How to Direct Scenes Containing Minimal Dialogue

first_imgMaster one of a film director’s most important skills: Directing scenes that contain minimal dialogue.Top image from Warner Bros.It may sound like a cliche, but the old adage of “Show, Don’t Tell” is as relevant today as ever. As filmmakers, most of us understand the notion that film is a visual medium and therefore the best stories are often told by tapping into powerful visuals. However, many filmmakers fail to actually put this ideology into practice and their films run the risk of lacking depth.There are countless incredible films that have an abundance of dialogue, and the style or genre that you like to work in may call for more heavy dialogue scenes. Regardless, knowing how to direct scenes with minimal dialogue will inevitably improve your results not only in the more textural moments in your film, but also in the verbal moments too. When visual cues, metaphors, and powerful imagery couple together – the end product can really shine. For example, here are a few notable (and wildly dissimilar) light-on-dialogue scenes from classic films:From Terrence Malick’s Days of HeavenFrom Big Night, directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley TucciFrom Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space OdysseySo whether you are someone that likes to direct content with less dialogue, or simply want to improve your understanding of the visual storytelling as a whole, read on. These tips will help you get great results when transitioning into this type of storytelling.1. Imagine your scenes as dialogue.Image from Film DistrictA huge challenge for many filmmakers is conceptualizing and writing material without a lot of dialogue. More often than not, the dialogue-free scenes in films end up being nothing more than transitional moments with very little inherent value unto themselves, with the exception of helping to glue together other pieces in the film. The mistake that many filmmakers are prone to making is not conceptualizing their dialogue-free scene in the same way they would a verbally driven scene.What I often recommend to filmmakers is that they imagine there is dialogue in a scene that doesn’t have any. I will ask – What do you want to tell the audience? How does this move the story forward? What new character info do we get from this? The same kinds of questions you would consider when writing a dialogue scene… Once these questions have been answered, coming up with concepts for visuals that can illustrate them becomes much easier. You’re no longer just thinking about arbitrary images, but rather meaningful information in a visual format.2. Don’t overdo coverage.Image from Film FocusIn film, a lot of the time less is more. This notion applies very obviously to shooting films without a lot of dialogue, yet this is one area where many filmmakers go very wrong. Inexperienced directors will often feel like they need to build up a certain moment, and overcompensate for the fact that it has no dialogue by over-covering the scene. They will get a dozen angles that they don’t really need and actually prevent the viewer from focusing on some of the important visual cues in the scene.3. Find symbolism.Image from Warner Bros.Every shot that you show in your film needs to be important and relevant to your story or characters or both. While it may be relatively simple and straightforward to direct a dialogue-free scene that’s simply progressing the story, it’s more difficult to execute well on the character level. In order to really tap into something emotionally powerful, your visuals need to have symbolic and metaphorical meanings that ideally are subtle enough to hit the viewer on a subtextual level. It’s amazing how powerful subtext is to the average viewer, and many dialogue-free scenes that make use of symbolic or metaphorical imagery are able to convey far more to the audience than any amount of dialogue would be able to. Always look for ways to add meaning to your scenes through the use of objects, colors, wardrobe, props, or any other vehicle that may allow you to do so.4. Break up important moments.Image from IMDbAnother big trap that filmmakers tend to fall into is trying to cram too much information into a single non-verbal moment. So for example, the filmmaker might want to convey a detail about one of their characters (let’s say that the character is a recovering alcoholic that relapses). That same filmmaker might decide to create one long visual scene that somehow shows the character being tempted by alcohol and then giving in… But placing too much information in one scene like this can feel very cheesy and soap-opera like in many ways. The better option is to break up the moment and tell it in two or three pieces.By planting seeds for the audience and leaving bread crumbs, so to speak, your viewers will be led to their own conclusions about your story and characters — and that will give your film a deeper meaning to them. In the example above, if you were to show a few moments leading up to the character starting to drink again (let’s say, having wine spilled on them, watching their boss drink in front of them, etc.), you are able to nudge the audience to the conclusion you want them to draw without being too forceful.5. Show more characterImage from PixarWhen in doubt, always focus on your character development when working with non-verbal material. The most interesting and dynamic character information can be portrayed best in scenes without dialogue, so always take advantage of this fact. Ask yourself what you can show your audience in this dialogue-free scene, moment, or film that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in a scene with other characters. Maybe you choose to show your main character alone, and give insight into who they are behind closed doors… Whatever choice you make will work as long as it is centered around conveying character detail in an interesting and visually motivated way.If you’re looking for insight into the world of directing, check out these articles from the PremiumBeat blog:Honing Your Craft: Find Your Voice as a DirectorFilmmaking Tips: Becoming a More Versatile ArtistFeature Filmmaking: Creative Problem SolvingWhat are some of your favorite dialogue-free scenes? How do you approach this style of filmmaking? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

