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Facebook feasts on TV channels content but fail

first_imgFacebook “feasts” on TV channels’ content but fails to pay for the privilege, a situation that must change if professional journalism is to have a future, according to Channel 4 new presenter Jon Snow, delivering the annual McTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh International TV Festival.Jon Snow“We have to look at the new players in this digital age. Facebook needs to pay more taxes; Google needs to pay more taxes, the rest too. The digital media, the duopolies, have to pay more to carry professional journalism,” Snow told attendees in Edinburgh.“It cannot be beyond the bounds of human understanding to come up with a way of ensuring that these mega-entities have to pay to play.”Snow said that Facebook “feasts on our products and pays all but nothing for them”, a situation that “cannot last” if professional journalism is to be preserved. He called on governments and the EU to find way to force internet giants to pay for the content that helped drive usage of their platforms.In a wide-ranging lecture focusing on the disengagement between media organisations and wider society, and the growing social divide exemplified by news coverage of the Grenfell Tower disaster, Snow said there was a danger that the “monopoly over the world’s information” held by Google and Facebook presented a massive challenge, particularly given that both organisations took “so little responsibility” for what is disseminated on their platforms.last_img read more

The number of digital pay TV subscribers in Easter

first_imgThe number of digital pay TV subscribers in Eastern Europe will grow by 27% between 2017 and 2023, according to Digital TV Research.The new study claims that digital pay TV subscriber numbers in the region will grow from 61.57 million in 2017 to 78.08 million in 2023 – with Russia to account for half of these subscribers in 2023.However, over the five-year forecast period the total number of pay TV subscribers is expected to fall in 10 of the 22 countries covered by the report, including Russia, due to declines in analogue pay TV.Pay TV revenues overall are also expected to slowly decline in Eastern Europe from a peak of US$6.53 billion in 2017 to US$6.33 billion by 2023 as analogue cable revenues fall by US$1 billion and digital pay TV revenues grow by a smaller US$769 million.“Eastern Europe is slowly ridding itself of the legacy of analogue cable TV,” said Simon Murray, Digital TV Europe’s principal analyst.“Twenty million households still subscribed to analogue cable at end-2017 – more than digital cable. Many of these homes receive very basic packages; often as part of their rent.“Some of the remaining analogue cable subs do not want to convert to more expensive digital pay TV platforms and will therefore switch to DTT.”The number of analogue pay TV homes in Eastern Europe is expected to fall from 19.96 million in 2017 to just 1.08 million in 2023.last_img read more

What Paul means when he says he lives outside the

first_imgWhat Paul means when he says he lives “outside the Matrix” The BIG problem with the public school system The good side of economic collapse Join Ryan Brooks of The Sound of Freedom as he interviews Freeman’s Perspective author Paul Rosenberg on a variety of topics including: How and why to ‘Go Galt’ The problem with hope … and plenty more. Click here to enjoy The Sound of Freedom show (opens in a new window at For more information about The Sound of Freedom radio show, click here.last_img

After Simon came a decade of rapid evolution Smar

first_img After Simon came a decade of rapid evolution. Smartphone functionality expanded to include video cameras, GPS features, and web browsing. Processing power, storage capacity, and battery life grew geometrically to accommodate the added functionality. Meanwhile, the telecoms were doing their part to coax the smartphone caterpillar out of its cocoon. In 2001, they launched 3G networks that achieved data-transfer speeds four times that of 2G networks. Suddenly, media streaming and/or downloading from the web became practical mobile functions. Finally in 2007, Steve Jobs and Apple—acting more like Great Synthesizers than Great Innovators—integrated all these converging elements into the iPhone. Then Apple added two important things to the mix… A unique talent for designing intuitive, user-friendly devices, and A robust ecosystem with thousands of apps. Boom. The smartphone butterfly emerged and took flight. The sales trajectory has been astounding… After seven years of sustained and explosive growth, is the smartphone market reaching saturation? Not even close. Smartphones are ubiquitous in the US and Western Europe, but that’s not the case everywhere. Old-fashioned feature phones still dominate in many emerging countries. But as incomes rise and smartphone prices fall, legions of consumers will upgrade from feature phones to smartphones. Indeed, the great upgrade is already under way. In China alone, almost 300 million people will purchase smartphones in 2014. The smartphone megaboom is far from over—it’s just moved to the East… and has a much different look than in the West. Commodity Boom Price is paramount in emerging markets, including the biggest emerging market of them all… China. Lower- to middle-class Chinese can only afford to pay about $150 for a handset. 35% of smartphones sold in China are priced below $150, and almost 60% are priced below $330… Most people think the smartphone was an overnight success made possible by a sudden technological leap from Apple. Not so. Eddie Cantor had it right 50 years ago when he said, “It takes 20 years to be an overnight success.” Rise to Fame Visionaries first conceptualized the smartphone way back in the 1970s. In the 1990s, that concept became reality when IBM released the Simon Personal Communicator: a cellphone that, in addition to its telephonic capability, could send and receive faxes and emails and featured a touchscreen display. Many consider the Simon the first commercial device that could legitimately be called a smartphone.center_img Companies are desperate to capture this huge and growing piece of the low-end pie, and so they’re rolling out new, cheap smartphones every month. That’s great news for consumers. But here’s the rub: in order to hit low price points, handset manufacturers are stripping out features that differentiate their products. Low-end smartphones are essentially becoming commodities. That opens the field up to a slew of competitors. There are literally hundreds of small handset manufacturers in China trying to undercut each other for a piece of this lucrative market. How to Invest Handset manufacturers and proprietary chip makers are not the way to play the Great Upgrade. For handset manufacturers, competition is simply too fierce—margins, if they exist at all, will be razor thin. And brand loyalty will be almost impossible to achieve. The same goes for proprietary chip makers—there’s simply no demand for their products in low-end devices. Such are the problems in a commodity-based market. Fortunately, the clever minds at The Casey Report have discovered a way to play this trend. It’s a “picks and shovels” company that supplies Chinese smartphone manufacturers with a trendy, ever-expanding software product that they wouldn’t be able to do without—and it’s beating the competition by having formed strategic alliances with China’s top three wireless service providers. What we love most about this pick is that this is one of the few companies (if not the only one) in this massive market that is nearly certain to profit from the smartphone megatrend. Let the handset manufacturers cannibalize each other—this company will cash in by selling them its services, regardless of who ultimately wins the smartphone wars. We expect to double our money on this one within the next two years. But best of all, this stock trades on the Nasdaq—that means no dealing with foreign stock exchanges, no complicated transactions. You can profit from China’s middle-class boom and the “Great Upgrade” with just a few mouse clicks. You can find the full investment story, including a comprehensive analysis of the Chinese smartphone market, in the newest edition of The Casey Report.last_img read more

