Lost Chess Piece Found in Drawer Could Fetch 13M at Auction

first_img Mint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107KRare, ‘Legendary’ 1894 Dime Could Fetch More Than $1 Million… Stay on target A long-lost chess piece missing for almost 200 years was unknowingly kept in a drawer by a family in Scotland, and now it could fetch up to $1.3 million in an upcoming auction.The chess piece was purchased for $6 (£5) by the family’s grandfather, an antiques dealer, in 1964. Stored in a drawer for 55 years, the piece could now fetch up to $1.3 million (£1 million) at auction after the late owner’s family took it to Sotheby’s auction house in London for assessment.Family members had no idea that the object — one of the 900-year-old Lewis Chessmen — is one of the most famous chess pieces in the world, and among the greatest artifacts of the Viking area.(Photo Credit: Tristan Fewings / Getty Images for Sotheby’s)The Lewis Chessmen are intricate, expressive chess pieces in the form of Norse warriors, carved from walrus ivory in the 12th century.A hoard of 93 chess figures was dug up on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides more than 180 years ago, but five pieces have been missing for years.The 3 1/2-inch (8.8-centimeter) piece, which will be auctioned July 2, the equivalent of a rook, is the first of the missing chessmen to be identified. It was passed down to the family of the antiques dealer, who did not realize its significance.The Lewis Chessmen are among the biggest draws at the British Museum and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, according to BBC News. They are seen as an “important symbol of European civilization” and have inspired everything from children’s show Noggin The Nog to part of the plot in Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone.“My mother was very fond of the Chessman as she admired its intricacy and quirkiness,” the family, who wished to remain anonymous, said in a statement obtained by the BBC. “She believed that it was special and thought perhaps it could even have had some magical significance.”“For many years it resided in a drawer in her home where it had been carefully wrapped in a small bag. From time to time, she would remove the chess piece from the drawer in order to appreciate its uniqueness.”Sotheby’s expert Alexander Kader, who examined the piece for the family, said his “jaw dropped” when he realized what they had in their possession.The Lewis Chessmen set includes seated kings and queens, bishops, knights and standing warders and pawns. Some 82 pieces are now in the British Museum and 11 pieces held by the National Museum of Scotland.From the British Museum’s collection: Five of the Lewis Chessmen, ivory chess pieces from a collection of 93 found at Uig on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. (Photo Credit: CM Dixon / Print Collector / Getty Images)Since the hoard was uncovered in 1831, one knight and four warders have been missing from the four combined chess sets.The newly-discovered piece is a warder, a man with helmet, shield and sword and the equivalent of a rook on a modern chess board, which “has immense character and power.”“There are still four out there somewhere. It might take another 150 years for another one to pop up,” Kader told the Independent.Kader estimates the warder could fetch up to $1.3 million (£1 million) when it goes up for auction next month at Sotheby’s. “We can safely say that a million pounds will transform the seller’s life.”He added: “There are still four out there somewhere. It might take another 150 years for another one to pop up.”More on Geek.com:Rare Apple-1 Computer Goes Up for Auction, Could Fetch Up to $650,000Instruction Manual Used for Apollo 11 Moon Landing Is Up for Auction‘Miracle’ Coin That Saved WWI Soldier’s Life When It Deflected a Bullet Goes Up for Auctionlast_img read more

