Upset in Liverpool over the “excessive” celebration of Atleti

first_imgThe Telegraph, in an article signed by Chris Bascombe, question the methods of Cholo Simeone and some attitudes of Atlético players, criticizes the style of soccer they practice and collects the complaints, more or less manifest, of Klopp and some of his Liverpool players for the euphoria in the athletic celebration, since it was the first leg and there is still the return in Anfield After the game, with irony and subtlety, Klopp already recorded in a press conference the discomfort of Liverpool over excessive euphoria of players, coach and fans of Atletico, as there is still the return: “I have seen happy faces tonight at Atletico. I understand because it is an important victory, but this is not over yet. There are 90 minutes left in Anfield. The referee I also had to deal with the environment today in the Wanda Metropolitano. Perhaps there have been decisions and things he has not seen. Three minutes later there were three Atlético players lying on the ground and not injured. “ Bascombe speaks of “choreographed cynicism of Atlético”, of “ugly match” (by the locals), of “constant interruptions”, of “premature triumphalism” and of coaches who “play two different sports”. In addition, it makes a simile with the film Scarface, by Brian De Palma, in which the coach of Atlético would be the malicious and dark Tony Montana: “Diego Simeone perfectly reproduced the gestures of Tony Montana in the best scenes of Scarface. Simeone against Klopp could be the great duel of the year. ”center_img “There is the second game in our stadium and things will be different. As long as we have eleven players with the Liverpool shirt to play, we will try with all our strength. We will tell you: ‘Welcome to Anfield’ “, warned the German coach.He also explained his decision to switch to Mané: “I was afraid that his opponent would throw himself on the ground just by blowing him and seeing another card,” he said ironically.Some of the Liverpool players followed the same line of Klopp’s speech, and were even more direct:Joe Gomez: “Soccer in Europe is different and arbitration decisions too. It is frustrating, when you give everything and for concrete decisions you get nothing. This is what the technician tells us, we have to compete and if the atmosphere and the reactions of the public or the referee interfere, we have to try not to harm us in the field. We have fallen lower and we have risen from more difficult situations. ”Van Dijk: “It’s his way of playing and also that of Spanish football and we have to adapt a bit. We knew it and handled it well, “he says in reference to the loss of time and the alleged simulations of Atlético players.Robertson: “Atleti celebrated it as if they had won the tie. Now they have to go to Anfield… ”In line with the statements of Klopp, Robertson, Joe Gómez or Van Dijk, The Telegraph article tries to disqualify the playing style of Atlético and specifically Simeone: “It is unlikely that a team can play consistently with the same intensity as Atlético, which probably explains why Simeone, despite the interest of others teams, has stayed in Madrid trying to achieve the same melody with a new generation of players. Would any elite team or player enjoy watching these tactics every week? Probably not. There is nothing complicated or surprising in how they play (…) ”.last_img read more

Doctor Accused of Groping Teen Girl on United Flight

first_imgA doctor in the United States has been charged with groping a teenaged female co-passenger on board a United Airlines flight. The accused is a doctor from India, according to ABC News, though some other news reports said his country of origin is not clear.A Student from USThe incident is said to have taken place on July 23 when the 16-year-old girl was travelling alone from Seattle to Newark, and woke up during the flight to find the co-passenger’s hand on her thigh, according to the complaint. The girl identified the man as Vijakumar Krishnappa, 28, who is studying in the US under a fellowship, after she was shown a line-up of photos compiled from the flight manifest during the investigation.The federal complaint says that the man removed his hand when she woke up, and she went back to sleep, but woke up again to find him touching her “groin and inner thigh”. The girl informed the airline crew about the incident and changed her seat. However, United Airlines apparently did nothing to prevent the accused from leaving the airport, Johnny McCray, an attorney for the girl’s family, told The Washington Post. She informed her parents of the assault on her after landing, and the FBI was contacted to probe the case.‘Airlines Did NothingA complaint describing the charge against Krishnappa was filed in federal court in New Jersey on July 24, following which he was arrested and charged with knowingly engaging in sexual contact with a minor female. The accused has been released on $50,000 bail and placed under electronic monitoring. He has also been ordered not to have any contact with minors while the criminal case is pending. His court-appointed attorney, John Yauch, said his client “adamantly denies the charges and deserves to be considered an innocent man,” and declined further comment, The Washington Post reported.The girl’s family has also filed a complaint against United Airlines for failing to act against the man, according to The airline is reviewing the case with authorities, Fox News reported. “The safety and security of our customers is our top priority,” the airline said in a statement. “We take these allegations seriously and continue to work closely with the proper authorities as part of their review.” Related ItemsIndian doctor molests girl UnitedIndian sexual molestation USLittle IndiaTeen groped on United AirlinesUnited AirlinesUnited Airlines controversyVijakumar Krishnappa United flightlast_img read more