Trump Ends Drug War—Unleashing 22 Billion Bonan

first_imgTrump Ends “Drug War”—Unleashing $22 Billion Bonanza?Two branches of the federal government have been at “war” for nearly a year… Over one of the most controversial new products in the past decade. It’s not marijuana…or some new energy drink… But thanks to President Trump, federal statute 115-661 has brought a truce between the DEA and FDA. And it’s expected to unleash a $22 billion industry. (Bigger than the snack food and video game industries combined.) You’ll soon see a whole new line of these products flooding into almost every home in America. If you thought PCs and smartphones were big, you haven’t seen anything yet! — Recommended Link Justin’s note: The U.S. government is shut down.It has been for 28 days now – making it the longest government shutdown in U.S. history by a wide margin. And there’s no telling when it will come to an end.So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the media’s having a field day with this. But I can’t help but wonder if this is as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. So I got Doug Casey on the phone to see what he thinks…Justin: Doug, the U.S. government shutdown is now 28 days old. Are you surprised it’s lasted this long?Doug: I’m not surprised, but I’m definitely pleased. There have been a number of shutdowns in the past. Sixteen days under Obama. Twenty-one days under Bill Clinton. Five separate shutdowns on Jimmy Carter’s watch. This one, like its antecedents, is no more than a tempest in a toilet bowl – just a nuisance for a small segment of the population. A proper shutdown would include the IRS [laughs].In this case, the shutdown is because Trump isn’t getting the $5.7 billion he wants for his wall. But this begs the question… should there even be a wall? My answer is “no,” for a number of both practical and philosophical reasons. Keeping illegal aliens out is a good idea. But it would happen naturally if just two things were done.Point number one, get rid of the welfare benefits that draw the wrong kind of people. During the 19th century, and up to the 1930s, there were absolutely no welfare benefits for immigrants – or anybody else, for that matter. As a result, you attracted opportunity seekers.Point number two, all U.S. property should be privately owned. Including streets, sidewalks, and parks. That way if they can’t support themselves, or make an arrangement with somebody who will, they would simply have no place to sleep.No welfare?! No unowned property where vagrants can loiter?! It sounds heartless. But I have no doubt that people like Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, New York’s Mayor DeBlasio, and thousands of other generous public servants would feed, clothe, and shelter them at their own expense.But in today’s world, the public doesn’t want less government. They want much, much more. Polls show most Millennials favor socialism. So we can look forward to a paradise for the workers and peasants in the new future.However I’m afraid nobody is looking at the important thing here. Greetings, of course resistance to Cortez is not futile, as everyone is still entitled to their opinion. However, a point has been made that a single payer medical system would be cheaper than the current corporate abomination in the U.S. In addition, $800B annually on spent blowing up humanoids around the world would be better spent on surgeons and band-aids. One has to wonder how an economy, like Cuba, under 60 years of economic embargo can still provide basic medical care, while sending 10,000 doctors to Venezuela. Trump initiated tax cuts for the richest in America, some of which could have been used for Medicare, or education and Mr. Casey could still eat steak. We bailed out the banks to the tune of $17T, yet we can’t afford healthcare for all? Really? People fought the Pinkertons for a 5-day work week and legislation getting the 12-year-old out of the coal mines. It was an accomplishment that most have forgotten, but not everyone. It would be very much appreciated if the anarcho-capitalists could provide some examples of how private water and sewer systems would actually work, rather than just telling us how simple it would be. So far, I have just seen unmitigated disasters. Saludos.—Ian Justin: And what would that be?Doug: Some rather basic principles. Our topic is not why this shutdown occurred. It’s whether or not the shutdown is a good thing or a bad thing. To answer that question we have to decide to what extent the federal government is necessary. Everybody assumes that it’s always been there, and has always been the behemoth it now is. The average American not only confuses the government with the country – they’re actually two different things – but sees Washington, DC as a fixture in the cosmic firmament.Let me make what some may feel is an outrageous statement: There’s nothing the government does that couldn’t and wouldn’t be done – vastly cheaper and better – by profit-seeking entrepreneurs. Further, a large part of what the government does is not just unnecessary, but destructive. And wouldn’t be done at all in a free market.So, let’s look at a few departments that have been affected by this shutdown, and see how important they are to the conduct of life in the United States. Obviously this isn’t even scratching the surface. A proper discussion would take years. But it’s worth taking a few minutes here because the average American – forget about the average European – hasn’t even considered the concept.My view is optimistic and hopeful. Basically, all the departments that have been shut down should actually be abolished wholesale. They serve no useful purpose. If they are useful, they should be privatized.The National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] is an excellent example of this. Right now, 95% of its employees have been furloughed.And I’m all for NASA in principle, or at least what it does. I’m a big fan of space exploration. But even though NASA is full of competent, high-IQ people, it’s run like the post office, or a DMV, or the military. It’s degenerated into a typical cost-plus government bureaucracy.SpaceX, Blue Origin, and many other companies are proving that the private sector can do anything that NASA does – faster, cheaper, and better. Why? Because they’re not constrained by politics. They necessarily have to operate in a sustainable, efficient, innovative way. Because they’re doing it for profit. Which means they’re trying to create capital, not consume it.Apart from that, the U.S. government is manifestly bankrupt. Soon enough, it won’t even be able to pay the interest on its debt, forget about science projects. That’s going to happen over the next couple of decades. NASA will be left high and dry – last in line for whatever funds there are.NASA, and similar government enterprises, should be privatized. Either taken public in an IPO, perhaps with most shares distributed to all U.S. citizens, and its employees. Or sold to some company with an interest in space. That would turn it from a cash consuming liability into an asset. Justin: What federal agencies would be better if taken over by the private sector?Doug: The United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]. It has about 100,000 employees and spends about $140 billion a year. Those are amazing numbers, considering that only 1 to 2% of the U.S. population works in agriculture. Its useful functions – crop reporting, bio research and such – should be privatized. Of course all crop subsidies, price controls, planting limits, and the like should be abolished. They basically put farmers – especially politically well-connected ones – on welfare. And create distortions in the market.The Department of Homeland Security should be abolished. In particular the Transportation Security Administration [TSA], one of their many divisions.If airline security is necessary – if it actually makes sense to screen people before they get on planes – it should be the job of the airlines, not the government. Airlines shortsightedly offloaded the responsibility and cost of maintaining security to the taxpayer. But the costs should be reflected in the cost of flying. Air travelers who actually use this service – if that’s what it is – should pay for it. But it’s probably not necessary in today’s world of secured cabins.What kind of middle-aged people – 60,000 of them – are willing to wear costumes and go through the dirty laundry of their fellow citizens, and interrogate them, for $15 an hour? It’s ridiculous and degrading theater.Speaking of flying, the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] should be privatized. In particular its critical Air Traffic Control division, which is always a generation or two behind in its technology. That’s not going to improve, because funding from a bankrupt government will be increasingly sparse.Justin’s note: Tomorrow, we’ll share part 2 of our conversation, where Doug and I look at what the shutdown could mean for the National Park System as well as the Department of Defense.If you enjoy these discussions, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on our book: Totally Incorrect 2. It’s Doug’s most controversial book yet… as well as a vital guide for surviving the changes happening in America today.This book isn’t available anywhere else right now. Learn how to get your copy right here.Reader MailbagReaders continue to write in with their thoughts on Doug’s interview last week on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:Of course, it’s futile! The current system is a complete failure for the middle class. So, folks are going want to try something different. There’s no need to be scared of a change. China is a total socialist/totalitarian regime that has lifted over 800 million out of poverty while still creating 1.34 million millionaires. Why worry? —Terry “What is your Citizen Score?”This score could determine:Whether you qualify for Social Security…What college your kids or grandkids can attend…Whether you can access the internet…If you can travel by plane (already, 11 million have been denied)So far, the “Citizen Score” has been tested in 40 different international cities. But is it happening right under our noses, in AMERICA?center_img Click here for the full, outrageous story Hello Doug, totally LOVED your article on AOC. What people don’t seem to realize is that someone has to pay for all these liberal “fantasies.” Of course I am a privileged white woman who put herself through college (while raising two children with no help), landed a successful career, and raised extremely successful individuals who know how to take care of themselves. No one paid my student loan. No one gave me free housing and food. I take care of myself with exercise, diet and a moderate lifestyle. I am kind and helpful to others – but cannot tolerate freeloaders. Most of all – I LOVE MY COUNTRY! Sorry for rambling – but some of the comments from others tell me that THEY need to get a grip!—PatriciaAs always, if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments for the Dispatch, send them to us at CASE YOU MISSED IT…A legendary Wall Street trader just introduced an ingenious ploy to follow in the footsteps of Big Money…He calls it the “13-X Trading System.”Think of it as your reliable “cheat sheet” for predicting which stocks are about to skyrocket – several days or weeks in advance.You can get all the details right here… Click here to watch this tell-all video Thank you for understanding the danger of having the so-called Dem-Socialist Cortez sitting in the House and talking non-sense. As a victim of the communists, I think Ms. Cortez’s ideology is for the idiots! She doesn’t know anything that she’s talking about. But it’s too bad that she is made a “star” for the unthinkable! For me, she is very stupid and naive! I hope that you will continue your mission to expose the wrong(s) in our society to prevent the mankind from suffering under the hands of the inhuman socialists/communists and communists’ sympathizers, and history won’t repeat itself! Thank you kindly. —Lan — Recommended Linklast_img read more