Could app rentals lead to a breakthrough in iOS gaming

first_imgAfter sifting through the latest version of iTunes 10.5 (beta 9), Twitter user @sonnydickson has revealed references to something that may surprise you: iOS app rentals. While the possibility of renting apps is certainly interesting news in itself, it gets really intriguing when you imagine what Apple’s motivations for the move could be. Could it be related to a big step forward in iOS gaming?First, here’s the code for you to see for yourself. With lines like “Apps are automatically removed from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period,” it clearly refers to the renting of applications:The first question that I had after hearing about app rentals was “why would anyone want to rent an iOS app?” With the vast majority of paid apps costing under $10 (many of those under $5), why bother renting one?One of the more obvious examples would be for navigation apps, that typically ring up in the $30-50 range. If you’re looking for GPS for your annual road trip, the prospect of renting it for, say, $5 could be appealing to budget-conscious iOS users.With Apple, though, it’s often wise to wonder if there’s a bigger plan behind changes like this. Would they bother bringing in a major new service just so travelers can rent an app that they might otherwise buy for the full price? I have serious doubts about that.With the (almost certain) addition of an A5 processor in the new iPhone (and with the iPad 2 already toting the A5), iOS gaming is set to take off like never before. We already have near console-quality games in Infinity Blade, Dead Space, and the myriad of Gameloft console clones (9mm and Backstab come to mind). Perhaps Apple sees this as the time to take the next step into more advanced mobile gaming?With the superstars of their iOS hardware lineup — the iPhone and iPad — soon to be both sporting more powerful components, perhaps the only thing keeping iOS gaming from jumping to the next level is customer expectations. Specifically, the expectation that iOS games are going to cost less than $10.If Apple wants to encourage developers to create games that start to rival the PS3 and Xbox 360, it isn’t going to work if nobody is willing to pay more than $8.99 for each of them. Could app rentals be a way to ease customers into pricier gaming?We tend to want eternally-advancing capabilities, but we generally don’t like being asked to pay more for them. Considering the amount of development that goes into a console-level game, a few bucks seems like a meager price to sell each copy for. But if we’d be willing to pay $20-40 for one of them, it stands to reason that we could see some things happen on the iPhone and iPad that dwarf what the current cutting-edge iOS games bring.Would we also see lots of crappy titles that used to cost $5 now costing four or five times as much? Sure. But wouldn’t it be worth sifting through all of that garbage to see a full Grand Theft Auto or Batman: Arkham game on the iPad? I’d take that trade-off any day.Who wouldn’t want John Marsden on the iPhone?Now the A5 isn’t quite on par with current generation consoles, but if – with the right development – it could have games that come much closer to that than we’ve seen yet, wouldn’t that be worth the price of a PSP or 3DS game? And speaking of Sony, don’t you think Apple would just love to eat the Vita alive before it even launches?Back to the rentals: this could be a clever strategy on Apple’s part. If I’m initially appalled at the idea of $40 iOS games, I might give it a shot if I can rent it for $5. Then when I see that it’s a much more advanced gaming experience than anything else on iOS, I might be more inclined to drop $40 for it. If Apple also offered to cut the initial rental price off of the full purchase price when bought during a few days of the rental period, that could push things along even more.Of course we have no evidence that these alleged app rentals relate to advanced iOS gaming. But when you add this code to the more advanced gaming capabilities that a legion of iPhone users are about to have, it isn’t out of the question.Stay tuned to Geek for coverage of Apple’s announcement tomorrow, and we may find out.last_img read more

This robot might beat your Angry Birds high score

first_imgThose of us who grew up in the latter part of the 20th century were inundated with sci-fi fantasies of humanoid robots flying spaceships, helping to win wars, and engaging in witty banter with humans and other robots alike. You could make the case that real robots have now done all of the above, but what we have here may be a robot occupation that had never occurred to you. This robot prefers to keep things simple. His speciality is slingshotting birds into unsuspecting pigs.Yes, this robot has been built to play Angry Birds. It uses a retractable finger-like rod that is covered in some kind of skin-like synthetic material that fools a touchscreen into thinking it’s a human finger. The robot’s creator, Jason Huggins, then sends signals to two servo motors via keys on a remote. While there’s no C3PO-like (or even Siri-like) artificial intelligence involved, what we do have is a remote-controlled robot that can smash swine with the best of them.Huggins calls his creation BitBot. He isn’t just a hobbiest who wants to beat high scores without putting his donut down though. He is the co-founder of Saucelabs, and the creator of Selenium. Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications. Do you see where he’s going with this? He envisions a future where his company will have a building full of BitBots, testing mobile applications. It would essentially be the physical equivalent of the Selenium testing software.It isn’t immediately clear exactly what benefit would come from having thousands of robots sitting in a building, testing the latest Gameloft or Chillingo title. Perhaps the sheer multitude of mechanical fingers that would be swiping and tapping at the game would make bugs more likely to be found? Maybe they would be powered by an application-specific program that would tell them how to play the game? Suddenly this is sounding more applicable, and it would be one way to get some beta testing without having to worry about pre-launch leaks.The only downside I can see here is that every little kid’s fantasy career, “video game tester,” may soon be taken over by robots. Sorry, lads.More at BitBeam, via O’Reilly Radarlast_img read more

