Hence Mayawatis status as a member of a Scheduled Caste could be considered to be central to the statement Joshi howevercan always argue that her intention was not to insult Mayawati by virtue of her belonging to the Scheduled Castebut was merely a criticism of the policy of the government of Uttar Pradesh If one were to interpret the law keeping its spirit and purpose in mindthe conclusion ought to be that the remark amounts to an offence under the POA Act Such an interpretation would signal to society that the norm is that such disparaging statements against a person belonging to an SC/ ST is not acceptable; andfurtherif a person does insult or intimidate such a persons/he is taking a risk of being prosecuted and found guilty under the POA Act This is the principle on which criminal statutes dealing with hate crime are interpreted worldwide Such a purposive interpretation one regularly adopted in India in cases involving narcoticsfood adulteration and terrorism ought to be adopted in cases involving atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Tribes Draw an analogy with how one feels about the present situation in Australiawhere Indian students are being attacked If a white Australian attacks and stabs an Indian student and argues that the attack was not intended for racial reasonswhat interpretation would we want Australian prosecutors and courts to take Would we want Australia to have a policy that any attack on an Indian student would risk prosecution under their hate crime statute or would we want to provide leeway for arguments that the intention did not exist Our objective response to this question ought to determine our views on the application of the POA Act to the Mayawati-Rita Joshi incident The writer heads the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion This article was co-written by Mrinal Satishwho is visiting NLSIU in Bangalore [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMelbourne: A 25-year-old Muslim girl in New Zealand was left embarrassed after she applied for a job at a jewellery shop and was told it was a "waste of time" unless she removed her hijab Mona Alfadli who applied for a job as a sales assistant at Steward Dawsons in Auckland was told by a prospective manager ‘not to bother applying’ because of her headscarf "I felt embarrassed as it took a lot of courage to walk into the shop and speak to the manager regarding a job especially since I was afraid of the rejection" Alfadli said Alfadli who lives in Avondale has been looking for a job after completing her diploma in applied computer system engineering She said her aspirations for her life in New Zealand was to find a "safe" home for herself and her family who settled in the country as refugees from Kuwait in 2008 Representational image AFP "I can do any job I don’t mind but I will keep my hijab I will keep my identity and respect my culture and my religion" Alfadli was quoted as saying ‘The New Zealand Herald’ She said she was told it was a "waste of time" if she would not remove her hijab It was second incident at the jewellery store where in October former Kelston Girls College deputy head Fatima Mohammadi was turned away from an interview at the jewellery chain’s Henderson branch because of her hijab Stewart Dawsons group chief financial officer Kevin Turner said he was "devastated" to learn of the latest incident "The manager in question is new to the company so she hadn’t been with us for very long Having said that she should have known better she was not following company policy We are taking this absolutely seriously it’s not okay and we will be following it up in the appropriate manner" Turner said adding that the company would apologise to Alfadli Last year Muslim-American woman Samantha Elauf successfully sued Abercrombie & Fitch when they refused to hire her because her headscarf apparently violated the company’s ‘look policy’ The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court where justices ruled eight to one in Elauf’s favour By: Reuters | Prague | Published: December 23 2016 8:20 pm Petra Kvitova addressed the media directly for the first time on Friday (Source: Reuters) Top News Twice Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova said on Friday she would do everything she could to return to tennis after suffering a hand injury in a knife attack that will keep her out of the sport for at least six months Kvitova was wounded on Tuesday when she fought off an intruder at her home in the Czech Republic damaging all the fingers on her left playing hand The world number 11 addressed the media directly for the first time on Friday after an operation to repair the tendons in her hand and was determined to get back to playing “I have no choice but to look ahead and not back to see how everything will develop” she told a news conference at which she could be seen smiling and laughing at moments “It does not really matter to me how long it will take (to play again) whether it is three months six months a year or however long But certainly I want to return one day and I will do everything possible to do so” Kvitova said she had been able to move her fingers in a session with doctors on Thursday which she called “the greatest Christmas present” News of the attack on Kvitova this week shocked the tennis