Popular ondemand transportation service Lyft part

first_imgPopular on-demand transportation service Lyft partnered with The University of Alabama to introduce a discounted rate for students, faculty and staff who use the app around campus.Lyft has used this program in other areas of the country, including partnering with breweries and wineries in Georgia and Maryland and offering free rides to Texas residents this past Labor Day. The initiative is to decrease drunk driving risks and give people an incentive for choosing to get home safely.Students, faculty and staff can use the code “UASGA” on the app, under the “Promos” section. This allows them to receive 15 percent off rides around campus, from Jack Warner Parkway to Hargrove Road. The radius also includes most of downtown Tuscaloosa to as far as Helen Keller Road.As an additional promotion, by enrolling in The University of Alabama’s Ride Smart program, users can receive an extra 10 percent off rides if they request a ride between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. This is a conditional offer that is not valid on home football game days.Lyft has taken other precautionary measures to increase safety when using the app. In 2015, Lyft introduced a feature that, while on a ride, users can choose “Send ETA” to a contact from the Lyft app to tell a friend or family member when they are expected to arrive.While the University currently employs the 348-RIDE system, which is free and runs from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., the system operates on a smaller radius that Lyft’s program, can often get bogged down during peak travel hours and can leave users waiting almost an hour for rides. With Lyft joining the after-hours transportation scene, SGA president Price McGiffert said Lyft can hopefully be a catalyst for getting people home safely and efficiently.“I am excited to partner with Lyft to offer The University of Alabama an affordable way to get around,” McGiffert said in a press release. “We’ve had the whole team of UA leaders getting involved. Our partnership with Lyft is going to make a big difference with our students and create another easy way to access transportation.”Chris D’Esposito, UA’s director of Transportation Services, said he is happy to add Lyft to the available services that focus on safety and convenience for the UA population.“We want to provide University of Alabama students with transportation options that will suit all their needs, and Lyft is another tool in that toolbox,” D’Esposito said in a press release. “It’s a seamless way for our students to access the downtown and surrounding communities while complementing our existing transportation options.”Lyft general manager Jake Darby said he is excited about the partnership and is proud to help provide “access to convenient and affordable transportation.”“Whether students need a ride to class early in the morning or a reliable ride home late at night, Lyft ensures students can get around campus with ease at any time, day or night.” Darby said in a press release.The promotion officially begins today. To read more about how the promotion works and to see frequently asked questions, click here.last_img read more

Cottonwood Elementary School students took their l

first_imgCottonwood Elementary School students took their lessons about kindness from last week and applied them to help Eagles Wings.This week, kids’ learning about kindness is paying off for Eagles Wings. Students from Cottondale Elementary collected donations and items for Eagles Wings during the Great Kindness Challenge. They took their donations to Eagles Wings today.During the week of the Great Kindness Challenge, students across the country learn the value of good deeds and being kind to others.last_img

