first_img Previous Article Next Article This week’s lettersPC take lacks literary virtue So we’re not allowed to quote from acknowledged works of literature, norfrom the OED or similar dictionary (Letters, 3 September)? The term ‘bastard’ has several meanings, only one of which relates to themarital status of a child’s parents. My edition of Webster’s defines bastard asfollows: Bastard n. 1. An illegitimate child. 2. Something of irregular orinferior origin, or form. 3. Slang. A mean or disagreeable person. My belief is that the usage in reference to ITV Digital probably fallswithin the range of the second meaning given above. As such, it is a valid andperfectly correct use of English and in no way derogative to a child or itsparents. The reporting of Pat Bottrill’s reference has been selective to the point ofit being next to impossible to know the full context of the comment withoutactually having been present and hearing the exchanges. I feel there is far too much concentration on what might be understood by afew about a particular statement. We should concentrate on the reasons for makingsuch statements in the first place. My view is that there is no place for political correctness in any form.Language evolves, slowly, but it should never be hijacked for reasons ofpolitical gain or expediency. Michael Perry Technical author, Zuken Ltd E-mail abuse is damaging firms Either intentionally, or just through a creeping acceptance, employees aretaking their bosses for the ride of their lives. In every single company, alarge percentage of e-mail use is non-work related (News, 3 September). The problem has now reached epidemic proportions, with e-mail abuseaffecting staff productivity and company profitability. Companies should notbelieve that they are protected just because they are using content filteringand blocking software to police e-mail usage. While these security controls area positive first step, they don’t go nearly far enough. This filtering and blocking software at an organisation’s perimeter can onlytrack e-mails as they enter and leave a company. Employees know, however, thattheir internal, non-work related e-mails go unchecked. Employees enjoy the challenge of trying to beat filtering and blocking toolsand it is far too easy for them to find ways around it. Smart users have nowstarted embedding inappropriate content into Word, PowerPoint and Exceldocuments, conning the perimeter software into believing they are sendingbusiness-related e-mails. What’s needed now is non-invasive management of all e-mails to trackemployee usage without compromising privacy. Employers must act to stem the flow of staff stealing time. Brendan Nolan Chief executive, Waterford Technology Cannabis use is breaking the law Cannabis use among staff is still an arrestable offence. The Home Officenever intended to make it non-arrestable when it reclassified the drug, as thearticle ‘Clear cannabis policies needed at work’ claims (News, 3 September). Possession of cannabis or any other similar drug is still illegal. There aremoves by some – not all – police forces to give verbal warnings initially,rather like a disciplinary procedure, which if ignored will lead to arrest. Derran Sewell HRD manager, Calderdale & Kirklees Careers Ltd Blended learning can be beneficial I agree with Martyn Sloman wholeheartedly that blended learning as a conceptis not new (Opinion, 20 August). But I applaud what I perceive as real blended learning for its renewed focuson learners and how they acquire knowledge and perfect skills. While technology has become a cure-all for the training challenges we faceover the past 10 years, we should not be using it for technology’s sake. It should be used, where appropriate, to enhance the blended or integratedlearning experience. Give learners a quality programme based on educationalexcellence, and both the individuals and their firms will rapidly realise thebenefits. Brian Sutton Chief educator, QA LettersOn 10 Sep 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Freon (R-22) Will Soon Become Obsolete

first_imgKeeping your shore house cool? Homeowners will feel the heat of the the Freon deadline this summer.Your air conditioner’s refrigerant may become obsolete by 2020.Freon, also known as R-22, is being officially phased out due to its ozone-depleting properties. Unfortunately, here at the South Jersey shore, the majority of the AC units we service use Freon. If your air conditioning unit was built before 2010, there’s a good chance yours does too.R-22 refrigerant costs will keep rising as coolant is officially phased outAbout 25 years ago, environmental concerns about R-22 refrigerant led to a nationally-mandated phase out plan from the Environmental Protection Agency. As of 2010, manufacturers ceased production on AC units charged with R-22. In 2020, production of this chemical will stop completely. So why should you care? Because decrease in supply leads to steep increase in price, and this ban will have a major effect on air-conditioning costs.Freon is now far from freeDoes this story sound familiar? Your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air, and you called to have it serviced. Your HVAC rep detected a small leak in the line and realized it needed more refrigerant. A simple Freon top-off at a very low service charge and you were back in business. Maybe you’ve extended the life of your AC unit for years this way. Well prepare yourself for some serous sticker shock.“This year the cost of R-22 will reach its highest point yet,” said Brian Broadley of Broadley’s Energy Solutions. “The minimum to charge a unit will be over $500, and that’s just for the gas alone. Homeowners trying to maintain a leaky R-22 air conditioner may end up paying more than it would cost to purchase an entirely new cooling system.”Now through June 1, 2017, Broadley’s will give you a $500 credit toward new AC unitFor homeowners with an older unit (2010 or prior), it may be more cost-effective to invest in a new AC system. Upgrading from your old R-22 unit not only reduces your impact on the environment, but a high-efficiency system will greatly reduce your energy costs, putting money back in your pocket. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may see significant energy saving by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model. Longer warranty periods, quieter operation and unlimited supplies of coolant, will further add to your peace of mind.Extended financing plans are available and Broadley’s is offering you $500 off the cost of your replacement unit through June 1, 2017. This is a limited time offer, so act now by calling 609-390-3907 or visiting broadleys.net. Not sure if your unit uses Freon? We can find that out for you, too!last_img read more