Rasoolan Bibi, widow of war hero Abdul Hamid, dies

first_imgRasoolan Bibi, widow of 1965 Indo-Pak war hero and Param Vir Chakra awardee Abdul Hamid, passed away in her native Dhamupur village here on Friday afternoon. Company Quartermaster Havaldar Abdul Hamid was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest military honour, for displaying exemplary courage during the 1965 Indo-Pak war. Family sources said 90-year-old Rasoolan Bibi had been unwell for some time. Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed profound grief over the death of Rasoolan Bibi and extended their condolences to the bereaved family. “The Governor has condoled the death,” a Raj Bhawan release issued here said.‘Brave woman’ “It is a matter of pride that martyr Abdul Hamid belonged to Uttar Pradesh who displayed exemplary courage for which he was awarded the highest award posthumously and his wife was a brave woman,” Mr. Adityanath said in his message.Last rites The last rites of Rasoolan Bibi will be performed on Saturday. She is survived by four sons and a daughter, family sources said. As the news of her demise spread, a large number of people from different parts of the district visited her house to pay their last respects.last_img read more

Kyler Murray’s NFL Decision Might Not Be 100 Percent Finalized

first_imgkyler murray in the fourth quarter against alabamaMIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 29: Kyler Murray #1 of the Oklahoma Sooners reacts in the fourth quarter during the College Football Playoff Semifinal against the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Capital One Orange Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium on December 29, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray declared for the NFL Draft on Monday, as the Heisman Trophy winner said he was fully committed toward becoming an elite professional QB that will compete for championships.“Moving forward, I am firmly and fully committing my life and time to becoming an NFL quarterback,” Murray tweeted. “Football has been my love and passion my entire life. I was raised to play QB and I very much look forward to dedicating 100 percent of myself to being the best QB possible and winning NFL championships.”The Murray saga might not be over just yet, though.The Oakland A’s, who took Murray in the top 10 of last year’s MLB Draft, are not giving up hope.Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is reporting that the A’s still believe Murray could end up choosing baseball and they haven’t given up on him.The A’s have reportedly received “conflicting signals” from Murray and they “believe Murray’s statement was crafted by his football agent, Erik Burkhardt of Select Sports Group, to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the NFL—the kind of commitment NFL teams wanted to hear.”There are now some within the NFL who believe Murray could go back and choose baseball if he ends up not loving his landing spot within the league.“Prescient point from one GM last night: Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has power to dictate his draft spot like no one since Eli Manning. If he so desires, Murray can tell a team primed to draft him, “Don’t bother, I’ll play baseball.” Adds a fascinating dynamic,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted.Prescient point from one GM last night: #Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has power to dictate his draft spot like no one since Eli Manning. If he so desires, Murray can tell a team primed to draft him, “Don’t bother, I’ll play baseball.” Adds a fascinating dynamic.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) February 12, 2019So, this isn’t over yet.Stay tuned.last_img read more