NEW YORK — Dirk Nowitzki got to see why people com

first_imgNEW YORK — Dirk Nowitzki got to see why people compare Kristaps Porzingis to him, and the rookie almost ruined the view.Porzingis led a fourth-quarter charge and finished with 28 points, but the Dallas Mavericks held on for a 104-97 victory over the New York Knicks on Dec. 7.Nowitzki scored 25 points after a strong start, then offered some encouragement to Porzingis after the Mavs walked off with a victory that seemed would be much easier than it ended up.“The comparisons are more than fair,” Nowitzki said. “He’s way ahead of the curve. When I was 20 I was scared to death out there. He’s almost averaging a double-double out there. He’s better than I was in my 20s, so the comparison is probably unfair to him. He’s a complete package.”Porzingis had 12 points in the fourth quarter of his first matchup with Nowitzki, the German great he has been compared to for his perimeter shooting skills by a 7-footer.“It really doesn’t matter because we still lost,” he said, “but yeah, I was just hitting shots and trying to do the things to help the team win at the end.”The Latvian rookie made consecutive 3-pointers as the Knicks cut what had been a 23-point deficit to 101-97 with 43 seconds left, then blocked Deron Williams’ shot.But Carmelo Anthony was called for an offensive foul as the Knicks were trying to work to get the ball to Porzingis for another shot, and Nowitzki followed with a free throw before Williams made two more to close it out.Williams had 20 points and seven assists.A night after making a season-best 16 3-pointers and scoring 116 points in a victory at Washington, the Mavericks appeared to be rolling again in this one. Nowitzki scored 11 in the first quarter to show the Mavs had plenty left for the second night of their back-to-back.“Dirk loves these types of situations, taking the challenge of a young guy like this, and Porzingis is a special player,” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said.They had a 20-point lead early in the fourth quarter and fans were booing the Knicks, but Carlisle had to bring his starters back after the Knicks mounted a charge.“It’s hard to keep a 20-point lead, especially on the road in the second half of a back-to-back,” Williams said. “With that being said, we’ve got to do a better job.”Anthony had 17 points, eight assists and six rebounds, but shot 6-for-18 from the field and also picked up a technical foul in the fourth quarter.The 7-foot-3 Porzingis grabbed just two rebounds but held his own offensively against Nowitzki, the top international scorer in NBA history.But Nowitzki was surrounded by much more firepower even without a big night from Wesley Matthews, who scored 36 points on a franchise record-tying 10 3-pointers in a Dec. 6.Matthews was just 3 of 10 for 10 points.Former Knicks guard Raymond Felton finished with 14 points in the Mavs’ fourth straight victory in the series.(BRIAN MAHONEY, AP Basketball Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Potawatomi Hotel Casino has selected Froedtert

first_imgPotawatomi Hotel & Casino has selected Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin to operate and staff a workplace health clinic at its Milwaukee hotel and casino.The clinic, which is slated to open this fall inside Potawatomi 1721 W. Canal St. building, will provide health services at no charge to all employees.The clinic will be available to all of Potawatomi’s 2,500 employees, about 65 percent of whom live in the city of Milwaukee. Rodney Ferguson, CEO and general manager of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, said the new clinic will provide improved access to health care for his employees.“Potawatomi Hotel & Casino takes pride in the benefits package we offer our 2,500-plus team members – a package including robust medical and dental plans, a generous 401(k) match and much more,” said Ferguson. “By adding a clinic, that benefits package grows even stronger.”Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health, a provider of wellness programs and health care services for employers, will operate and staff the clinic. Advanced practice nurse practitioners and physician assistants will see patients and diagnose and treat non-emergency minor illnesses such as sore throats, earaches, sinus and urinary tract infections, flu symptoms and skin rashes. The clinic will also offer lab tests, vaccinations, physicals, routine prescriptions, preventive care visits and wellness coaching.Potawatomi’s program also will include occupational health and safety services.“More and more employers are recognizing the value of a comprehensive approach to workforce health,” said Patti Kneiser, vice president of employer services for Froedtert Health. “Providing the right care at the right time and place is an effective way to keep people healthy, improve productivity and manage costs. And employees love the convenience.”Froedtert & MCW Workforce Health currently provides workplace clinics for Associated Banc-Corp., Greenfield School District, Hatco Corp., Palermo Villa, Inc., the City of Milwaukee and City of Wauwatosa. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

Last updated on May 15th 2019 at 0448 pmA Dollar

first_imgLast updated on May 15th, 2019 at 04:48 pmA Dollar General store is being proposed for a vacant lot near the southwest corner of North 76th Street and West Florist Avenue on Milwaukee’s northwest side.The store would be constructed on a 0.5-acre lot at 5925 N. 76th St., according to an application filed with the city by The Overland Group LLC. The store would sit toward the southern end of the roughly half-acre lot, while a 17-stall parking lot would be at the north end with access from the side street, West Bobolink Place.If built, the Dollar General would be situated along an existing commercial area with single-family homes to the west. Across West Bobolink to the north is a restaurant, and a convenience store neighbors the lot to the south. Across North 76th Street is a shopping center, with tenants including beauty salons, restaurants and a convenience store. “The proposed development will enhance the property, and in addition have a positive impact on the surrounding area,” the applicants wrote in a submission to the city.The proposal is to be considered in February by the Board of Zoning Appeals.A representative of The Overland Group declined to comment on the proposal. A spokeswoman for Dollar General did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Dollar General has more than 15,000 stores in 44 states, according to the application. The stores carry a wide variety of items, including food, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies and housewares. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