Sonys 15th anniversary Gran Turismo event to reveal new game details

first_imgThere have been a few leaks about the next in the Gran Turismo series over the past few months. We first heard that Gran Turismo 6 remained a PS3 game back in February. Then a listing for the game on Sony’s current gen console appeared last month, followed by a release date of November 28 and box art. All that was speculation, though, and today Sony has announced it intends to tell us exactly what is going on with the series next week.It’s actually been 15 years since the original Gran Turismo appeared for the PSOne. So a 15th anniversary Gran Turismo event is set to be held on May 15 at the Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire, UK.Sony and Polyphony Digital are promising to not only look back at the series, but also look forward. Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony, will be present to make “some exciting announcements” about the future of Gran Turismo. I expect that will include details and footage from Gran Turismo 6, but also something for the PlayStation 4.Ideally, Sony would love to have GT6 released to keep PS3 sales strong this year as well as having a quick turnaround for a PS4 GT game for release in 2014. Polyphony isn’t exactly reliable when it comes to release dates, though, and development time is counted in years, not months.The good news is you don’t have to figure out how to travel to Silverstone in order to hear what’s going to be said next week. Sony will be live streaming the event via gran-turismo.com and the PlayStation.Blog.last_img read more

This Horror Movie Is About a Possessed Killer Drone

first_img Vintage Shelf: Spike Lee Brings the Heat in ‘Do The Right Thing…Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week Stay on target As we learned last year, drones can wreak havoc on busy airports. But a new horror movie is imagining drones wreaking havoc on a whole new — and murderous — level.The Drone, scheduled for release this year, is a horror movie about a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter drone that has been possessed by a serial killer and sets out to terrorize newlyweds Rachel (Alexandra Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton).The trailer starts out with vignettes about how technology has enriched our lives, through advancements in aviation, space exploration, and health. But what happens when a drone get a mind (and a deranged one at that) of its own? Horror, of course. The trailer even features a shower scene (a la Psycho).Directed by Jordan Rubin, The Drone will have its world premiere at the Slamdance Festival in Park City, Utah, on Jan. 28. It’s still unclear if the movie will hit movie theaters or streaming services.More on Geek.com:MovieBob Reviews: ‘Destroyer’Is Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ a Secret Disney Remake?First ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Is a Fiery Battle Against Gruesome Monsterslast_img read more

Resident Evil Revelations and Puzzle Fighter Are Portable Capcom Games

first_imgStay on target Hands-On: Monster Energy Supercross is More Exciting Than Soft DrinksCosplay Gallery: New York Comic Con 2017, Part 2 Capcom doesn’t exactly have a ton of big new games on the horizon, outside of Monster Hunter World aka the First Playable Monster Hunter. But at New York Comic Con the publisher proved adept at extending the life of its older games in exciting new ways. New updates for Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom! New content for Resident Evil VII and Dead Rising 4! HD remaster of Okami!But as someone who lives a busy, on-the-go, Gogurt-eating lifestyle, I was particularly interested in Capcom’s upcoming portable games. And later this year they’ll have two very different options to choose from: Puzzle Fighter for mobile and Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Nintendo Switch.Puzzle Fighter is pretty much what you’d expect from a modern mobile update of the Street Fighter-themed puzzle game. Players swipe to match colorful blocks and assemble them into larger power blocks. Crash those combos to damage your opponent and deal with counter blocks that can’t be broken until a certain number of terms.This new Puzzle Fighter also includes characters from the larger Capcom universe, a bonafide trend in recent Capcom games. I played as a cute Jill Valentine fighting against an adorable Ryu. And when I activated my combo she unleashed a savage animation straight out of Resident Evil 5.Of course, since this is a modern mobile game, Puzzle Fighter is free to play. You can use your earning to unlock new characters and skills in E. Honda’s shop. You can technically earn everything in the game by grinding, but come on.If you want to just pay one sum of money for a lot of game, maybe consider Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Nintendo Switch. At the panel, Capcom talked about how it seemed poetic for the acclaimed first Revelations to begin as a Nintendo 3DS game, go to home consoles, and return to a Nintendo handheld in a new HD form alongside its sequel. The episodic dramatic TV-style structure of both games also makes them a great fit for portable play.On Switch, the games look as spooky as they always did, whether you’re on the haunted boat of the first game or the gnarly prison colony in the second. The Pro Controller also handles like a dream in the wave-based Raid mode. HD Rumble and third-person shotgunning zombies are a match made in the good kind of Hell.While these are pretty much the same games from 2012 and 2015, the Switch version includes exclusive retro minigames like a parody of Capcom’s own scary side-scroller Ghost ‘N Goblins starring beloved Resident Evil dad Barry Burton. Also, keep in mind the Switch cartridge only includes the first game. The second must be downloaded so grab that Micro SD card.Both Puzzle Fighter on mobile and Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Nintendo Switch launch this holiday. So take your portable pick.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