Quebec MP Maxime Bernier bails on Conservatives lays rhetorical waste to party

first_imgOTTAWA – Renegade Conservative MP Maxime Bernier declared open war on his own party Thursday, abruptly quitting the Tory caucus, announcing nascent plans for a new political movement and deriding his former leader and colleagues as “intellectually and morally corrupt.”With Conservative caucus members gathering in Halifax for a policy convention that was expected to bring the Bernier boil to a head, the controversial Quebec MP stayed behind instead, hosting a snap news conference that proved breathtaking in its defiance.“I am no longer a Conservative,” Bernier declared after reading a scathing diatribe against his party and its leader, Andrew Scheer — the Saskatchewan MP who narrowly edged Bernier out of the leadership job last year in a loss some have suggested he never got over.“I am now convinced that what we will get if Andrew Scheer becomes prime minister is just a more moderate version of the disastrous Trudeau government,” he said.“I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed.”The shock of Bernier’s rebellion was still reverberating on Parliament Hill when Scheer emerged in Halifax to return fire, accusing his former leadership rival of putting his own “personal profile” ahead of the goals of the party.“It’s obvious that this has been coming for a long time, and in retrospect he probably made this decision to help Justin Trudeau a long time ago,” Scheer said.“I always challenged him to put personal ambition aside and to concentrate on the common ground that all Conservatives can rally around … I always challenged him to work together as a team, as he claimed that he would.”Bernier said he plans to contact Elections Canada about the path towards creating a new party and will spend the next several weeks travelling the country to meet with people interested in joining his cause.He accused Scheer of being too focused on polls and focus groups, and afraid of being attacked by people on the left and in the media, to come up with policies that adhere to bedrock Conservative principles. And he rattled off a laundry list of grievances:— Scheer’s support for Trudeau’s decision to impose retaliatory tariffs against the United States;— The Conservative party’s ongoing support for supply management, the system that regulates the price of Canadian milk, eggs and poultry and a major sticking point in NAFTA talks;— The reinstatement of regional ministers to lead development agencies.Bernier’s decision to drop his bombshell with Conservatives gathering in Nova Scotia for a policy convention was no coincidence; he wanted to make a big splash, said one source close to the MP who spoke on condition of anonymity.Conservative caucus members likely knew something was up, since Bernier had stopped taking their calls in the days leading up to Thursday’s announcement, the source said.Bernier said the last Conservative member he spoke to was Scheer himself — an Aug. 14 conversation that prompted his decision to leave the party, after the Tory leader issued a statement denouncing Bernier’s recent tweets about the perils of “too much diversity.”“We had a very polite discussion,” Bernier said. “After that discussion, I realized that I don’t have any place in that party anymore.”“It does not represent them anymore. And it has nothing of substance to offer Canadians looking for a political alternative.”The news prompted a torrent of Conservative reaction on Twitter and elsewhere, with the prevailing sentiment a show of solidarity with the party and its leader.“It’s clear that Max never accepted the result of the leadership vote and seeks only to divide Conservatives,” wrote former prime minister Stephen Harper.“Today’s Conservative Party is a mainstream, democratic coalition that is ready to govern,” added Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party.“One man’s ego must not risk the imperative of defeating the Trudeau government.”Others were less diplomatic.“You had every opportunity to stand in caucus to share your views and provide input,” tweeted B.C. MP Todd Doherty. “When given the opportunity — you stayed silent or blamed it on others around you. You’re Twitter tough … all bark no bite.”While a number of observers lamented the electoral consequences for the Conservatives of a split on the right of the political spectrum, others were more sanguine about Bernier’s departure.“He has disregarded the caucus and disregarded what Canadian conservatives want, which is a very positive vision for the future of the country,” said Ontario MP Tony Clement.“I think is actually liberating for us, because we have rid ourselves of a giant distraction who was saying things that are not mainstream, so I think this actually rebounds in our favour.”last_img read more