M&S launches Food on the Move concept

first_imgFollowing hot on the heels of the opening of a new style in-store bakery concept, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has opened its first standalone ‘Food on the Move’ outlet in London today.Currently only a one store trial, the outlet, located by London’s Baker Street underground station, will monitor customers’ responses to M&S selling hot and cold food on the move in a standalone location, said the firm. M&S already has 57 Food on the Move counters in its existing stores.The new concept follows the launch of Sainsbury’s standalone takeaway food shop Fresh Kitchen in January this year. Waitrose has also voiced its intentions to increase the roll-out of its convenience store formats, which sell hot and cold takeaway food. The new Food on the Move site, operated by franchise partner SSP, was previously a Whistlestop shop, and has heavy commuter traffic passing its doors from the tube station throughout the day.Two hundred and fifty food lines will be available in the shop, with the majority coming from its existing Food on the Move offer, with the addition of a number of hot food products. Its breakfast selection includes freshly made bacon rolls, an egg and bacon muffin and porridge. Steak ciabattas, chicken fajita wraps and vine ripened tomato and basil soup will be available for lunch. It will also serve a range of coffee and other hot drinks.A special Christmas menu will also feature on opening, which includes: Christmas soup; turkey, brie and bacon toasted club and all-butter pastry mince pies.>>M&S records increase in food sales>>M&S tries out new ISB formatlast_img read more

Off-duty officer, son, not injured after squad car was hit by projectile

first_img Pinterest IndianaLocalNews Google+ Twitter Twitter Facebook Off-duty officer, son, not injured after squad car was hit by projectile Facebook (Photo supplied/ABC 57) Google+center_img Pinterest WhatsApp By Jon Zimney – December 6, 2020 1 348 South Bend Police are investigating after an off-duty officer was driving his assigned squad car, with his son in the passenger seat, in the area of West Sample and Grant Streets when his vehicle was struck by a projectile. The officer and his son were not injured, but medics were called to the scene to check them out.There is damage to the squad car, and it is being processed for further evidence at this time.Anybody with information is asked to call Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP or the South Bend Police Department Investigative Bureau at 574-235-9263. The incident happened around 10:50 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 5. WhatsApp Previous articleSemi driver from Colon, Michigan, killed in crash on Indiana Toll RoadNext articleThis month’s Hometown Hero is Dr. Lisa Booth Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more

Puratos wins grant for sustainable fibre powder

first_imgSource: Puratos UKPuratos UK has secured a government-funded grant for an innovation that enriches breads and cakes with sustainable fibre.The product, called Maxfibre, is the result of a collaboration between Puratos, Biopower Technologies, Food Science Fusion and the University of Chester. The grant, from government-funded body Innovate UK, has been awarded for the innovative usage of food waste.Maxfibre is prepared from sides-stream products of brewery, cereal milling, and fruit processing to form a natural dietary fibre in a micro-powder format.The micronisation process, developed by Biopower, allows for a variety of food by-products to be made into the high-fibre powder. These include apple pomace, tomato skins and oat husks.Different by-products will be trialled as part of the research, with the aim of increasing the accessibility of affordable, nutritional food in a sustainable way.A study commissioned by the World Health Organisation has shown that a fibre-rich diet can reduce the rates of coronary heart disease, stroke, and colorectal cancer.However, research also suggests that adults in the UK are eating well below the government-recommended daily intake of 30g of fibre, with average figures ranging from just 9g to 18g per day.While studies have shown white flour to be the healthiest it has been in 200 years, many in the baking industry see enriching bread with added fibre as a key challenge.Various methods have been used, including the use of waste products like the Puratos project.“Maxfibre aims to improve the health and enjoyment of bakery products while exploring new ways to repurpose and rethink food waste streams,” said James Slater, R&D director at Puratos UK.“We hope for many similar opportunities and projects that allow us to work on combining great taste, health and sustainability.”Dr Ian Campbell, executive chair of Innovate UK, said Maxfibre represented “the best of British business innovation”.“Maxfibre, along with every initiative Innovate UK has supported through this fund, is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development,” he added.last_img read more