These Lovely Kirby Nintendo Valentines Suck

first_img This Valentine’s Day (or close enough to it) Nintendo has the perfect game to show how much they love Nintendo Switch owners. It’s called Bayonetta 2 and it’s about a sassy hair witch who kills angels with guns and kisses. But the kind of romance Bayonetta offers is strictly for mature gamers only. So what about younger fans looking for some Nintendo love? How about something pink and cuddly?Kirby Star Allies is the next major Switch game from Nintendo. It’s not out for another month, but you can get a lovely taste of the puffball’s latest adventure with Nintendo’s Kirby-themed Valentine’s Day cards. Along with Kirby’s inherently lovable design, the Valentine’s Day connection also makes sense because Star Allies is all about recruiting enemies to your side through the power of hearts. It’s also about sucking, but that’s every Kirby game.AdChoices广告Over on Nintendo’s website you can download six Kirby cards to share with your Valentine, be they a friend or something more. The obviously standout is the one featuring buff King Dedede with the caption “You Swole My Heart,” but we’re also partial to “You’re A Work of Art” starring Paint Kirby. The lack of Meta-Knight is a little disappointing though. If there’s any Kirby character that needs love it’s that sword-wielding sad sack.If you don’t love Kirby (and if so what’s wrong with you) you can also take Nintendo’s Valentine’s Day quiz and possibly get matched with other Nintendo characters. My sweetheart was Princess Peach, presumably because Captain Falcon wasn’t an option. You can also download more cards featuring other Nintendo characters.Kirby Star Allies launches March 16 on Nintendo Switch, and we’re looking forward to it. But if Nintendo really loves us, if they really want to show us they care, they’ll tell us all about Switch versions of Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Metroid, Mario Maker, Pikmin, and all of our other beloved Nintendo franchises.Buy it now!Buy Nintendo labo Variety Kit.Buy Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.Nintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. This Bird Attracts His Valentine With His Heart-Shaped Red Throat SacThe 11 Best Video Games to Play With Your Significant Other Stay on targetlast_img read more

Apex Legends Mobile Gives Us Hope For Switch Version

first_imgStay on target Finally, You Can Play ‘Apex Legends’ By YourselfWalmart, ESPN Target Video Game Guns Following Actual Gun Tragedy Update: A mobile version of Apex Legends always seemed like a good idea. It gives the already popular battle royale and even bigger audience. It helps it compete more with PUBG and Fortnite. And it opens up new potential territories in Asia. And now that good idea may become a good reality because in a recent investors call EA CEO Andrew Wilson all but confirmed Apex Legends for mobile devices. As cool as that sounds though, what’s even cooler is that, as with Fortnite, getting the game to run on mobile hardware could given Respawn the excuse it needs to also bring Apex Legends to Nintendo Switch.Apex Legends is by all means a huge success. EA and Respawn’s Titanfall spin-off battle royale game has amassed tens of millions of players since its surprise launch a few weeks ago. And part of the reason it became so popular was by adopting the free-to-play model of Fortnite. Tons of people are willing to try a huge multiplayer game if they don’t have to pay for it. And if they like it maybe they will start paying for it in the form of battle passes.However, while Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite battle it out to be the best battle royale, Fortnite retains its lead by being available on the widest variety of platforms. Right now Apex Legends is only available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Not a small potential audience by any means, but is it going to get bigger anytime soon?Talking to Wired, Respawn project lead Drew McCoy wouldn’t comment one way or another on Apex Legends coming to new systems, particularly the Nintendo Switch which can currently play Fortnite. The team is aware folks want to play the game on the console/handheld hybrid. Folks want to play pretty much everything on the console/handheld hybrid. And you can hold onto hope because the developers didn’t immediately dismiss the idea, as opposed to literally laugh at the thought of Titanfall 2 on Switch. But nothing was explicitly confirmed. And I’m not sure if the Switch even supports the Source engine Apex Legends runs on.In that same vein, there’s also nothing new to report on the possibility of Apex Legends coming to mobile devices like iOS and Android, another huge audience already tapped by Fortnite and PUBG.So while we wouldn’t shocked to see Apex Legends spread to these other platforms, it might not be for a while. Given how much people seem to like this game though it should be even better by the time it does get ported. Besides, Respawn has Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to worry about right now. For more on Apex Legends here’s our salute to its diverse roster of characters.last_img read more