Saks Fifth Avenue president talks about luxury

NEW YORK — Saks Fifth Avenue President Marc Metrick wants to bring theatre to luxury shopping at a time when shoppers can buy their designer handbags online.Under his leadership, Saks is in the last phase of what he calls a $250 million redevelopment of the storied Saks Fifth Avenue flagship in Manhattan just as luxury rivals Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom expand into the city. Metrick, who took over the helm of Saks in April 2015, aims to reinvent the department store experience. He’s added a fancy Parisian restaurant import, and is dedicating the main floor to luxury handbags that’s staffed with handbag style advisers in addition to the sales associates. Last year, he relocated the beauty department from the first floor to the second floor, while adding luxurious treatment rooms, new brands, and more beauty services. The remaining 40 Saks stores are getting touches that include warmer lights and lower lines of sight. Some stores’ beauty areas are offering expanded treatment services. Online, shoppers can connect with style advisers in the same market.The moves come as Saks Canadian parent Hudson’s Bay Co. has floundered, but the Saks business has been a bright light, even though it shuttered its much-hyped women’s store at Brookfield Place in downtown Manhattan after two and a half years. In the latest quarter ended Nov. 3, 2018, Saks Fifth Avenue enjoyed a 7.3 per cent increase in sales at stores opened at least a year.Metrick, 45, spoke with The Associated Press about competition and his outlook. Questions and responses have been edited for length and clarity.Q. How are the renovations at your flagship part of the chain’s overall strategy?A. We are calling it the new luxury. As it relates to the customer, it’s everything about how they experience our store, how they experience our website, how we communicate with them. I think the New York flagship store serves two purposes. It’s a beacon for everything we do at Saks on brand and our positioning in the world. It also acts as the first stop along the way for rolling out concepts for the other stores.Q. Did new competition spark renovation of the flagship?A. We are always going to be spending money and investing in our flagship store. It’s a very important part of our business, but the size and the scale of what we are doing was in response to competitive entry. I learned from having my Brookfield store down here. First, you can’t bring a branch store to New York City. The New York City customer wants a flagship type of experience. In New York City, you cannot bring a knife to a gun fight.Q. What’s the reason for shoppers to come to Saks stores?A. I believe luxury is theatre… Friends of mine who are in banking or are doctors always say to me, why would I want to buy something in your store, when I can buy it online? And I say to them, why don’t you just stream “Hamilton” on Netflix?Q. What’s your outlook?A. I would call my mood cautiously optimistic…There’s a fairly tight correlation between the Dow Jones Industrial Average and our business. I still feel pretty good. I am excited about what’s ahead for us.Q. What’s been the impact of the trade wars with China on your business?A. We are monitoring the situation, but there has been no impact to our business._______Follow Anne D’Innocenzio: D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press read more

At Paris conference Ban pledges UN support for democratic and stable Libya

Six months after the world leaders met to agree on joint action to prevent a massacre of Libyan civilians, they reconvened in Paris today for the International Conference in Support of the New Libya, hosted by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom. Mr. Ban told the gathering that the most immediate challenge is on the humanitarian front, with some 860,000 people having left the country since February, when opposition forces rose up against the regime of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi as part of a wider pro-democracy movement across North Africa and the Middle East. In addition, public services are under severe strain, including hospitals and clinics, there is a major water shortage, and sporadic fighting continues, particularly in the country’s south. “Looking beyond the immediate humanitarian crisis, it will be essential to work closely with the Libyan leadership to identify their needs and priorities,” stated the Secretary-General, who was accompanied by his Special Envoy for Libya, Abdel Elah Al-Khatib, and his Special Advisor for post-conflict planning, Ian Martin.“Once those needs are identified, we will have to act in harmony and in a coordinated manner to ensure effective, collective action,” he added. Mr. Ban, speaking to reporters later in the day, welcomed the broad participation in today’s meeting. “It sends a strong and unmistakable signal of international unity in support of our work for a democratic and stable Libya,” he noted.In his address to the conference, he said his discussions with leaders of the National Transitional Council (NTC) as well as with representatives of regional organizations had resulted in a clear message.“At this critical moment, the international community must come together with an effective, well-coordinated program of action,” he stated. “All agreed, as well, that the United Nations should lead that effort.”He outlined three principles that will govern the planning for the post-conflict stage – national ownership, speed of response, and effective coordination. In addition, he highlighted the areas for assistance that have been identified by the NTC, including transitional justice, policing, election preparation and constitution-making.“It is essential that the international community respond in the moment of need – not weeks or months down the road,” he noted. Mr. Ban said he intended to work closely with the Security Council in crafting a mandate for a UN mission, with the express aim of beginning operations with minimum delay. In the meantime, Mr. Martin will travel to Tripoli immediately to begin on-the-ground planning for the UN’s operations. The Secretary-General added that he will convene a high-level meeting on Libya on 20 September in New York on the margins of the 66th session of the General Assembly “to take stock and calibrate our efforts on behalf of the new Libya and its people.”Prior to the conference, Mr. Ban met separately with Nabil El-Arabi, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States; Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the Chairman of the NTC; and Jean Ping, Chairman of the African Union Commission. 1 September 2011Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today pledged the continued assistance of the United Nations in helping Libya tackle its humanitarian challenges, as well as in building a democratic and stable nation once the current conflict is over. read more