world The hard-hitting 26-year-old rose to world number two in 2011 when she won the first of her two Wimbledon singles titles She had been a virtual fixture in the top 10 before slipping somewhat this season However she showed improved form in recent months winning the Wuhan Open title in October and the season-ending WTA Elite trophy in November Media have reported the intruder into her apartment had posed as a boiler inspector to get in Police are still searching for her attacker The attack has been described as a random act with Kvitova not specifically targeted For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: June 2 2017 4:40 pm Ramachandra Guha (Source: PTI Photo) Related News Dear Vinod It has been a privilege working with Diana Vikram and you in the Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators It has been an educative experience spending long hours with three top-flight professionals from whom I have learned a lot in these past few months However it has seemed clear for some time now that my thoughts and views are adjacent to and sometimes at odds with the direction the Committee is taking as a whole That is why I eventually decided to request the Supreme Court to relieve me of the responsibility and submitted my letter of resignation to the Court on the morning of the 1st of June For the record and in the interests of transparency I am here listing the major points of divergence as I see it: 1 The question of conflict of interest which had lain unaddressed ever since the Committee began its work and which I have been repeatedly flagging since I joined For instance the BCCI has accorded preferential treatment to some national coaches by giving them ten month contracts for national duty thus allowing them to work as IPL coaches/mentors for the remaining two months This was done in an adhoc and arbitrary manner; the more famous the former player-turned-coach the more likely was the BCCI to allow him to draft his own contract that left loopholes that he exploited to dodge the conflict of interest issue I have repeatedly pointed out that it is contrary to the spirit of the Lodha Committee for coaches or the support staff of the Indian senior or junior team or for staff at the National Cricket Academy to have contracts in the Indian Premier League One cannot have dual loyalties of this kind and do proper justice to both National duty must take precedence over club affiliation I had first raised this issue to my COA colleagues in an email of 7th February and have raised it several times since I had urged that coaches and support staff for national teams be paid an enhanced compensation but that this conflict of interest be stopped When on the 11th of March I was told that that there was a camp scheduled for young players at the National Cricket Academy but at least one national coach was likely to be away on IPL work and might not attend the camp I wrote to you: No person under contract with an India team or with the NCA should be allowed to moonlight for an IPL team too BCCI in its carelessness (or otherwise) might have drafted coaching/support staff contracts to allow this dual loyalty business but while it might be narrowly legal as per existing contracts it is unethical and antithetical to team spirit leading to much jealousy and heart-burn among the coaching staff as a whole This practice is plainly wrong as well as antithetical to the interests of Indian cricket I would like an explicit and early assurance from the BCCI management that such manifestly inequitous loopholes in coaching/support staff contracts will be plugged forthwith Yet no assurance was given and no action was taken The BCCI management and office-bearers have in the absence of explicit directions from the COA allowed the status quo to continue 2 I have also repeatedly pointed to the anomaly whereby BCCI-contracted commentators simultaneously act as player agents In a mail of 19th March to the COA I wrote: Dear Colleagues Please have a look at this news report: Sunil Gavaskar is head of a company which represents Indian cricketers while commenting on those cricketers as part of the BCCI TV commentary panel This is a clear conflict of interest Either he must step down/withdraw himself from PMG completely or stop being a commentator for BCCI I think prompt and swift action on this matter is both just and necessary COA’s credibility and effectiveness hinges on our being able to take bold and correct decisions on such matters The ‘superstar’ culture that afflicts the BCCI means that the more famous the player (former or present) the more leeway he is allowed in violating norms and procedures (Dhoni was captain of the Indian team while holding a stake in a firm that represented some current India players) This must stop – and only we can stop it Yet despite my warnings no action has been initiated in the several months that the Committee has been in operation As the mail quoted above noted one reasons the conflict of interest issue has lingered unaddressed is that several of the game’s superstars past and present have been guilty of it The BCCI management is too much in awe of these superstars to question their violation of norms and procedures For their part BCCI office-bearers like to enjoy discretionary powers so that the coaches or commentators