Chefs and doctors team up to promote healthy cooking

first_imgDoctors, dietitians, and chefs gathered March 13-16, 2014 for the annual Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives conference in Napa Valley, Calif. The event, a collaboration between Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Culinary Institute of America, provides health professionals with the latest in nutrition science as well as hands-on training in how to cook healthy meals — information they can pass on to their patients.Conference founder David Eisenberg, a physician and associate professor of nutrition at HSPH, told the Wall Street Journal, “It is not my view that the right question is ‘How do we replace drugs with foods?’ The premise of this conference is ‘How do we help people move in the direction of a healthier lifestyle and diet, to prevent illness or manage illness that’s already occurred?’” Read Full Storylast_img read more

Why and How Dell Supports Gaming

first_imgI owe Dell an extra seven minutes of time on the work clock.That’s because while I was working on this blog post I found myself watching a video of an old friend and his daughter playing each other in “Street Fighter” on YouTube. That now makes me one of 500 million viewers who watch online gaming content, according to research firm Newzoo.“The games sector continues to be bigger than consumer spending on cinema box office, DVD and Blu-ray disc sales and rentals, online video services, physical music and streaming music services combined,” said industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls of HIS Markit.Yes, gaming has gone far beyond the basement, and Dell is ready to support the industry’s growth in many ways. From delivering the hardware needed to create the games, to the PCs on which you play them, to sponsorship of eSports leagues and professional gamers that bring the gameplay to even larger audiences.Most gamers already know about our Alienware line. Twenty years of gaming experience pioneering specialty high-performance gaming PCs unrivaled in their engineering and innovation, has made Alienware a leading gaming brand that caters to gamers wanting a high-performance, premium PC gaming rig.We’ve also just refreshed our entire Alienware notebook lineup and continue to push the limits when it comes to performance.&nbsp;</p><p>But, there are many out there who want a box that can hit 1080p, 30-60 frames per second, at a lower price point. Dell leveraged our deep understanding of PC gaming to create a system that retains all the great features of a Dell laptop backed by premium service and support while still being able to easily handle the latest gaming titles all at an affordable price. That’s why we were so excited to launch our new Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop that gives gamers a $799 system ready to play the latest games straight out of the box.“We’ve selected the components [of the new Inspiron 15], so you have a 1050 or a 1050TI, i5 and i7 quad cores. We’ve built the thermal solution so it’s built around the max capacity of those components. It’s what you would expect from a real gaming box,” Bryan de Zayas, director of game strategy at Dell told VentureBeat at #ces2017. “It takes in air from the bottom and expels it out the back. It’s all built around the thermal solution, versus just putting parts into a box with the cheapest thermals and being done with it.”As Trusted Reviews noted, rather than striving to be thin – like many of the laptops recently on display at CES— we’ve chosen to stuff this system with dual fans, oversized pipes and heat exchangers, as well as two speakers and a subwoofer.Since I’m not the target audience for it, I reached out to a couple of gamers I know well — my nephews — to see what their reaction was to the new Insprion 15 Gaming laptop. As a college student and a recent college graduate, their budgets are understandably limited, so they definitely liked the price tag. I sent them the product details via Facebook Messenger and heard back almost immediately.“I’m really impressed with this system. For $800 I think it’s fairly and competitively priced, too,” said Josh Pevehouse, who isn’t a fan of bulky or weirdly shaped systems. “The Inspiron 15 looks like a normal laptop, and since it weighs only 5.5 pounds it’s actually portable.”“My laptop I’m using now weighs 8 – 10 pounds and it couldn’t even compare to the specs on this,” Jake Pevehouse noted. He also likes that it can game without necessarily looking like it. “Esthetically it is nice and plain which will appeal to consumers that don’t necessarily want to broadcast that they carry a gaming laptop for everyday use.”I promise I didn’t coach them on those comments, but they were both quick to volunteer to test drive and review the system. Unfortunately for them, my role here at Dell doesn’t mean I have access to a couple of extra systems I could loan them. But, the one still in college is eligible for our student discount, making this laptop an even better deal![UPDATE 3/2/17: In case you’re interested in hearing more about the Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop’s performance, here’s a review that just came out from Linus Tech Tips.]&nbsp;</p><p>last_img read more