President claims his recent speech was distorted

President Maithripala Sirisena today claimed that a speech he made recently, which created a lot of controversy, was distorted by the media.President Sirisena accused the media of misusing media freedom to sling mud at him. The President was quoted as saying recently that key institutions working against corruption had a political agenda. He was also quoted as raising concerns over the questioning of former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa on corruption allegations. The President said today that no matter how much criticism he faces he will not change his policy towards the security forces.He said that he will ensure the reputation of the security forces is protected at every cost. (Colombo Gazette)

Valiants Cosplaying Cats for a Cause

first_imgStay on target On Saturday, December 17th the web’s most famous cosplaying kitties will be at Seattle’s Comics Dungeon. Their human, Freyu is no slouch either, as the creator of the purrfect blog, Cat Cosplay of the Feline Variety and their home on the internet. Freyu will also be accompanying the fur babies to the comic shop.But this whole shebang marks one of the coolest things to happen to comics in a long time…These two furry fiends will grace ten covers across Valiant‘s diverse CAT-alogue. The ‘Valiant Cosplay Cat Covers’ will be available for the revitalized publishers ten best series.  The covers will hit stores in December and retailers will be able to order in unlimited quantities at the standard suggested price.But the best part of this whole cat-astrophe is that a portion of the proceeds will go to BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition). BARC is an excellent non-profit that runs a non-kill shelter for meow-meows and ruff-ruffs in the heart of Williamsburg (Brooklyn). They are the overseers for abandoned and surrendered pets in one of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods. BARC provides food, medicine, medical attention, and shelter in a loving environment until the animals find fuuurever homes.Valiant has certainly formed an outstanding partnership and I hope this trend continues with shelters across the country. Other publishers, the chewed up tennis ball is in your court now!:: sorry, not sorry for cat puns::View as: One Page Slides1. WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #142. SAVAGE #2 (of 4)3. NINJAK #224. GENERATION ZERO #55. DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #1 (of 4)6. BRITANNIA #4 (of 4)7. BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #3 (of 4)8. A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #109. FAITH #610. HARBINGER RENEGADES #2 ‘Chonky’ 26-Pound Cat Goes Viral Online, Receives Potential AdoptersFirefighters Respond to Fire Alarm at Shelter, Discover Cat Triggered It last_img read more

Fire department launches pilot program

first_imgThe Vancouver Fire Department is piloting a new way to respond to medical calls. During the three-month trial, stations will send a sport utility vehicle staffed by a paramedic and an emergency medical technician to lower priority medical calls instead of a firetruck and full crew.Fire Chief Joe Molina collaborated with department staff and union leaders to develop the project based on recommendations from a citizen committee. Molina believes keeping fire engines available for life-threatening emergencies and fires will improve response times.The two new rescue SUVs will be in service 10 hours a day, four days a week during peak hours throughout the city and Fire District 5.The new program begins 1 p.m. Monday at Fire Station 5, 7110 N.E. 63rd St.last_img

DU denies banning outsiders

first_imgDhaka UniversityThe authorities of Dhaka University have denied their previous order that restricts outsiders’ entry into the campus and said they never banned outsiders from entering into the DU campus, reports UNB.A DU press release on Wednesday put the blame on media for, what it said, creating misunderstanding among people by publishing misleading information.The DU release also made an urge to the media not to inspire evil forces by misinformation in their news.Interestingly, the new DU stance came in two days after it earlier issued a release on 9 July saying that outsiders would not be allowed to roam around, stay in dorms and hold any kind of activity on the Dhaka University campus without permission from the authorities.Taking permission for holding any programme and activities at campus is not anything new and security guards are always stationed at entry points, wednesdays’s release further reads.last_img read more