they favour are indebted to them and do not ever question their own mistakes or malpractices But surely a Supreme Court appointed body should not be intimidated by the past or present achievements of a cricketer and instead seek to strive to be fair and just Conflict of interest is rampant in the State Associations as well One famous former cricketer is contracted by media houses to comment on active players while serving as President of his State Association Others have served as office-bearers in one Association and simultaneously as coaches or managers in another The awarding of business contracts to friends and relatives by office-bearers is reported to be fairly widespread Had we been more proactive in stopping conflict of interest within the BCCI (as per Lodha Committee recommendations endorsed by the Court) this would surely have had a ripple effect downwards putting pressure on State Associations to clean up their act as well 3 Unfortunately this superstar syndrome has also distorted the system of Indian team contracts As you will recall I had pointed out that awarding MS Dhoni an ‘A’ contract when he had explicitly ruled himself out from all Test matches was indefensible on cricketing grounds and sends absolutely the wrong message 4 The way in which the contract of Anil Kumble the current Head Coach of the senior team has been handled The Indian team’s record this past season has been excellent; and even if the players garner the bulk of the credit surely the Head Coach and his support staff also get some In a system based on justice and merit the Head Coach’s term would have been extended Instead Kumble was left hanging and then told the post would be re-advertised afresh Clearly the issue has been handled in an extremely insensitive and unprofessional manner by the BCCI CEO and the BCCI office-bearers with the COA by its silence and inaction unfortunately being complicit in this regard (Recall that the Court Order of 30 January had expressly mandated us to supervise the management of BCCI) In case due process had to be followed since Kumble’s original appointment was only for one year why was this not done during April and May when the IPL was on If indeed the captain and the Head Coach were not getting along why was this not attended to as soon as the Australia series was over in late March Why was it left until the last minute when a major international tournament was imminent and when the uncertainty would undermine the morale and ability to focus of the coach the captain and the team And surely giving senior players the impression that they may have a veto power over the coach is another example of superstar culture gone berserk Such a veto power is not permitted to any other top level professional team in any other sport in any other country Already in a dismaying departure from international norms current Indian players enjoy a veto power on who can be the members of the commentary team If it is to be coaches next then perhaps the selectors and even office-bearers will follow 5 Ever since the Supreme Court announced the formation of the COA we have been inundated individually and collectively by hundreds of mails asking us to address various ills that afflict Indian cricket and its administration While many of these issues were trivial or clearly beyond our purview there was one concern that we should have done far more to address This concerns the callous treatment to domestic cricket and cricketers namely those who represent their state in the Ranji Trophy the Mushtaq Ali Trophy and other inter-state tournaments The IPL may be Indian cricket’s showpiece; but surely the enormous revenues it generates should be used to make our domestic players more financially secure There are many more Indian cricketers who make their living via the Ranji Trophy than via IPL; besides for us to have a consistently strong Test team (especially overseas) we need a robust inter-state competition and therefore must seek to compensate domestic players better And yet shockingly Ranji match fees have remained at a very low level (a mere Rs 30000 odd for each day of play); moreover cheques for match fees sent by the BCCI are sometimes not passed on by the state associations to the players We need to learn from best practices in other countries where domestic players are awarded annual contracts like those in the national team while their match fees are reasonably competitive too Several months ago the experienced cricket administrator Amrit Mathur prepared an excellent note on the need for better and fairer treatment of domestic players Both Diana and I have repeatedly urged action but this has not happened 6 I believe it was a mistake for the COA to have stayed silent and inactive when the Supreme Court judgment was being so flagrantly violated by people clearly disqualified to serve as office bearers of state and even BCCI run cricket bodies These disqualified men were openly attending BCCI meetings claiming to represent their state association and indeed played a leading role in the concerted (if fortunately in the end aborted) attempt to get the Indian team to boycott the Champions Trophy All these illegalities were widely reported in the press; yet the COA did not bring them to the notice of the Court and did not issue clear directions