Rails-To-Trails Advances In Town of Carroll

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Photo: PixabayFREWSBURG – Construction of a portion of the ‘Rails-To-Trails’ trail from Main Street in Frewsburg to the state line has been green-lighted, according to Town of Carroll Supervisor Russ Payne.In a statement released on social media, Payne said he was notified by Director Jim Fincher that the state has approved the construction.“Mr. Fincher was excited to report that his firm has been given the necessary permission from the New York State DEC to begin the actual construction on this segment of the Rails-To-Trails project,” Payne said. “Mr. Fincher has secured the cooperation of a contractor who has consented to donate time, equipment and materials to begin this phase of the project.The system could potentially tie into trails into the State of Pennsylvania and thus offering expanded services to residents, tourists and visitors from the Western New York area, Pennsylvania and well beyond, Payne said. In addition, Payne said he reached out to the Jamestown Audubon Sanctuary on Riverside Road in the Town of Kiantone, which has expressed interest in tying into the Rails-To-Trails system.“It is the hope and dream of the Town of Carroll and the Rails-To-Trails organization, that the Town of Kiantone will join with us to help us realize the feasibility of linking the trail in question with the Jamestown Audubon Sanctuary on Riverside Road in the Town of Kiantone to better serve the needs of all citizens, visitors and tourist,” Payne said. “We certainly welcome the input and possible collaborative effort of the Town of Kiantone, to help bring this portion of the project to fruition.”last_img read more

India’s longest burning gas fire is destroying lives

first_img– Advertisement – The blaze that started on 9 June, following a gas blowout in Baghjan area, has raged for about 150 days now, making it the longest such fire in India. Three people have died in trying to contain the fire, which initially forced 3,000 people in neighbouring villages to leave their homes and take shelter in makeshift camps.last_img

WHO: initial analysis of Pakistani H5N1 suggests no dangerous mutations

first_imgJan 3, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – An official from the World Health Organization (WHO) today shared results of initial genetic sequencing tests on H5N1 avian influenza samples from a man who died of the disease in Pakistan that suggest the strain doesn’t have the capacity for widespread transmission.John Rainford, a WHO spokesman in Geneva, told CIDRAP News that the genetic sequencing involved two clinical samples from a 25-year-old man from the Peshawar area who was recently announced as the first confirmed human H5N1 case-patient and fatality in Pakistan.The man was part of a family cluster of suspected H5N1 cases which sparked global concern that the virus had mutated into a form that could enable widespread human-to-human transmission. However, the WHO said in a previous statement that while the Pakistani cases suggest a rare instance of human-to-human transmission, the virus did not spread beyond the family.Rainford said preliminary sequencing of the hemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes from the specimens was performed at the WHO collaborating center in London. Tests completed so far show the hemagglutinin amino acid sequence is identical to some of the recent clade 2.2 viruses that have been isolated from chickens in other outbreaks in the region, he said.WHO virologists say the findings, along with recent field investigations, suggest that the H5N1 viruses in Pakistan have not gained the capacity for widespread human-to-human transmission, reported Rainford.In addition, neither analysis by WHO collaborating scientists of the neuraminidase gene nor partial sequencing of the M2 gene shows mutations that are known to be associated with antiviral resistance, Rainford said. “This indicates oseltamivir and amantadine should be inhibitory for the virus,” he added.Rainford said full genome sequencing is in progress.The WHO praises Pakistan’s timely investigation and management of suspected H5N1 cases, Rainford said. “[This] has provided reassurance about the lack of community H5N1 transmission, an effort that deserves appreciation and support.”In other avian flu developments, the WHO yesterday confirmed two fatal H5N1 cases in women from Egypt whose deaths were recently reported in the media. One was a 25-year-old from Dakahlyah governorate who got sick Dec 26, was hospitalized the next day, and died Dec 30. The other was a 36-year-old from Menofia governorate who became ill Dec 26, was hospitalized Dec 29, and died 2 days later.The two women are listed as Egypt’s 42nd and 43rd avian flu case-patients, and their deaths are recorded as the country’s 17th and 18th fatalities from the disease.The WHO reported that investigators have found no epidemiologic link between the 36-year-old and another woman from Menofia governorate whose H5N1 illness was recently confirmed by the WHO. That 22-year-old woman was previously reported to be recovering in intensive care.Also, the WHO today confirmed the death of a 50-year-old Egyptian woman who was previously confirmed as the country’s 40th H5N1 case-patient on Dec 28. The woman, from Domiatt governorate, was hospitalized Dec 24 and died Dec 31. She is listed as Egypt’s 19th avian flu death.In its announcements about the women, the WHO said all three had contact with sick or dead poultry before they became ill.Elsewhere, a veterinary official in Vietnam told Tuoi Tre newspaper that the country’s most recent H5N1 patient, a 4-year-old boy from Son La province who died of the disease on Dec 16, may have contracted the virus from a wild bird, according to a Bloomberg News report today.That report says the official, Van Dang Ky, speaking at a national conference on bird flu control in Hanoi yesterday, noted that the boy’s family had brought home some wild birds from a hunting trip and also that samples from poultry in the area where the boy lived tested negative for the H5N1 virus.See also:Dec 27 CIDRAP News story “WHO confirms H5N1 case in Pakistan cluster”last_img read more