Apples iPad Vs Lenovos IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook w Video

first_img Citation: Apple’s iPad Vs Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook (w/ Video) (2010, January 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2010-01-apple-ipad-lenovo-ideapad-u1hybrid.html The iPad has no multitasking capabilities which can be counter-productive; how can you copy and paste between two application? This is a basic requirement that is even available in some smartphones.No Flash support. Many websites use flash for video streaming as well as movie content providers like Hulu, Fancast, and others. The screen ratio is 4:3 and is not HD ready. The screen itself displays 132 ppi as compared to the iPhone’s 163 ppi. This leaves much to be desired when viewing streaming video.The good news is the iPad has optional keyboard dock, camera connection kit and an Apple-designed case; all of which will raise the basic cost.In the 2010 CES, Lenovo announced their IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook. This device has unique detach-and-converge design that lets users easily remove the screen to instantly switch from clamshell mode to a multi-touch slate tablet. Lenovo’s amazing Tablet/PC Hybrid brings a tablet and a PC together in an amazingly elegant way. It’s a tablet. It’s a notebook computer. In the clamshell mode the ideaPad runs Windows 7 Home Edition and when detached, in the tablet mode, runs Skylight OS. Skylight OS is a custom user interface by Lenovo built on top of the Linux kernel. Since both OS’s support Adobe Flash there’s no problems watching flash multimedia in clamshell or tablet mode.Both operating systems also provide users with a wide range of existing applications that are not found in the iPad except for existing iPhone apps.Of course these are not the only two touch tablets that we will see in 2010. This year we can see completion heating up between eReaders and touch tablets. The winner will have to be a device that is both innovative and affordable. Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1Hybrid Notebook This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Glance: How Apple’s iPad measures upcenter_img More information: Lenovo IdeaPad news release: news.lenovo.com/article_displa … .cfm?article_id=1301 Explore further © 2010 PhysOrg.com (PhysOrg.com) — Apple’s announcement on their new iPad left some disappointed in its capabilities and lack of. The iPad is sleek and thin at .53 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds. According to Apple the iPad will run iPhone apps without any modification. There are however some features that will have consumers thinking twice before considering to buy the iPad.last_img read more

Start up creates a nofocus point and shoot camera

first_imgLytro is having the cameras made itself and did not disclose the planned price. Citation: Start up creates a ‘no-focus’ point and shoot camera (2011, June 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-06-no-focus-potentially-3d-camera.html (PhysOrg.com) — If you have ever used a “Point and Shoot” style of camera in the last few years then you know that that term is a misnomer because unless you are using a disposable camera you are going to be waiting for that camera to auto-focus and that focus can take up to 45 seconds to find its focus and allow you to take a picture. It is annoying to say the least if the action that you wanted a picture of can’t be stopped like a posed photo. Since that focus can mean that you may miss a winning goal or a really cute moment it can be more than just annoying. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2010 PhysOrg.com More information: Picture gallery: www.lytro.com/picture_gallery#center_img Computer scientists create ‘light field camera’ banishing fuzzy photos One start up, based in the Silicon Valley, is looking to change all of that. The company is named Lytro and it is based on the work of Dr. Ren Ng whose dissertation on light-field technology was published five years ago to accolades by his Alma Matter Stanford University. Dr. Ng has recently received $50 million in funding in order to create his company, which is about to launch a digital camera that is free of the focus factor, by getting all of the information about the surroundings that is possible. “Shoot now, focus later,” Dr. Ng said today in a blog post describing this innovation. The machine takes a photo by getting as much of the information about the field of light in the general area as possible. This will allow users to adjust the focus as many times as they want after the photo has been taken. It will also allow users to alter a photos level, and depending on your setup may even allow users to create images that are three-dimensional. Explore furtherlast_img read more