Acuitys headquarters in SheboyganProperty and ca

first_imgAcuity’s headquarters in Sheboygan.Property and casualty insurer Acuity plans to add a recreation center and an additional parking structure at its Sheboygan headquarters.The company plans to build a new 43,000-square-foot rec center, which would serve as an employee-only amenity and include various court-based activities, according to documents submitted to the City of Sheboygan.It also plans to construct a 82,000-square-foot parking structure that would include three levels and accommodate about 715 parking spaces. In the future, the company plans to add another five levels of parking to eventually accommodate a total of 1,900 parking spaces, the plans said. A rendering of the proposed Acuity Recreation Center. A rendering of the Acuity campus. A rendering of the new Acuity Recreation Center and parking structure. A rendering of the new Acuity Recreation Center and second phase of the parking structure expansion. Acuity’s headquarters in Sheboygan. The inside of Acuity’s headquarters. Acuity’s headquarters campus is home to a 400-foot flagpole that flies an American flag measuring 140 feet wide by 70 feet high.The fast-growing company completed a $170 million expansion of its corporate headquarters in 2017, doubling the total building space to a total of 1.2 million square feet. Ben Salzmann, president and chief executive officer of Acuity, in February said the company is on track to hire 160 new employees this year, with plans to add another 200 in 2020, and 250 more in 2021.Acuity currently has more than 1,300 employees, about 1,000 of whom are based at the Sheboygan headquarters.The office includes several unique design features, including a 65-foot indoor Ferris wheel, 27,000-square-foot fitness center, climbing wall and the world’s largest free-flying American flag.Next year, the company plans to finish and occupy a wing of the headquarters that is currently unfinished. Eventually, Salzmann has said, he expects the company will build two office towers on its campus.The new recreation center and parking structure would be located to the north and east of Acuity’s existing parking structure, according to the plans.The Sheboygan Architectural Review Board will consider Acuity’s special use application for the two new structures today. Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more

As part of the project the existing garage would

first_imgAs part of the project, the existing garage would be re-cladded with a modern facade. Parking capacity would be reduced slightly from 698 spaces to 682, and the garage’s restaurant space, currently occupied by Hard Rock Cafe, would be reduced from approximately 15,000 square feet to approximately 8,000 in order to accommodate a new residential lobby. Construction of the proposed project is anticipated to last approximately two years, commencing in the second quarter of 2019 and concluding in the second quarter of 2021.The Dock Square Garage is located next to Faneuil Hall and steps from Government Center. Also nearby is the 2.9-million-square-foot Bulfinch Crossing mixed-use development, which will revamp the existing Government Center Garage and revitalize the surrounding neighborhood with a pedestrian-friendly streetscape, a public plaza and six mixed-use buildings while retaining a section of the garage at the buildings’ center. Developer Fortis Property Group of New York acquired the garage, which was built in 1980 and renovated in 2007, for $170 million in September 2017. Renderings have been released for the redevelopment of Dock Square Garage at 20 Clinton Street in the Bulfinch Triangle. New property owner Fortis Group filed a Project Notification Form (PNF) with the Boston Planning and Redevelopment Agency including the following images and information.Proposed redevelopment of the existing 698-space Dock Square parking garage, which stands on 1.2 acres of land overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A 10-story, 253,000-square-foot spiral-shaped addition would be constructed atop the garage containing 195 for-sale condominium residences, expanding the garage to 17 stories and 209 feet tall as well as 535,000 square feet in size. Residences would include studios, one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms and four-bedrooms, with amenities including an outdoor patio/courtyard, a pool and multiple rooftop green terraces cascading down towards the Greenway. 25 residences would be designated affordable.*Advertisement*last_img read more

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first_img*Become a Patron (Rewards!)* or *Make a One-Time Contribution* 7:00PM North End Movie Nights: Uncle Drew. Movies will be shown on Wednesdays in July and August at The Gassy / DeFilippo Playground on Prince Street. Pizza will be served at 7 p.m. and movies begin at dark. This week’s movie will be Uncle Drew, see additional information here. 2:00PM Court Hearing DEP vs. Commercial Wharf E Condo Association at Suffolk County Superior Court – 3 Pemberton Square. This hearing will include oral arguments by Commercial Wharf East Condominium Association (CWECA) and Seth Scholfield from the AG’s office representing the DEP (Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection). The court will hear arguments from the parties, but the public will not be able to testify. 12:00PM Boston ADA Celebration. Stop by City Hall Plaza for a free event for all ages and abilities to celebrate the 29th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act. The public is invited to join for: – Food – Music – Resource Fair – Friends, and – Fun ASL and CART provided. For additional accommodation requests, call 617-635-3682 or e-mail Tuesday, July 23 Boston Police are asking for help identifying a man and woman who may be connected with a fire at 241 Hanover Street. Anyone with information is strongly urged to contact Fire Investigations Unit Detectives, see additional information here. Today is Monday, July 22 and here’s everything you need to know for the week ahead! 6:00PM Summer Fitness Series: Zumba. Stop by Christopher Columbus Park for the summer fitness series. Today’s class will be Zumba in the park, see additional details here. Did we miss something? Add it to the comments below. Follow @northend.waterfront on Instagram and tag #northend or #bostonwaterfront to have your photo featured! 1:00PM BCYF Summer Fun Workshops – Community Band Workshop Series. Stop by the Paul Revere Mall for a free general kids music workshop lead by NEMPAC faculty. *Advertisement* 7:00PM Dorothy Curran Concert Series: Charlie Thomas’ Drifters. The Dorothy Curran Wednesday Night Concert Series returns from July 17 to August 14 for another season of outdoor music for fans of all ages on City Hall Plaza with a tribute to Chicago, the classic soul of Charlie Thomas’ Drifters, an evening of Motown funk, and the grand finale featuring the legendary Tavares. Wednesday, July 24 6:00PM SCANZONATI | JAZZ IN THE PARK 2019 – NEMPAC Summer Series on the Greenway. Scanzonati performs during this third week of jazz by combining charming and soulful vocal textures with sophisticated harmonies and arrangements to present incredibly rich and well-written Italian music infused with Mediterranean lyrical finesse, see additional information here. 6:00PM Old North Speaker Series: Sweethearts at Sea at the Old North Church. Speaker Amanda Goodheart Parks presents Sweethearts at Sea: Love and Marriage in the New England Whaling Industry, see additional information and ticket details here. Need to submit a post? Great, start here! Notable News: 12:00PM BCYF Summer Fun Workshops – Community Band Workshop Series. Stop by the Paul Revere Mall for a free general kids music workshop lead by NEMPAC faculty. St. Anthony’s Grand Procession circa 1938: Keep up with what’s happening on the Events Calendar. Plan your events with the Community Calendar. Police Release Photos of Man, Woman Sought in North End Arson Firelast_img read more