asking the offenders to desist either 7 I believe that the lack of attention to these (and other such issues) is in part due to the absence of a senior and respected male cricketer on our Committee Allow me to quote from a mail I wrote on 1 February 2017 before our first full meeting: Dear fellow members I much look forward to meeting you all later today I know Vikram already and greatly admire both Vinod and Diana for their remarkable work in their chosen fields and am truly honoured to be working with them as well I presume apart from discussing IPL etc with the BCCI representative we will get some time to discuss the way forward separately I have several ideas which I wish to share with you about our collective responsibility and wanted in this mail to flag what is most important of these This is that we must incorporate into our committee of administrators either as a full member or as a special invitee a senior male cricketer with the distinction and integrity that Diana has That will greatly enhance both our credibility and our ability to make informed decisions The absence of a respected male cricketer in the COA has attracted a great deal of criticism already much of it from important stakeholders in Indian cricket It must be addressed and remedied The amicus curae had suggested two outstanding names Venkat and Bedi both of whom were rejected because they are over seventy However there are some cricketers of the right age and experience who fit the bill Based on my knowledge of the subject I would say Javagal Srinath would be an excellent choice He is a world-class cricketer was a successful and scandal-free Secretary of the Karnataka State Cricket Association and is an ICC match referee and comes from an educated technical background to boot I strongly urge the Chairman and the other members to consider approaching him in this regard He would complement Diana perfectly and the combination of these two respected and top class former cricketers would enhance our credibility and effectiveness enormously While Srinath is in my view the best choice there are other alternative names too I hope we can set aside some time at our meeting to discuss and resolve this issue With regards Ram PS Needless to say I have not discussed this with Srinath or with anyone else I raised this issue in a formal meeting of the COA as well but unfortunately my proposal to invite a senior male cricketer to join the committee was not acted upon We should have approached the Court to take necessary action or else incorporated a senior respected male cricketer as a special invitee With such a person on board the COA would have gained in experience knowledge understanding and not least credibility Indeed had we such a person on board the BCCI management and the office-bearers would have been compelled to be far more proactive in implementing the Lodha Committee recommendations than they have been thus far As the only cricketer on the COA Diana’s contributions have been invaluable; on many issues of administration and the rights of players she has brought a perspective based on a first-hand experience that the rest of us lacked A male counterpart would have complemented and further enriched her contributions; but perhaps it is not too late to make amends 8 While all our meetings were held in a cordial atmosphere between meetings perhaps there was not adequate consultation and there were several crucial decisions made where all the COA members were not brought into the loop For instance a capable non-political Senior Counsel representing the COA and the BCCI in the Supreme Court was abruptly replaced by another Senior Counsel who is a party politician Surely other COA members should have been consulted by email or by phone before this important change was made I have taken too much of your time already but permit me to make one last suggestion This is that the place vacated by me on the Committee of Administrators be filled by a senior respected male cricketer with administrative experience Let me in conclusion thank you for your courtesy and civility these past few months and wish you and the Committee all the best in your future endeavours With best wishes Ramachandra Guha Ramachandra Guha Resignation Letter to Shri Vinod Rai by The Indian Express on Scribd For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 16 2013 1:10 am Related News A day after it emerged that nearly Rs 15 lakh had been siphoned from Axis Bank accountspolice have begun monitoring visitors to and from Greeceas the hackers were reportedly based there Police will also send a team to Greece to make inquiries at banks where the money was deposited The money was withdrawn by hackers from 37 bank accountsincluding those of 10 policemen According to policethe accused installed a skimming device into the card slot of an Axis Bank ATM outside the DGP office in Colaba The device has been removedpolice said Police are examining the CCTV footage from the ATM An entire months footage is being scanned by experts We are checking nearby hotels for any Greek citizens and going through records of Indians who travelled to Greece? The right course is usually to push hard in both directions,the singer has ended her self-imposed exile from limelight.

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