They purposely adopted a semienclosure policy aft

first_imgThey purposely adopted a semi-enclosure policy after noting that new ideas brought by early Christian missionaries were bringing changes into the minds and actions of the converts which they considered troublesome.When US Commodore Perry came almost 200 years later in mid-19th century with his intimidating gunboats, the Japanese finally realized the folly of resisting. They reluctantly signed a treaty with the US and soon with the rest of the Western powers. Since then, however, they worked doubly hard to inquire and copy or cut and paste any new knowledge on western science and technology for their own study, including modern government and art of war and widely spread this newly found knowledge to their people to understand and apply.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPalace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spikeBy end of the 19th century, Japan successfully tested its newly built strength by defeating China in their contest for Korea’s allegiance, taking part of Manchuria and Taiwan in process. By the combined threat of three white powers led by Russia, which at that time the Japanese thought they could not resist, Japan gave up Manchuria which Russia then gobbled up. Ten years later, Japan was already prepared to challenge Russia and won their bloody encounters in both land and sea; got back Manchuria and occupied Korea finally.For all intent and purposes, therefore, Japan was already in the league of the west economically and militarily by the end of the 19th century. It lost in WW II and found its industrial areas in shatter, courtesy of the US long flying bombers and atomic bombs. But the destruction only gave the Japanese the opportunity to modernize their industrial machineries and factories which they then successfully used, with the help of American management gurus ironically, to compete with the US in their new war front – the contest to gobble up the largest chunk of the fast growing global market. Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros With its wealth now, every Japanese citizen, has everything in command to live a long and full life and for the Japanese government to keep things in order inside Japan and protect its people from nature’s harm. Their economy is in limbo now but with its very low or negative population growth, their per capita income is still one of the envy in the world.MORE STORIESnewsinfoFake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in PaterosnewsinfoAngara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution systemnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewMORE STORIESnewsinfoFake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in PaterosnewsinfoAngara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution systemnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewIn the absence of a central government and national leader, the Philippines, which is divided into more than 7,000 islands, was easy to subdue by the Spaniards. But instead of elevating us to their level of civilization, all the Spaniards did in their 300 years of occupation was to tell the Indios to go to church and pray. They taught very little industry because the Spaniards themselves do not practice them because they depended mostly on their prosperity at that time from their extracted gold and silver from the mines in Latin America. The Indios, as the Spaniards called them, were left only to their native intelligence how to fill their belly and overcome the vagaries of nature and Moro attacks that ended only with the coming of the Americans.The Americans came to the Philippines almost half a century later after forcibly opening Japan. Pushing aside Aguinaldo and his ragtag army, the Americans succeeded in taking the walled-city of Manila whose occupants were only too glad to surrender to their own kind rather than to the ignorant Indios. Fair enough, the Americans give us a working government, built our infrastructure, provided public health and education services and shackled the Moros. But the first Philippine legislature being created was nothing more than a debating society and breeding ground for the country’s future power hungry politicians who were to take over after the Americans depart. Real political powers rested with the Philippine Commission and US Congress.Meanwhile, Philippine commerce and industry, large and small, including large plantations and haciendas, were controlled by the Americans, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese and Spanish mestizos, and other foreign investors. The natives only serve as ordinary workers and tenant farmers. Indeed, Philippine life under the US occupation looked like heaven enough when compared to the medieval way of living under the Spaniards. The train departs on time and letters and telegrams were delivered on their duly appointed date and place.But Manuel L. Quezon, like many others in the cream of the Philippine society that benefited greatly from new opportunities offered in the field of government service at the national and local level, preferred to see the Philippines run by Filipinos like hell than the Americans like heaven.ADVERTISEMENT Unfortunately for the poor Filipinos as the Americans called them now, God did not disappoint Quezon’s fervent hope. True enough, after independence our government under the leadership of corrupt and inept officials (not all of course) who consider their positions in government as family heirlooms are leading us not into a life of fullness and happiness but emptiness and hell.Look, compared with the 2012 American and Japanese nominal per capita income of $51,704 and $46,707, respectively, we only have $2,611 to show and no amount of purchasing power parity (PPP) adjustment can change the fact of our impoverishment.So don’t be surprised with the way we deal with Yolanda. It is not Benigno Aquino III’s incompetence but years of corruption and ineptness in all branches and levels of government that did it for us. And we the people are the ultimate cause of our own tragedy by electing to power the same family of crocs (with exceptions again) to run the government year after year.Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Quake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anew Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal BPI nets P13.74B in H1 MOST READ Lacson: I’m no turncoat, I speak my mind PLAY LIST 01:19Lacson: I’m no turncoat, I speak my mind08:05Duterte stops all gaming activities including lotto, STL01:38Duterte cites Hague ruling: PH may enter into fishing deal with other nations03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension SMC bags Bulacan airport project In contribution to the raging debate on the performance of the Philippine government to respond to the challenge of Yolanda, I present today my historical political economy perspective view of why we do poorly compared with Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami, for example.When the Europeans first came to Japan in the early phase of the age of exploration of the Far East, the Japanese resisted and allowed only the Dutch to deal with them in one specific port for some limited and well-guarded trade.ADVERTISEMENT Angara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution system LATEST STORIES Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros View commentslast_img read more

Chapel communities and parishes would be better of

first_imgChapel communities and parishes would be better off if every fiesta became an occasion to attend to the forgotten ones in society – beggars, street children, disaster survivors, prisoners, wayward youths and the poor.What if Saint Francis of Assisi’s feast were devoted to planting mangroves and trees and Saint Thomas More’s feast were spent by lawyers giving free legal assistance?What if the run-up to Saint Luke’s day became a privileged season for doctors to conduct medical missions and Saint Sebastian’s day were a time to run sports clinics?Last Sunday’s procession-cum-relief drive was thankfully different.If we have more of these meangingful twists added to tradition, they could spell a great transformation in the faith of people as lived in this part of Asia.Read Next The foot procession, which marked the feast of Christ the King, was also a countdown to the 51st International Eucharistic Congress in Cebu in 2016.MORE STORIESnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewnewsinfo‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa visits protesters blocking new Hawaii telescopenewsinfoCourt: Non-native Guam residents can vote on status with USMORE STORIESnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewnewsinfo‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa visits protesters blocking new Hawaii telescopenewsinfoCourt: Non-native Guam residents can vote on status with USThe prayer walk down Osmeña Boulevard to the Magellan’s Cross may very well herald a profound turn in the festive culture of Filipino Catholics, especially in the Visayas.We refer to the thousands, especially young people, who equate fiesta with fun and self-indulgent revelry, rather than an occasion to reach out to the less fortunate.We mean those people who have come to associate fiesta with heavy traffic, late night noise, money-making and getting wasted.In many places, fiesta novenas have deteriorated into front acts for nine nights of drag shows or stage plays that entertain but are woefully out of step with the virtues of the saint being honored.ADVERTISEMENT At first blush, the Cebu archdiocese’s collection of canned goods and water bottles for survivors of supertyphoon Yolanda gathered from participants of last Sunday’s religious procession capping the Year of Faith looked novel.The relief drive, on hindsight, hewed closely to the Gospel’s basic call for the faithful to provide for the poor.ADVERTISEMENT PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension An adobo upgrade: Add rosemary Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal What’s new in town: Eggplant parmigiana deep-dish pizza, tofu ‘kakigori,’ ‘kamias’-date sticky toffee pudding Sen. Pia Cayetano: Judge our clan based on performance Pagasa: Rain expected as LPA enters PAR SMC bags Bulacan airport project MOST READ LATEST STORIES Indeed, calamities like the superstorm and the Oct. 15 earthquake are turning out to be signs prompting churches to get more involved in social concerns.There has been no dearth of priests who are active in nation building, from activist Redemptorist Fr. Rudy Romano in the martial law era to Augustinian Fr. Tito Soquiño, who advocates ecological stewardship in this age of climate change.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPalace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spikeSunday’s procession, where people were asked to bring “one can more, one bottle more” for calamity victims, was refreshing. It involved clergy and lay persons who form the bulk of the Church.The organic relationship between ritual and social action should spur more people to be good Samaritans. PM Boris Johnson visits Belfast as Brexit woes hurt UK economy Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

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first_imgclick to see more pictures By FFWPU TaiwanTrue mothers sets up Jeongsong conditions for the 13 special strategy nations every day, and hopes that the 13 nations should make the plan and budget for the first four months from October 1 to Foundation Day in 2017. This will make Taiwan church more actively invest in many activities of Heavenly Tribal Messiah, creation of the environment and the cultivation of talents, towards the Vision 2020.Through True Parent’s Heavenly Fortune and the united heart of leaders and members, we can successfully hold blessing ceremony in the Pearl community of Yilan Dongshan township on October 8, 2016. Three Japanese Youth Missionaries gave very great performance to make the participants happy. We would like to share some reflections and testimonies as following:The emergence of John the Baptist-type central figure – Mr. Lin Kunhuang chairman of Pearl Community Development Association. He initiates this blessing ceremony. At the beginning of this year, he was deeply touched by joining the first Blessing Ceremony, “Happy Taiwan, Love in Yilan Blessing Ceremony”. In May, after he took part in the inauguration of the new President, he thought he should pay more attention to the country and society. He also was concerned about the high divorce rate in Taiwan. So he thought that we should promote the healthy marriage through the loving couples who have been married for many years. So the Chairman Mr. Lin would like to hold the golden wedding and silver wedding award for more than 50 years married couples. Then, he thought of FFWPU, and immediately went to the Yilan church to discuss with the local church leader how to combine with our blessing ceremony.Pearl community is the sponsor to contribute not only money but also invitation and event planning. FFWPU is cosponsor, responsible for the blessing ceremony and venue layout. Participating couples are invited by the Pearl community, but with the help of God, because of their heavy work, they give us the information of contact list to help to confirm the presence or absence of those registered couples. On October 6, 2016, there was a press conference, it’s heavy downpour until the press conference start and then it becomes sunny, we really feel the blessing from Heaven. After that, the newspapers and the Internet media have reported substantially for this event as well as a good publicity. In addition, Chairman Mr. Lin arranged us to interview some couples to make the filming of the story of their life course. So we can enter the couples’ families, and it helps us to establish the relationship and promote follow-up invitation.Look forward to the follow – up education be able to settle down and multiply. Although only 24 couples who married for more than 40, 50, 60 years attend the wedding ceremony, but local main leaders attend the event such as Chen Oupo legislator’s wife (20 years ago participated in the Samsung township blessing ceremony), LuoDong township mayor’s daughter, Chairperson of Gimshin temple (Now as the accountant director of the former Vice-President Siew Sau Wan-chang) and local County council members. They were impressed. We believe it would continue to expand and settle down next year.In Yilan area, it had held 3 blessing ceremonies on Jan. 3, June 25 and Oct. 8, nearly 400 couples attend. Even though the local church is not sufficient circumstances in manpower and finance. The church leader’s couple and local blessed families still go all out to complete the mission in unity. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for it. I except we can bring greater achievements to Heavenly Parent and True Parent in 2017.last_img read more

You Can Work Out with Aly Raisman

first_img 000 4/4/2017, 11:26 a.m. Read all about the latest gym openings, healthy events, and fitness trends in our twice weekly Wellness newsletter. By Jamie Ducharme· Printcenter_img You Can Work Out with Aly Raisman She’ll be at the Jimmy Fund Fit Fest next month. Aly Raisman/Photo providedFor one day only, Aly Raisman can be your workout buddy—no backflips required.On May 6, the Olympic gymnast is joining Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Reebok for the Jimmy Fund Fit Fest, an all-day fitness spectacular taking place on the Esplanade.Raisman will kick things off with opening remarks and a guided warmup. Then, the day transitions into five workouts led by some of Boston’s best instructors. The schedule includes:CrossFit taught by CrossFit Back Bay’s Erika PearsonBootcamp taught by Barry’s Bootcamp’s Derek DurkinBoxing taught by EverybodyFights’ Stephanie GreenfieldDance taught by Healthworks’ Carmen RojasYoga taught by CorePower Yoga’s Majesta ThorndikeOf course, the event is about more than breaking a sweat. It’s also a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber, supporting critical cancer care and research carried out by the hospital—a cause near and dear to Raisman’s heart.“Like so many others, my family has been affected by cancer,” she says in a statement. “I am excited to team up with the Jimmy Fund to make an impact in Dana-Farber’s important mission to conquer cancer.”Interested participants may register individually or as a team, here. Registration costs $10, and each individual must commit to raising at least $175. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day, as well as prizes and giveaways.$10 plus $175 fundraising minimum, 5/6, 7 a.m. The DCR Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade, 47 David G Mugar Way, Boston, Sign up for Health & Wellness newsletters. Everything you need to stay healthy and fit.*last_img read more

Stuck in a Coffee Routine Try a Rotating Roaster Program

first_img Print By Jacqueline Cain· Sign up for The Feed. The latest on the city’s restaurants scene.* 000 9/28/2017, 11:06 a.m. center_img Get coffee to go at Branch Line, which is currently pulling Middle State Coffee out of Denver. / Photos by Emily HagenIf she’s being honest, it would have been easier for general manager Deena Marlette to choose one coffee roaster to have on the menu at Branch Line. La Colombe, say, like the new Explorateur chose this year; or Gracenote, like Pagu has.But owner Andrew Holden, a “big coffee fan,” according to Marlette, wanted the Watertown restaurant to offer a little more with its espresso program. They were going to have an exceptional beer program, little-known wines from Corsica and elsewhere in the Mediterranean, and even a focus on hard cider, after all.“But [the bar program is] not too different from what other people are doing,” Marlette says. “In Watertown, you have Athena [Health], lots of tech companies, you’re going to get a lot of regulars. We wanted to do some different things for people to try.”So, Marlette—who was once a breakfast server at Eastern Standard, but has no formal coffee training—set out to establish a guest coffee roaster program, which would bring in different roasters from all across the country for a couple months at a time. The program launched last fall, with Rising Star Coffee from Marlette’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.But it turns out, coffee roasters typically prefer to be a restaurant’s only option. They will often provide the machinery, and train the staff with their own experts. Coffee roasters are also particular about a place’s water quality, and they want to ensure the house machine is properly calibrated to produce their best cup of joe. So it wasn’t an easy pitch, Marlette says.But the Branch Line team persisted. The restaurant purchased its own La Marzocco espresso machine, and Marlette has done a ton of research and development to barista-train her entire staff. And it’s been so worth it, she says.Latte art at Branch Line. / Photos by Emily HagenCoffee is “so often an afterthought [in restaurants], instead of making it an essential part of your meal or day,” she says. “It’s your mid-day cortado, or a cup to go after dinner. We make it something a little special.”Branch Line is currently pulling Middle State Coffee out of Denver, Colorado. It previously had the cult favorite Brooklyn roaster Parlor Coffee.They’re not the only ones mixing up the espresso game. Holden was inspired by the program helmed by Lena Johnson at Loyal Nine. That Cambridge restaurant and café has a house roaster in Dark Matter, from Chicago, but they also have daily options from a rotating specialty roaster. Delaware’s Brandywine gives way to Sey Coffee out of Brooklyn in October, Johnson says.Elsewhere in Cambridge, Hi-Rise Bread Co. has been rotating its coffee roasters for more than a decade. It was the first place to offer San Francisco pioneer Ritual east of the Mississippi, says owner René Becker. And 3 Little Figs, a small café off the beaten path in Somerville, always has a guest roaster alongside its primary Tandem Coffee from Portland, Maine.“Building relationships with coffee companies in other parts of the country is the coolest part. When they’re traveling or visiting Boston, they go out of their way to visit us,” says Becca Pollock, director of coffee at 3 Little Figs. “It’s a unique way to build relationships, while letting customers see what other people are doing in other parts of the country.”But if you’re just in for your morning cup, 3 Little Figs “won’t overcomplicate things,” she says. “I’m definitely there to engage [interested people] and let them try tastes, but we don’t force it on everybody,” Pollock says. “But it’s a popular hobby right now.”That means, also, that the coffee world is a lot to keep up with. Johnson and her team at Loyal Nine are always keeping an ear to the ground for what’s new, delicious, and exciting in coffee, she says, and they’re constantly sampling different roasts. Branch Line, too, hosts regular staff cuppings (tastings).“Coffee is on the brink of becoming something even bigger. People are looking for that connection,” Marlette says, just like they are in the craft beer world, with natural wines, and with farm-to-table dining. “I have pictures of the farmers that literally cultivated our beans hanging [in the office]. That connection becomes even more important.”And as anyone who drinks coffee already knows, the daily drink is already pretty crucial.Follow Branch Line, Loyal Nine Cafe, Hi-Rise Bread Co., and 3 Little Figs on Instagram to keep up-to-date on what coffees are brewing. Drinks Stuck in a Coffee Routine? Try a Rotating Roaster Program Branch Line, Loyal Nine, and more Boston-area cafés are changing the daily grind. Devoted foodies and restaurant newbies love The Feed. Sign-up now for our twice weekly newsletter. last_img read more

Check Out the New Sunday Brunch Menu at Casa Verde

first_img Print By Jacqueline Cain· Devoted foodies and restaurant newbies love The Feed. Sign-up now for our twice weekly newsletter. Restaurant News Check Out the New Sunday Brunch Menu at Casa Verde The Jamaica Plain taqueria relaunches brunch this weekend. 2210222center_img 1/4/2019, 4:29 p.m. Sign up for The Feed. The latest on the city’s restaurants scene.* (L to R) Chilaquiles, Cornmeal Pancakes with whipped chili-lime butter, and Green Chorizo Hash from the Sunday brunch menu at Casa Verde. / Photos providedNearly a year into his overhaul of Jamaica Plain taqueria Casa Verde, chef Owen Royce-Nagel is finally serving the best meal of the week. Sunday brunch launches this weekend at Casa Verde with a slew of brand-new savory, sweet, and spicy dishes, and we have the first look at the new menu.Begin with a Bloody Maria made with bacon-infused tequila, or another one of the new brunch drinks; and maybe a dozen freshly shucked oysters. Then, classic brunch fare gets a Latin twist, such as cornmeal pancakes with a dollop of chili-lime butter; and a omelet filled with chipotle-spiced cauliflower, Chihuahua cheese, and salsa verde. The house-made tortillas that Royce-Nagel introduced this past spring are ever-present, with a selection of tacos (with or without a fried egg), and dips for chips. They also serve as the basis of Casa Verde’s new chilaquiles, which are available for omnivores with barbacoa, or with vegetarian chili. Check out the full menu below.Prior to taking over Casa Verde last year, Royce-Nagel cooked at its sister restaurant Tres Gatos. He is the chef behind the itinerant JP Beer Garden, and is also an alum of Row 34, Craigie on Main, and Eastern Standard. While Casa Verde has served brunch in the past, this new menu is its strongest yet, says owner David Doyle—and it’s here to stay. Brunch continues every Sunday at Casa Verde from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.711 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617-477-9977, to view larger.Click to view larger.last_img read more